First Level Character Generation
Part Two: Skills and Features

By Peter Haresnape

Continuing from my previous release, Part Two looks at other things that can be added to the Warrior in the initial character creation. Each Warrior Pack contained a number of special rules and roleplay suggestions that controlled or determined behaviour. This includes things like the sort of treasure that can be used, the type of skills that can be mastered, and even the place the Warrior takes on the battlefield. Now it should be possible to determine many of these factors as befits your vision of the character.

Feats and Flaws

In order to personalize your warrior and specialize his or her role, you can choose a number of options that fall into two categories; Feats and Flaws. Feats are those things that an individual is especially good at; due to natural talent, special training or just the accident of birth. Feats require the expense of some points. If there are no points left over, then you may take one or more Flaws. Flaws are the opposite, detailing things that an individual suffers or cannot perform. Taking a Flaw yields one or more points, which can be used to take Feats or Skills, but not Statistics.
Note that you may take a maximum of four Flaws and Feats. That is, you can have as many of either or both as you like, so long as the combined number of Flaws and Feats is four or less. Any more would leave the process open to serious unbalance. The Flaws and Feats that are given as part of Careers are not counted.


Name Description Cost A R F R
Well-Connected Part of a trading family or just popular. +1 to all stock rolls. 1 Y Y Y Y
Ambidextrous Can fight with two single-handed weapons, giving him +1 Attack with a -1 WS Penalty. Penalty negated by 'Duel Weapon Fighting Skill' 3 N Y Y Y
Good Singing Voice Can select musical skills. 2 Y Y N Y
Lucky Your Warrior gains +1D6 Luck each adventure. 4 Y Y Y Y
Bravado An air of fearlessness- You gain +1 to F/T/GDT, until you fail a test. After failure, no bonus for the rest of the Dungeon. 2 Y Y Y Y
Courageous +1 to all F/T/GDT tests 3 N N Y Y
Faithful 1D6 Faith Points, vendetta against other faith/magic users. 4 Y N N Y
Natural Leader Can choose to be the leader at any time, taking your turn before anyone else. 1 N N Y Y
Inspiring Your very presence bolster the Warriors' confidence- so long as you pass your F/T/GDT tests, every other Warrior on the same board section gets +1 to his. 3 Y Y Y Y
Athletic +1 miscellaneous bonus on acrobatic actions. Double move one turn per adventure. 1 Y Y Y Y
Streetwise Bonuses in cities 2 Y Y Y Y
Well-Travelled Bonus travelling through civilization 2 Y Y Y Y
Forest Walker Bonus travelling through forest 2 Y Y Y Y
Learned +1 to identify items, texts, creatures, speak a language, etc 1 Y Y Y Y
Strong Willed +2 WP, can engage in Battle of Wills 4 Y Y Y Y
Arcane Sight The ability to cast Arcane Spells 3 Y Y Y Y
Disbelief in Magic Resist Magic 6+, cannot be spellcaster. 4 N Y Y N
Supremely Aware Negate Ambush on 6+ 2 N Y N Y
Noble Blood Can visit Noble Establishments. +1 Stock roll for Traders. 2 Y Y Y Y
Royal Blood The ear of the Princes and Electors- As Noble Blood, and you cannot be thrown out of a settlement. 3 Y Y Y Y
Charismatic Reroll one Settlement Event per visit. People get on better with you. 1 Y Y Y Y
Trap Master Can detect and disarm a trap on a roll of 6, or 5+ if 'searching' is declared. 2 Y Y Y Y
Robust Against (unmagical) poison or disease, a save on 6+. 2 N N Y Y
Expert Against a certain Monster type, you get +1 Attack per turn. 3 Y Y Y Y
Cave-Vision Can see with little light. The Warrior can be up to two spaces away from the Lantern before being Lost in the Dark 3 N Y N Y
Treasure Allocation When another Warrior receives treasure that you can use, you can force a swap in exchange for an item you cannot use, on a Willpower Test of 7. 2 Y Y Y Y
Disguise Master You can effectively disguise yourself, allowing you to blend into most crowds. GM decides what's possible. 2 N Y N Y
Hardcore Drinker The Warrior can handle his drink! +1 to any alehouse rolls, etc. 1 N Y Y Y


