Part Seven of the Wheel of Fortune cycle

By Steve Asselin

As your Warriors touch the handle of the door, the heart emblem suddenly rises out of the wood. It beats for a few seconds, appearing just like normal heart except attached to nothing. Then it rips in its center and bursts open. A stream of very red blood jets out and sprays the Warriors. Then the tattered remains of the life-organ sink back into the wood. Hesitant (and soaking wet) after this display, the Warriors kick open the door. The inside seems remarkably different from everything they’ve seen up to now. The walls are a pale and dusty yellow, seeming almost decrepit with age. Symbols, the black ink faded and peeled off in places, adorn the walls in an apparently random pattern. These hieroglyphics are in a tongue so old and so long forgotten that no one in the party can decipher them. Beyond this blocky corridor, a elegant upturned-vault leads further into the Chambers of the Lahmian vampire…


Lightning Quickness

All of the creatures in these Chambers were handpicked by Claipetre for one of the skills Lahmians admired the most: rapidity. All monsters in these dungeons get +1 to both their movement and to their initiative.

The Wheel of Fortune

If any of the Warriors tried spinning the Wheel of Fortune above the Altar and obtained the heart as a result, they begin to feel all prickly when they enter the Chambers. They can feel blood pumping through their veins at an accelerated rate, and their senses suddenly seem much more alert. That Warrior may add +1 to their rolls when attempting to escape from pinning, and the party is no longer subject to Ambush (but not Ambush, Magic).

Seductive Illusion (This is a new Event)

A flash of light suddenly fills the dungeon, so bright that the Warriors are forced to close their eyes. When they are reopened a split-second later, they are no longer in the dungeon but in an opulently lavished room, with fine silks and precious metals. A bearded gentleman tells them that he is a wizard, and that he had designed the Warrior’s quest as a test of their abilities. They have passed, and the wizard wishes to reward them. With a snap of his fingers several attractive members of the opposite sex and a great feast, with good foods and good wine, appear. Your Warriors are asked to take seat and participate in the festivities.

Your Warriors are not that easily fooled, and realize that the potential for a trap here is great, but their minds seem clouded and they long for the peace and relaxation offered to them. They must take an Initiative test. If they pass, then they may continue as normal. If they fail then they have succumbed to the illusion, and may do nothing for the next D3 turns as they attempt to break free.


The Objective Room is the Fountain of Light. In addition to the normal complement of Monsters, the Warriors also must face Claipetre the Lahmia.


Her introduction into the Lahmian sisterhood was almost accidental. Claipetre had been friends since childhood with another girl, who was very beautiful, intelligent and agile. The friend was considered a perfect candidate to join the Sisterhood’s ranks. However, she had strong moral fiber, and after being turned into a Vampire refused to drink blood or participate in the sisterhood’s activities. She found refuge with Claipetre, but after several nights her thirst grew too great and she attacked Claipetre. Horrified at what she was doing, the friend stopped halfway through, and fled Claipetre’s house, but the damage had already been done: Claipetre had now joined the ranks of the undead. Claipetre was not a good candidate, and she became drunk with the power and luxuries offered to her by the Lahmians. Eventually her excesses in food, drink and men caused her to be kicked out of the sisterhood. Dejected, she roamed the Border Princes until she met a tall, dark Necrarch…

Claipetre is a Vampire Lord of the Lahmia bloodline. Her special abilities are Seduction, Quickblood and Innocence Lost. Refer to the above website for the profile and full description of these abilities.

Once Claipetre is dead, the Warriors receive a single tentacle-pink staff and 1000 gold each. Since they have just cleared the Dungeon, they may return to the altar room unimpeded.