Warhammer Quest

The Conquest of Bretonnia

By Gustavo "SKAVEN" Alcala - 14 Oct 1997

First of all we have to imagine what happened when the skaven enemies arrived to the Bretonnian temple. Lets imagine that there were some Errant knights ready to defend it. Logically, the skaven kill al the Errant knights. Well, here starts the magic:

It's possible that in cause of the fight, the structure of the temple may have gone on colapse, (or almost) so that the warriors will have to challange that. Also, it's possible that giant rats were atracted by the smell of the corpses (mhh, corpses), so, the first enemies will be GIANT RATS.

Try to have, in every room of your adventures something to discover and a monster to kill, a powerfilled magic room and a monsterfilled room, that keeps the warriors on their toes. Also you can have some encounters, as the one you will see.


How all this joined for the first room

In this section you will find the text of the adventure, divided into sections that are separed by .

[NAME OF THE ROOM] The northern forest entrance

[DESCRIPTION] After walking for about 3 days towards the north, the warriors have finally arrived to the place that the bretonnian knight told you. There is a huge stone door that goes into the darkness. It's easy to see that lots of footprints go towards the door.

[FOR THE GAME MASTER] What happened here is that the rats arrived first, and have a cruel fight against some knights.

[THINGS TO DO] Make an initiative test to the warriors, at +1, and whomever passes it smells a horrible odour to the left, but if someone look all over the place, he also finds the corpses.




The corpes are of 10 Brettonian Errants knights, there were really masacrated, the punches are all over their bodies, the warriors were examining them when 8 giant rats appeared from who knows where. Lok for the giant rats in the roleplay book, when killed warriors get gold as usual and a treasure card.



The door is almost falling down because of the fight. In the walls you can clearly see the marks of warpstone.



Make a 1D6 roll: 1-2, he finds the corpses, 3-4, he notes the problem with the door, 5-6, make another iniative test, at -1, and if the warrior passes it, he hears the sound of horses coming towards the warriors.

[ENDING] If the warriors decide to wait for see what a hell that sound is, roll a 1D3, and the result is the number of turns that the sounds will arrive to that place. If they dont do this, they can pass to the next room.




After 1D3 turns, 2 Errant knight arrive to the place, after examining it, they discover the bodies and the warp stone. They don't ask questions, they talk one each other, and after a few moments the go against you.

I havn't designed the profile for the Brettonian knight, because I kave to prove him against the warriors, see if it's possible to beat him, well, you know. Now, lets analize some of the new things I've included in this room:



B' logical, when you are searchin for something, when you find it you stop searching, that is why it's imposible for one single warrior to find all the things in a room, believe me, warriors get mad when another is finding everything.



I love to include crazy things on my adventures, why, because everything is capable to happen, of course, if warriors fight them something is assured to happen, but.....WHAT!!! Well, maybe the warriors explain the knights that they didn't killes the other knights (yes, now tell me a western) or maybe, the warriors beat the knights and they get some good weapons or armours (good if you want to include a big variety of monsters), well, who knows.

If there is some comment on how this adventure is going, write to me E-MAIL, and I'll answer you. Also, if you are writting adventures and you want some advice, 4 years as pure gamemaster are your secure.


Saurux, the gamemaster's support

Finally, a useful hint that I was almost forgeting, Saurux. Saurux is the first character I used for play, and he lived great adventures, so many that he ended in level 8. When warriors are about to start an adventure I introduce Saurux, and he fights with them, STARTING AT LEVEL 8. What!!! Well, if you were surprised, first read the rules for Saurux:

1. Saurux is a Lizzardmen, but he has the abilities of a magician and of a barbarian (this mean, all the characteristics that make a level 8 mage be what he is he has them, and all the characteristict of a level 8 barbarian, HE ALSO HAVE THOSE)

2. Saurux is always flying over the warriors, he never takes part in a battle unless the warriors are in great worry, after that, he returns up.

3. Saurux never looks, thinks or takes decitions, he just go where the warriors go, and sees what they are doint.

4. Saurux is nonafected by phsycology, of any class, until the warriors get to level 8, after that he is just non afected by fear.

5. When warriors get to level 8, Saurux goes down and fights the hardest enemy in the room, the gold he wins is always reparted between the warriors in equal parts, if the account of money is in exact, make it exact an the rest is lost, after that he continues using rules 1,2 and 3.

6. The above rule also applies before he gets to level 8, with the exception that before the warriors get to level 8 he fight with the warrior that needs more help.

7. Before warriors get to level 8, after every fight he is always returned to full wounds, but after the warriors get to level 8, he cant restore woundsno more, but stills goes up, and all that.

8. He is alway carrying the best weapons that the gamemaster wants to give him, lots of potions and things like that, or also use his predefined profile, after a fight all his items are refulled. Before warriors get to level 8, it's supposed that he creates new items with his magic, but after the warriors get that level, he can no more remade them.

9. He only restore wounds to the warriors when they are at 2,1 or 0 wounds, never his own wounds, but before warriors get to level 8, his wounds are auto-refilled, but after that, he doesn't accept a healing.

10. He never does special actions, unless all the warrios approve it, but he'll have to made a roll on his actions table.

11. If warriors get twisted, lost or stucked, he can help them under the gamemaster decision and taking them 1D6 gold, that dissapears.

12. He never carries gold an can't go up a level, that meand never ever.

A you can see, Saurux only use is for help the warriors, and you can include him in your battles, that's because many times the warriors get in a hole and you, as game master have to apply an stupid exit, now, Saurux is the mostly used exit. But be carefull in how you use him, because maybe he'll beat all the enemies and the warriors will bore. I have a list of the profile for Saurux, and also his actions table, but I forgot it, but be sure that you'll get it soon, with a list of his weapons, abilities and other things.


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