Warhammer Quest

Quest Generator

By Peter Haresnape and Bruno - v1.02

An old friend greets the Warriors in a tavern in a City. He has changed since the last time you saw him- for one thing he has lost a leg! He is in a grim mood, and wastes no time with pleasantries. He tells the Warriors he has sought them out to ask them to perform a special mission.

"This is not a simple raid. Instead, you must foil a determined enemy. I was bested by him a short while ago, and badly injured, as you see. You must finish the mission that I could not!"

The Warriors lean closer, as he explains the details.

"A short while ago, our Princess was kidnapped. Since then we have recieved several ransom notes- most of them false, of course. I think the kidnapper is a fanatical Zealot. He has said that the Princess was a sinner, and he is mad enough to try this! You must stop him before he does something dangerous!"

The Warriors must confront the Zealot in his headquarters, and stop him.