The Leather Worker

By Paul Sainty

One of the most unique features of Warhammer Quest is the sheer amount of items, equipment and other apparel that a warrior can carry with him on his adventures.
However, this wealth of magical and mundane objects often become completely out of order, meaning players forget what they can use!
As well as this, most warriors of the game are illustrated with a variety of belts, headbands, pouches and quivers that are not represented in its rules- until now.
These rules introduce a Maximum Item limit a warrior can carry. Unassisted, this number is 8.
At this new location, the Leather-worker, many items that increase this Maximum Item limit are sold. From belts and baldrics to belt-chains and specialty carriers, a leather-worker holds all a warrior needs!
Note that leather equipment does not add to the Maximum Items carried.
These items are also customizable- for instance, a leather-worker may have dozens of styles of shoes, all the same price. When your warrior purchases a pair, you the player should designate their style and make- Altdorf shoes of black leather, for instance.
As well as mundane items, a Leather-worker often shows off his skills with more flamboyant creations. These are all useful to indicate your warrior is successful at his task!
If a monster rolls a six To Hit or he is reduced to 0 wounds, one random piece of leather-worked equipment is destroyed and must be discarded.

H D E W   (buy/sell)
Belt Y Y Y Y 3 100/ 20  Adds +2 to Maximum items
Heavy Belt  Y  Y  N  Y  7 800/ 50 Heft 4; Adds +6 to Maximum Items; Exempt from destroyed roll
Quiver Y N Y N 2 80/ 0 Needed to use bows or crossbows
Wrist Guards Y Y Y Y 4 150/ 40 Warrior can re-roll 1 miss per dungeon
Headband Y Y Y Y 3 200/40 +1 Initiative. Cannot wear with helms
Gemmed Headband Y Y Y Y 8 2,000/ 800 Choose gems; +1 Initiative; no helms
Belt Chain Y Y Y N 5 200/ 25 Adds +2 to Maximum items
Baldric / Shoulder Y Y Y Y 6 600/ 25 Adds +8 to Max items; warrior can wear Strap only 2 baldrics at any one time
Scroll-Quiver N N N Y 7 1,000/ 800 Attaches to baldric; lined with gems at opening; holds spells and invocations.
Thief's Sheath Y Y Y Y 5 150/ 40 Holds extra knife or dagger; concealed at wrist or small of back.
Leather Pouch Y Y Y Y 3 100/ 10 Increases Maximum items by 2 but only with rings, brooches and small items.
Boots Y Y Y Y 4 20/ 10 Choose native style
Heavy Boots Y Y Y Y 6 150/ 40 Heft 4; Add 2 Movement 1 per dungeon. Exempt from destroyed roll
Jewelled Belt-buckle      Y Y Y Y 10 3500/ 1000 Design your warrior's symbol on buckle
Expensive Scabbard Y Y Y Y 10 2,000/ 800 Only 2 per warrior
Gold Brooch Y Y Y Y 8 1,500/ 520 Holds a warrior's cloak