Warhammer Quest

Quest Generator

By Peter Haresnape and Bruno - v1.02

The Warriors are approched by a crippled man in a tavern in a Market Town, who explains that he has been mortally wounded.

"I was once a proud warrior like yourselves... but I attempted a mission that was too difficult. The other members of my party were slain... only I escaped. I wish to offer you the chance to take up the mission".

When the Warriors show that they are interested, he goes on.

"One of our local landlords, a good and wise man, has been accused of being an agent of Chaos. Clearly this is a lie- but he has many enemies, and if the rumours continue he may be forced to leave- or even killed. I believe the culpret is a Thief Lord, who seeks to get rid of the lord so he can profit from the turmoil. He probably intends to steal something big- you must stop the rumours at the source!"

The Warriors must confront the Thief Lord in his headquarters, and stop him.