The Vaults of the Blood Dragon
Part Six of the Wheel of Fortune cycle

By Steve Asselin

As your Warriors touch the handle of the door, the sword emblem suddenly rises out of the wood and swings downwards, nearly shearing off the leader’s hand in the process. Then it just sinks back in (upside down, of course). Hesitant after this display, the Warriors kick open the door. Inside they can see that the dungeon is made of a dark, hard material, with ceilings rising five meters above the floor. Holding the lantern up, they see that the floor is completely unremarkable, plain granite, except for a small gutter next to the eastern wall. Approaching it, they see some kind of liquid flowing in it. Hoping for some potable water, a Warrior bent down, put his fingers in the stream and then withdraws then in disgust. His fingers are covered with a thick, viscous liquid, almost black in the poor lighting: blood. Wary, the Warriors continue inside the Vaults, the sounds of battle and the screams of dying creatures echoing to them from somewhere beyond the next doorway…


Elite Forces

Baivylf the Blood Dragon handpicked all of the creatures in the Vault. Thus, they are amongst the best combatants of their kind around. All the Monsters encountered by the Warriors get +1 WS and +1 added to their damage dice (ex: a creature with 2D+1 damage now has 2D+2).

The Wheel of Fortune

If any of the Warriors tried spinning the Wheel of Fortune above the Altar and obtained the sword as a result, they begin to feel all prickly when they enter the Vaults. They can almost feel the blood pumping through their veins, and are gripped by a sudden (but controllable) bloodlust. Those Warriors receive +1 attacks for the duration of this quest.

Bleeding Walls (This is a new Event)

The gutter running along the wall seems to stop into a small drain. As the Warriors look into this, they feel a drop of wetness fall on the back of their necks. Thrusting upwards, ready to fight, they see that the walls and ceiling have begun to bleed. Red droplets are falling and leaking from everywhere. The sight of bleeding walls is inherently terrifying. All the Warriors must take an initiative test immediately. If they fail, the are seized by terror and run their movement towards the nearest doorway of the board section they are currently on. They may do nothing during the next Warriors phase as they are still shocked by the horrifying vision.


The Objective Room is the Fighting Pit. In addition to the normal complement of Monsters, the Warriors also must face Baivylf the Blood Dragon.

Baivylf: Before his unlife, Baivylf was the captain of a Norse Longship. He was known as an awesome warrior, and pirates in the Sea of Claws always steered clear of his ship. Eventually, his reputation doomed him, and Baivylf came to take on as passenger a tall, pale, armored fellow with a dragon shield. Baivylf believed this to be an Elf (he had heard of them but never actually seen one), but was sorely mistaking. He was bested in combat by the Vampire, but it was a long fight and the unnamed Blood Dragon decided that Baivylf was a worthy opponent… worthy enough to become part of the Knighthood. Baivylf spent about another century sailing the Sea of Claws, his crew long dead to quench his thirst, praying upon passing ships. Finally, he heard of a beast that was terrorizing his hometown in Norsca. Eager for a challenge, Baivylf returned home (nobody recognized him: his family had been dead for years). Baivylf fought a kind a large furry Ogre, called Grandal the Great by the natives, and finally succeeded in plunging his sword through the beast’s throat. Still reveling in his success, he was caught unawares when the beast’s mother attacked. The village was raised, and Baivylf had to flee. The vengeful matriarch pursued him until he left Kislev. He wandered about the Empire for a while, and finally met another of his kind in the dark land of Sylvania…

Baivylf is a Vampire Lord of the Blood Dragon bloodline who wears heavy armor. His special abilities are Might of Arms, Red Fury and Killing Blow. Refer to the above website for the profile and full description of these abilities.

Once Baivylf is dead, the Warriors receive a single blood-red staff and 1000 gold each. Since they have just cleared the Dungeon, they may return to the altar room unimpeded.