Name Description Gain A R F R
Phobia (Monster Race) Against a certain Monster type, you are at -1 on all of your F/T/GDT rolls. If no test is applicable, you suffer Fear on a roll of 1 on an unmodified D6. 3 Y Y Y Y
Phobia (Darkness) You must remain on the same board section OR within 3 spaces of a light source, or take a Willpower Test. On 7 you can move as usual. On 2-6 you miss the turn. On a 1 you must roll on the escape table. 2 Y N Y N
Phobia (Fire) You must make a Willpower test to attempt fire-related things, for example 6 to move next to the lantern bearer or a fire, 7 to start a blaze, 8 to attack a flaming mummy, etc. If you fail catastrophically you miss the turn, otherwise you must try some other activity. 1 Y Y Y N
Phobia (Magic) If an Arcane Spell is cast on you (even healing) you suffer from Fear on a roll of 5+ for the next 2D6 turns. You can still use magical items and benefit from Divine Magic without penalty. You may not, however, cast Arcane Spells. 3 N Y Y N
Phobia (Crowds) Each day in a Settlement you must roll a Willpower Test to leave your lodgings. 6 for a Village, 7 for a Town, 8 for a City. 1 Y N N Y
Phobia (Elf/Dwarf) You cannot be in the same party as an Elf/Dwarf. If your Will is higher than 4, you can, but cannot move adjacent to the offending Warrior without a Will test of 7. You will refuse to visit these settlements. Automatically suffer Fear of these monsters. 2 Y N Y N
Phobia (Ogre) You cannot be in the same party as an ogre. If your Will is higher than 5, you can, but cannot move adjacent to the offending Warrior without a Will test of 7. You will refuse any diplomacy or the like. Automatically suffer Fear of these monsters. 3 Y Y Y Y
Coward -1 on all of your F/T/GDT rolls. 2 Y Y N N
No Ballistic Weapons Can never use a Ballistic Weapon. 3 Y N Y N
No Armour Cannot wear any Armour of any sort. Tattoos, runes, magical talismans etc are allowed. 5 Y Y N Y
No Bladed Weapons Can't use any stabbing or slashing weapon (including arrows and bolts) 3 Y Y Y Y
Racial Restrictions Can only use racial or generic Weapons, Armour or Equipment. Must live in Quarter. Elf and Dwarf only. 3 Y Y Y Y
Fussy Must spend at least 10 gold per day on Living Cost in Settlements 2 Y Y Y Y
Unlikely Leader Can never lead the party 1 Y Y Y N
Unsubtle Makes noise, trips alarms, or smells. +1 to any Ambush Rolls. 1 Y N Y N
Poverty Cannot ever have more than 4000 +500 per BL gold. Any more is discarded (!) 3 Y N Y Y
Deathwish Can never leave the dungeon before the adventure is over; can never avoid a fight. Can break pinning as normal to seek a harder fight… 4 N N Y N
Armour Restriction Can only wear a certain Armour Bonus: +1/+2/+3/ 3/2/1 Y Y Y Y
Unique Weapon Begins with a specific weapon, can never use any other. 5 Y Y Y Y
Selfish Never gives away food/bandages without a Willpower test of 7. 3 Y Y Y Y
Glutton When eating or giving away food, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-3 the Warrior eats another provision (whether he needs to or not). If he is giving away his last morsel, he eats it instead. 3 Y Y Y Y
Alcoholic In a settlement, must roll Willpower to avoid Alehouse. Won't leave settlement without a supply of alcohol. 3 N Y Y Y
Unsophisticated Sticks out like a sore thumb in settlements, completely naïve and pretty hopeless. 2 Y N Y Y
Half-wit Cannot contribute to solving problems, can't easily communicate or understand. 4 N N Y N
Diseased -1 Starting Wound, and only admitted to settlement with a bribe of 1D6x10 gold 3 Y Y Y Y
Birth Defect You bear the taint of chaos- or so the Witch Hunters would say. Outlawed. 2 Y Y Y Y
Unlucky Roll 1D6 before the adventure. When the Events dice is this number, all your rolls are at -1. 3 Y Y Y Y
Weak Willed -2 on Willpower 4 Y Y Y Y
Dim -1 on intellectual rolls, incapable of identifying objects 1 N Y Y Y
Slow Always takes his turn last, regardless of Initiative. 2 Y Y Y Y
Clumsy Any delicate physical task like construction, surgery or the like is at -1. 1 Y N Y N
Weak Constitution Non-magical poisons and diseases have double the effect, where applicable. 2 Y Y Y Y
Bigot Cannot be in a party with other races, visit their settlements, etc 3 Y Y Y Y
Paranoid Roll 1D6 on every successful ambush - 4+ fight as normal during the Warrior Phase, 2-3 skip the phase through panic, on 1 miss 1D3 turns due to catatonia. 3 Y Y Y Y
Curious You must always explore when given the option; you must always try things out when presented. 2 Y Y Y Y
Fear of magic You fear magic. If an Arcane Spell is cast on you (even healing) you suffer from Fear on a roll of 5+ for the next 2D6 turns. 2 N Y Y N
Greedy You cannot lend gold; you must sell rather than give away treasure, even to Warriors, and you never give away any gold to charity. 2 Y Y Y Y
Inflexible You cannot deviate from your plan. You must finish your task (searching the room, slaying the minotaur) before moving on. You cannot break pinning. 1 Y Y Y Y
Loud Makes too much noise, possibly to attract Monsters. Roll another Event Dice. If it matches the other Dice, an Unexpected Event is caused. If both roll 1, there are two Events. 3 Y N Y N
Austere Cannot enter Alehouse, gambling house, etc 1 Y Y Y Y
Absent Minded Wandering mind means that each day in a settlement, roll 1D6. On a 1, you have forgotten where you were going and wasted the day. 2 Y Y Y Y
Lightweight The Warrior cannot take his alcohol. -1 to any alehouse rolls, etc. 1 Y Y Y Y
Fashion Victim You are compelled to buy the latest fashion each time you're in town! 2 Y Y Y Y


