Warhammer Quest

Quest Generator

By Peter Haresnape and Bruno - v1.02

An old friend greets the Warriors in a tavern in a Village. He has changed since the last time you saw him- for one thing he has lost a leg! He is in a grim mood, and wastes no time with pleasantries. He tells the Warriors he has sought them out to ask them to perform a special mission.

"This is not a simple raid. Instead, you must foil a determined enemy. I was bested by him a short while ago, and badly injured, as you see. You must finish the mission that I could not!"

The Warriors lean closer, as he explains the details.

"You may remember many years ago when one of our locals, the wizard Golphrax assisted you, saving you from certain death? Well, the time has come to repay the favour. The Lord, a close relative was kidnapped a short time ago, and the kidnapper has made unreasonable demands. We cannot allow this to stand! As far as we know, it is a Zealot, who hates the wizard. You owe it to him to rescue the Lord."

The Warriors must confront the Zealot in his headquarters, and stop him.