Part Eight of the Wheel of Fortune cycle

By Steve Asselin

As your Warriors touch the handle of the door, the cup emblem suddenly rises out of the wood. It is golden and jewel encrusted, filled with a red liquid that your Warriors are all too sure of it’s nature. Then the cup tips over to a side, and a veritable torrent of blood, something like seventy times the amount that a cup that size could hold, pours out, falling to the floor and sloshing around the Warriors’ legs before sinking into the cracks in the floor. Hesitant (and soaking wet) after this display, the Warriors kick open the door. The inside seems remarkably different from everything they’ve seen up to now. They were expecting a dark, claustrophobic chamber of some kind, but instead the space beyond the door is quite large and roomy. The ceiling is very far up, and exquisite chandeliers hang from it, illuminating the entire passageway. The walls are bordered with gold and silver, and the ground is carpeted with soft red fabric. The only indication of the true nature of these apartments is the fresco on the wall depicting a bloody battle seen with a certain ivory-faced killer in the central field. On their guard, the Warriors step out of the chandeliers’ light and into the Apartments of Oskar von Carstein…


Von Carstein’s Legions

The charismatic von Carsteins have always been able to command the hearts and souls of mortals and undead alike, and their inspiring presence draws loyal soldiers to them like flies to a carcass. The number of Monsters appearing will always correspond to the number that would be used should the Warrior party have an additional member.

The Wheel of Fortune

If any of the Warriors tried spinning the Wheel of Fortune above the Altar and obtained the cup as a result, they begin to feel all prickly when they enter the Apartments. The other Warriors notice that the Warrior is standing straighter, that his gaze is firm and that there seems to be an aura of command about him. For every attack brought against that Warrior rolls a D6. On a roll of 6, the Monster has hesitated, unsure of why this invader has the same commanding presence as its vampiric master, and loses that attack.

Aura of Command (This is a new Event)

With a bright flash of light, you find yourselves in the presence of Oskar von Carstein. Your Warriors immediately strike at the vampire with your weapons, but they sail right through him. The Warriors understand that the vampire is an illusion, but have become mesmerized by the Vampire’s charisma. Von Carstein’s illusion commands the Warriors to lay down their weapons and abandon their quest. For some odd reason, the Warriors feel compelled to do so.

The magical charisma generated by von Carstein is almost hypnotic. They must take an Initiative test. If they pass, then they may continue as normal. If they fail then they have succumbed to the illusion, and may do nothing for the next D3 turns as they attempt to break free.


The Objective Room is the Firechasm. In addition to the normal complement of Monsters, the Warriors also must face Oskar von Carstein.

Oskar von Carstein

He was once a dashing young man in Sylvania, who joined the ranks of the undead as a minor noble. Oskar has always fancied himself to be superior, even more so than other Vampires, and enjoys flaunting his skills and abilities. He amuses himself by imagining to eventually be at the head of the von Carstein family, commanding undead armies across the world. Until now, he was content with spurting nonsense philosophy and being all-around arrogant, but one day he received a letter from a Necrarch. The Necrarch requested von Carstein’s help in recruiting other Vampires for a secret, unholy project. Seeing his chance at greatness, von Carstein accepted, and invited Massoeh to Sylvania so they could make their plans. Before the Necrarch got there, Oskar met a wandering vampire in blood red armor…

Oskar is a Vampire Lord of the von Carstein bloodline. Her special abilities are Seduction, Quickblood and Innocence Lost. Refer to the above website for the profile and full description of these abilities. (note of the webmaster : the site doesn't exist anymore - Oskar von Carstein's special abilites should read as: Unbending Willpower, Summon Wolves and Summon Bats.)

Once Oskar von Carstein is dead, the Warriors receive a single burnished gold staff and 1000 gold each. Since they have just cleared the Dungeon, they may return to the altar room unimpeded.