Blood in the Alleys
Part TWO of the Wheel of Fortune cycle

By Steve Asselin

Militiator Shamir Kluega has hired you to venture in the dark alleys near the ruined city of Spar. Ever since the destruction of Spar by the Skaven, its ruins have been inhabited by Skaven survivors, Orc and Goblin warbands, Chaos worshippers and other such foul creatures. Your mission is to find the being or beings responsible for the series of street deaths nearby, and put an end to his bloody killing spree.


Instead of being in an undergroud dungeon, the Warriors venture into the alleys near Spar. These alleys are small, narrow and maze-like, and the larger spots are inhabited by all kinds of monsters. Because of the moonlight the Lantern rules do not apply. Also, the following events in the Warhammer Quest Roleplay Book are modified:

11- Crumbling Wall

As the Warrior futher venture into the dark streets, a section of the old, ruined walls colapse. The Warriors throw themselves out of the way, but the rubble now fills the alley. Whenever they are on this board section, their movement is halved. Also, in the Exploration Phase, roll a dice for each Warrior. Any Warrior who rolls a 1 takes 1W as he has slipped against a sharp piece of masonery.

43- Locked Gate

A tall, ancient and rusty gate blocks the passage for the warriors. There is no keyhole, but several of the bars appear to have decayed. If Warrior may attempt to break the bars. Roll a D6 for each Warrior do so; on a roll of 6 the bars shatter and the Warriors may pass. For every turn the Warriors do this, draw an Event Card due to the noise.

44- Fallen Bridge

One of the small, narrow bridges linking two buildings together finally collapses. It shatters as it hits the ground, blocking the passage. Only if they have the Dying Dwarf's pic and shovel (See Dungeon Event 15) may they pass. Draw another Event card immeadiately.

61- Rope Ladder

The Wariors notice an old rope ladder leaning against the building's wall. The ladder leads all the way up to the safe rooftops. If the Warriors ever chose to abandon their quest, they may exit the alleys here. Randomly determine the order of Warriors. Each Warrior rolls a D6. On a roll of 1, the rope breaks, and that Warrior plumets to the ground, taking D6 wounds. If the rope breaks, the remaining Warriors must find another way out.

64- Street Urchin

The Warriors meet a small, flithy boy, who has lived in these dangerous alleys most of his life. Roll a D6:

1 The urchin screams when he sees you, calling the creatures of the alley to the Warriors. Roll twice on the appropriate monster chart.
2-3 The urchin looks at you warily. When a warrior (randomly determined) approches him, the urchin bites and flees. The Warrior takes 2 wounds for the rather well placed and deep bite.
4 The urchin flees as soon as he sees you.
5 The urchin mutters a few broken words before fleing. The Warriors determine it was a warning agaisnt monsters that lie ahead. During the first turn of the next combat, each Warrior gets 1 extra attack.
6 The urchin points to a provision and holds up a shiny object. It seems he wants to trade. A Warrior gives him a provision, and the urchin gives him a piece of Dungeon Room Treasure. If the Warriors have no food, the urchin just runs away.

Objective room

The Warriors find their target and its minions gathered around a small well. 

Use the Fountain of Light Objective Room. In addition to the normal monsters, there is also a Vampire Thrall (roll for type and ability). Once (or if) all the Monsters are clear, the Warriors find an alley leading back to the streets. Each Warrior gets 100 gold, and the Warrior who slew the Vampire gets another 100.

I've playtested this quest with a Level 2 party. No losses, but it wasn't easy.


Shamir Kluega drew a white napkin that he had picked up at the Upturned Halfling out of his pockets and put it to his nose. The stench in here was overpowering. At his feet, several bodies lay on the filthy pavement, their necks snapped around in a full circle and their throats ripped out. This latest slaughter brought the kill count up to sixteen. This time, though, he thought something was going to be done about it. One of the bodies, judging from it's bloodstained garnments, was the grandson of Ragnar, Troj's weathiest (and crudest) merchant. Shamir knew by reputation that the Norseman was not one to be trifled with. He would want his revenge, the killer (or killers) brought to the swift justice of a sharp-edged sword. And he was rigth. Upon hearing the news of his grandson's death, Ragnar threw a bloody raging fit, overturning tables and swearing a blue streak in Norse. Finally, after he had seemed to calm down, he left Shamir in the ravaged lounge. A few minutes later he came back, holding a small chest.

"Thar's 500 gold pieces in 'ere. I want ye ta get tha bloody bastards that did this. See that they're chopped up real nice."

"At once sir," Shamir said, taking the chest and leaving Ragnar's lofty Tilean-like palazzo. The chest cradled under he arms, he went straight back to the Upturned Halfling. He knew just the people for this job...