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Name Monsters File Size
Chaos 118 284 ko
Chaos Dwarfs 7 18 ko
Dark Elves 20 42 ko
Misc 48 155 ko
Monsters 314 804 ko
NPC 45 183 ko
Orc and Goblins 33 99 ko
Skaven 22 61 ko
Undead 51 168 ko

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· Sandworm, Hellhound, Demonesk, Brimstone, Centaurian, Warhorse, Handeater, Wingblade, Warbird, Hellknight, Living Armour, Lancerot, Sentinel, Guardian, Gollum, Collussus, Bildblok, Lokjaw, Dragonspawn, Krusher, Mantoro, Scizzar, Kromeball, Shellbeast, Dragonfyre, Serpi, Smoke, Billow, Dreampuff, Death Rattle, Kamil, Vyper, Cyblok, Brikeye, Toadstool, Fungoid, Grimfowl, Ostrik, Tommyhawk, Cokatoris, Blood Rooster, Gryphon, Graveroc, Killwave, Sea Stallion, Syren, Dark Hermit, Deathguide, Nightwraith, Soul Thief, Clodhopper, Deathgrin, Maze Runner, Berserker, Demonika, Deathmask, Beak, Mad Gnome, Killer Gnome, Darkbat, Vampyre, Dark Wing, Man-Ape, Neanderthal, Cave Goblin, Wild Orc, War Lizard, Maligator, Troglodyte, Punkinhead, Blackbone, Jackobutch, Mandrake, Deadhead, Tombwalker, Reaper, Living Dead, Grim Spectre, Meat Zombie, Deathbringer, Mad Tut, Pit Worm, Triklops, Cave Slug, Scavenger, Nightstalker, Killer Bee, Stinger, Widowfang, Tarantia, Vile Ooze, Crystal Ooze, Hydrax, Driffid, Dark-Sol, Kaiser Krab, Turtloid, Grimwall, Dopplar, Skelitar, Cursed Knight, Mortred, Kane, Dark-Dragon, Robot Killer, Zeon, Evil Gizmo, Willard, Lesser Devil, Mercenary, Worm, Dark Cleric, Dark Shaman, Prism Flower, Dark Vampire, Devil Hydra, White Dragon, Demon Spawn, Executioner, Dark Madam, Weird Beast, Possessed Soul, Zeon Flower, The Kraken, Taros, Zalbard, Cameela, Red Baron, Geshp, Sir Odd Eye, King Galam, Burst Rock, Underling, Black Magician, Dimension Worm, Stoneheads, Tech Warrior, Dark Force, Zio, Durahan, Evil Monster, Centurion, Taros Warrior, Iom Devil, Iom, Dark Mage, Gordon, King Edmund, Geppel, Dantom, Barbara, Solo, Frabell, Bazoo, Warderer, Woldol, Gordon Ghouls, Golems, Devil Worm, Slimy Ooze, Upper Ooze, Dark Jelly, Red Ooze, Blue Ooze, Bubbling Ooze, Morphing Ooze, Giant Ooze, Yellow Ooze and Huge Ooze are all based upon the original creations by ‘SEGA’.

· Drider, Aleax, Aarakocra, Achaierai, Adherer, Algoid, Assassin Bug, Babbler, Berbalang, Blindheim, Bloodworm, Bonesnapper, Booka, Bullywug, Bunyip, Caryatid Column, Caterwaul, Cifal, Clubnek, Coffer Corpse, Crabman, Crypt Thing, Dakon, Dark Creeper, Dark Stalker, Death Knight, Denzelian, Dire Corby, Disenchanter, Doombat, Li Lung, Lung Wang, Pan Lung, Shen Lung, T’ien Lung, Yu Lung, Dragonfish, Dune Stalker, Enveloper, Ettercap, Eye Killer, Firenewt, Giant Strider, Fire Snake, Firetoad, Flail Snail, Flind, Forlarren, Frost Man, Black Garbug, Violet Garbug, Fog Giant, Mountain Giant, Gibberling, Githyanki, Githzerai, Gorbel, Gorilla Bear, Grell, Grimlock, Hook Horror, Hornet, Huecuva, Ice Lizard, Iron Cobra, Kelpie, Kenku, Kuo-toa, Lava Children, Lizard King, Meazel, Mephit, Mezzodaemon, Nilbog, Norker, Nycadaemon, Ogrillon, Phantom Stalker, Quaggoth, Quipper, Quillan, Retriever, Sandman, Slaadi, Tabaxi, Thoqqua, Tiger Fly, Giant Troll, Giant Two-Headed Troll, Ice Troll, Spirit Troll, Tween, Cryonax, Frost Giant, Imix, Fire Salamander, Ogremoch, Olhydra, Yan-C-Bin, Cloud Giant, Devilkin Gelatinous Cube and Shrieker are all based upon the original creations by ‘D&D’.

