Warhammer Quest

Quest Generator

By Peter Haresnape and Bruno - v1.02

The Warriors were drawn to this City by rumours of great wealth and adventure. It is not long before they are approached by an official, wanting to recruit them for a mission.

"It is a difficult task- not simply killing a few Monsters and escaping with the gold. You cannot fail... if you do we may all be lost"

With these ominous words, the official begins to tell the Warriors of their mission.

"A plan of horrific proportions is brewing in the nearby hills. Our scout parties started disppearing a short time ago. Worried, we sent a larger force, but they were driven off. They reported that a Bandit King has acquired a machine of destruction, and is threatening to Flood the area unless we pay up. We don't have anything like that much gold… you must stop him!"

The warriors must scour the area to find the enemy and stop his plan.