By Paul Sainty

Amongst the respected and wealthy traders, Jeweller's seldom welcome ruffians or strangers within their glass-lined shelves and expensive wares. Still, richer warriors with gold to burn head to this place, and jewellers will turn a blind eye to an adventurer's shabbiness in order to turn a profit!
All warriors are welcome at the Jewellers- as long as they have plenty of Gold!

Silver-band Y Y Y Y 5 100/25  
Gold-band Y Y Y Y 5 200/50  
Intricate Y Y Y Y 6 300/100 Choose style of intricate banding on ring
Gemmed Y Y Y Y 8 1,000/300 Choose type of gem inset in ring
Large Gem Y Y Y Y 10 2,500/500 Choose large gem inset in ring


Arm-Band Y Y Y Y 6 400/25 Made of gold; at bicep or upper wrist
Native Arm-Band Y Y Y Y 7 450/ 25 Choose land the style is from; upper arm
Wrist-Bands Y Y Y Y 8 500/100 Pair of bands; choose style; gold or silver
Bracelet Y Y Y Y 5 200/25 Choose style and material; limit 5
Head-Band Y Y Y Y 7 600/250 Gold or Silver; +1 Initiative; no helms
Neck-chain Y Y Y Y 6 600/150 Gold or silver; choose symbol on amulet --
Crown Y Y Y Y 10 2,500/700 Choose style; made of gold with inset gems
Torc Y Y Y Y 7 700/250 Made of Gold; native to Norsca
Gold Belt-buckle Y Y Y Y 6 300/50 Choose style
Gemmed Belt-buckle Y Y Y Y 8 1,000/300 Choose gem , exempt from Destroyed Roll
Jewelled Belt-buckle Y Y Y Y 10 2,500/1000 Design your warrior's symbol on buckle; exempt from Destroyed Roll
Expensive Scabbard Y Y Y Y 10 2,000/800 Only 2 per warrior

SERVICES (taking one extra day)

Engraving Y Y Y Y 7 500 For armour and weapons; limit 10 words
Gemming Y Y Y Y 8 1,000 per item Choose your gems (up to 5) and style; for hilts; armour; bands; belts
Setting Y Y Y Y 7 400 per item If already possessing some gems, jeweller can set these into hilts, armour, rings, bands or belt; limit 5 gems on each item

A Jeweller's Service will take an extra day, meaning your warrior must pick his item up the next day in which he can do nothing else. Such services are undertaken only by skilled jewllers, hence their stock roll represents a jeweller's prosperity and standing.

Gemming and Setting may be used on Treasure Tables items, but the whole party must agree to it: if the service doesn't match the item, then it should not be performed!

An extra rule some parties may wish to include is this:- any warrior who fails a Stock roll at the Jewellers must instantly take an initiative test (-1 for Dwarves, Ogres and other less dainty warriors). If he fails the warrior knocks over a glass shelf filled with items worth 1D6 x 100 Gold! He must pay this amount and then is thrown out of the Jewellers for Timewasting!