· Urchin, Hecubah, Ember Demon are based on the original creations by Westwood.

· Viren, Albadian Battle Dog, Alley Reaper, Almalthean Ram, Angler Ooze, Aquantis, Asaatth, Barrow Worm, Piterin, Berserker Wasp, Blade Hood, Blight Wolf, Bloodmare, Bone Lord, Bottle-Imp, Brewer Gnome, Butcher Spirit, Momus, Alligator Warrior, Blood Kraken, Necromantic Golem, Plague Wretch, Cathedral Beetle, Cave Moth, Cave Shrike, Celestian, Charfiend, Coal Goblin, Cold Slime, Coreanic Steed, Crescent Elk, Desert Falcon, Dire Monitor, Mock Dragon, Tar Dragon, Dragonman, Dread Raven, Dream Snake, Drowned Lady, Ebon Eel, Brine Hag, Mere-Looker, Paragon Crocodile, Red Colony, River Nymph, Sea Spark, Dune Delver, Dwarf Hound, Firedrake, Goblin Bear, Great Harrier, Grippett, Hookwing, Hornsaw Unicorn, Huror, Ice Basilisk, Ice Weasel, Iron Tusker, Keffiz, Miser Jackal, Muskhorn, Plaguecat, Ratroo, Rumbler, Sand Burrower, Scythe Falcon, Sentry Crow, Siren Vulture, Spire Wyvern, Valraven, Vrail, Wyrmspawn, Fatling, Lard Worm, Feral, Frost Ape, Hill Howler, Manster, Manticora, Night Terror, Tokal, Tokal Tribesman, Fleshcrawler, Ice Ghoul, Ice Haunt, Marrow Knight, Memory Eater, Mistwalker, Spirit Of The Plague, Undead Ooze, Bone Golem, Lead Golem, Mithril Golem, Wood Golem, Skin Devil are based on the original creations by Sword & Sorcery

· Moloch, Chemos, Baalim, Ashtaroth, Thammuz, Dagon, Rimmon and Belial are all taken from ‘Paradise Lost’ by John Milton (so I guess they probably all have some basis in myth).

· Melkor is based upon the original creation by J. R. R. Tolkien.

· Geryon is based upon the Greek legend (at least I think it’s Greek) which I originally found in the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

· Belzecue, Dragonel, Farfarel, Grabbersnitch, Guttlehog, Harrowhound, Hacklespur, Hellkin, Libbicock and Scaramallion are from Dante’s ‘Inferno’.

· The Underpants Gnomes are based upon the original creations by the writers of the insanely funny animated series ‘South Park’.

· ‘Ghostie Ghoulie’, Bugpiper, Buzzing Thing, The Sponge, The Flying Thing, The Splund, Thort, The Stupid Thing, Invisible Bubo and The Big Red Thing are based upon the original creations from ‘The Trapdoor’

· Bile demon, dark mistress, horned reaper, tentacle, dark angel, faerie, rogue, and imp are based upon the original creations by Bullfrog.

· Warning Statue is based on the original creation in the film ‘Labyrinth’.

· Jar Jar Binks is based upon the original creation from Lucas and his many, many companies.

· Jerry Springer is based upon the original creation by Mrs Springer.

· The Guys in Black are based upon those really strong-lookin’ guys who wear black in ‘The Jerry Springer Show’.

· Jerry Zombies are based upon the hundreds of fans who think Jerry Springer is wonderful.

· Jeremy Beadle is based upon the original creation by Carlton Television.

· In all fairness, I think that Jerry Springer can be incredibly funny... and his show can be quite good. We love you Jerry! ::Drops mouse, gathers gold and hands it to the great Jerry::

· Warhammer Quest, The Old/New World, Lustria, Deathblow, White Dwarf and most (if not all) of the rest of the stuff I haven’t mentioned is from ‘Citadel: Games Workshop’.