Warhammer Quest

Quest Generator

By Peter Haresnape and Bruno - v1.02

The Warriors are approched by a crippled man in a tavern in a Hamlet, who explains that he has been mortally wounded.

"I was once a proud warrior like yourselves... but I attempted a mission that was too difficult. The other members of my party were slain... only I escaped. I wish to offer you the chance to take up the mission".

When the Warriors show that they are interested, he goes on.

"A plan of horrific proportions is brewing in the nearby hills. Our scout parties started disppearing a short time ago. Worried, we sent a larger force, but they were driven off. They reported that a Chaos Agent has made a plan to Open a gate to the Chaos Wastes with great machines. You must fight through to the machine and destroy it, killing the agent too, or we are all doomed"

The Warriors must confront the Chaos Agent in his headquarters, and stop him.