Warhammer Quest

Quest Generator

By Peter Haresnape and Bruno - v1.02

The Warriors have only just arrived at the City when they are approached by an official. he takes one of the Warriors to the side, and warns him that an old enemy is in the area. Although the Warrior is advised to leave, he demands to know the details. The official sighs.

"Very well. Since you are determined to find your foe, we wish to ask a boon..."

The man tells the Warriors of the recent misdeeds of this enemy, and asks that they work to defeat his latest plan.

"This area has been undergoing severe problems recently, and we are bankrupt. We are also threatened by a famine, and we may not be able to pay to import food. In a few months we could all be starving. What is more, there is a source of food that is being sold off illegally at a high price. We need you to stop the actions of an old friend of yours, who is selling food at an inflated price. Either get his food, or enough gold to buy our own supplies."

The warriors must hurry to reach the enemy before it is too late.