The Catacombs of the Necrarch
Part NINE of the Wheel of Fortune cycle

By Steve Asselin

As your Warriors touch the handle of the door, the skull emblem suddenly rises out of the wood. The jaw drops down and the skull emits a high-pitch scream, making the warriors place their hands on their ears. The scream becomes a series a wails and moans, and the Warriors think that they can faintly hear the whispering of departed loved ones in the languid sound emerging from the skull. Then it just sinks back in. Hesitant after this display, the Warriors kick open the door. As soon as it’s open, the warriors are hit by a putrid and foul stench coming from inside the dungeon network. Inside there is a claustrophobic tunnel made of yellowish decaying earth shored up with beams of what appears to be pure obsidian in a crisscross pattern. The ground is soft, and its sponginess feels positively disgusting under the Warrior’s boats, as if they were stepping on some kind of weak flesh. A shrill, maddening laughter is heard in the distance and the warriors slowly advance, the stench of rot and decay growing only stronger as they venture deeper into the Catacombs…


Dark Magic

The lair of Massoeh the Necrarch is suffused with the evil dark magic. Any magic-users in the party can feel it’s potent weight pressing down on their spirit. As long as they are in the Catacombs of the Necrarch, they will have to subtract –1 after rolling in the Power Phase to determine their power and unexpected events. This does not affect monster magic users, as they are used to (and some even thrive) on the dark magic.

The Wheel of Fortune

For some reason, they see what appear to be strands of dark smoke curling around the ceiling. They find that they can reach out and touch these strands, bringing them towards themselves. Doing so, they are saturated with dark magical energy. Roll a D6. This is the number of time the Warrior can trade in a normal attack to cast a spell (randomly determined) from the Necromantic Magic section of the Warhammer Quest Roleplay Book. Note that a Warrior may choose to draw from dark magic more than the dice limit if he/she wishes, but be warned that doing so would permanently corrupt his or her soul… and might have dire consequences in the future.

The (appropriately modified) Necromantic Table is repeated below for the sake of clarity:

1 Winds of Death
Reduces all of the Monsters’ Attacks by –1 for the next Monsters’ Phase.
2 Soul Drain
Inflicts 2D6 Wounds on a single Monster of the Warrior’s choice, with no modifiers for Toughness or Armor.
3 Deathchill
Reduces a single Monster of the Warrior’s choice by –2 Toughness. If this reduces the Monster’s Toughness to zero then it is killed.
4 Summon Skeletons
The Warrior summons 6 Skeletons that he/she controls. They are placed on the board immediately and may move and fight this turn.
5 Summon Ghouls
The Warrior summons 6 Ghouls that he/she controls. They are placed on the board immediately and may move and fight this turn.
6 Summon Mummies
The Warrior summons 1D6 Mummies that he/she controls. They are placed on the board immediately and may move and fight this turn.

Wails of the Dead (This is a new Event)

The low, windy moaning that has accompanied the Warriors throughout the Catacombs rises in volume. Finally the Warriors are able to make out voices and words. They hear the sound of departed loved ones and slain enemies, all blaming the Warriors for their deaths.

The sound of these otherworldly accusations is inherently terrifying. All the Warriors must take an initiative test immediately. If they fail, the are seized by terror and run their movement towards the nearest doorway of the board section they are currently on. They may do nothing during the next Warriors phase as they are still shocked by the horrifying messages.


The Objective Room is the Idol Chamber. In addition to the normal complement of Monsters, the Warriors also must face Massoeh the Necrarch.


The origins and ascension of Massoeh to Vampire-hood are unknown, and it’s probably better that way. Massoeh lived most of his unlife away from others, live or dead, as suits a Necrach. He made his dark study on one of the dark abandoned levels of Mt. Bloodhorn (the former Dwarf colony of Ekrund). His studies in the flows of dark magic in the region led him to investigate Troj, where there was a mysterious assembly of all forms and colors of magic. He disappeared deep into the Underground Gardens of Troj, his final destination unknown. Finally, when he re-emerged, it was with a mission. He was to gather up three other Vampires who would be willing to follow him and his master. Through his scribing, he made contact with Oskar von Carstein, a minor lord of Sylvania. Massoeh agreed to meet with von Carstein at the latter’s castle. On his way to Sylvania, he bumped into Claipetre, an exiled Lahmian. Together they arrived at von Carstein’s castle, where the Sylvanian was host to another Vampire, this time a Blood Dragon. Massoeh immediately saw that it was more than coincidence that all should meet in this way. The Necrarch was again contacted by his mysterious benefactor, and told that a lair had been constructed for the Vampires and their minions deep under Troj…

Massoeh is a Vampire Lord of the Necrarch bloodline who wears no armor. His special abilities are Nehekhara’s Noble Blood, Master of the Black Arts and Supernatural Horror. Refer to the above website for the profile and full description of these abilities.

Once Massoeh is dead, the Warriors receive a single obsidian-black staff and 1000 gold each. Since they have just cleared the Dungeon, they may return to the altar room unimpeded.