If, after the Feats and Flaws have been taken into account, you still have points left over, you will wish to purchase Skills. Skills are similar to Feats, except that they cost more points and generally do not have a Roleplay application. Many Skills develop and improve as the Warrior advances in levels.
There are two types of Skill. Each Skill requires a number of Points, and many require specific conditions to be fulfilled before they become available.

Proficiency Skills

These are the traditional skills that convey bonuses and abilities, both down the dungeon and in the settlement.

Skill Name and Description Limitations Cost
The warrior rolls 1D6 at the start of each combat turn. On a 6 he becomes Berserk (+1 attack), and may only attack in hand-to-hand combat. On a 1, however, he slashes wildly around, doing BL damage to every adjacent model, unmodified, and can do nothing else this turn. The warrior may add +1 to the roll for each monster killed so far in the combat. Once achieved, the warrior remains Berserk for the rest of the combat. At Hero level and above, the roll required is 5+.
None 4
If hit by any melee or missile attack, the warrior rolls 1D6. On a score of 6, the attack is dodged, and the warrior suffers no damage. On any other score, the dodge fails, and the attack is resolved as usual. A Warrior cannot dodge if webbed or netted.
Min Init- 5 3
Adept Warrior
The warrior has superior speed with his weapon, and if the first attack of a turn hits, he gains another attack. This one is in addition to any deathblows of the first attack.
Min Init- 5 5
The warrior gains +2 when rolling for the stock of items, and may attempt to gain a discount once per day. Roll 1D6 and add your Willpower or Intelligence, whichever is the higher. Depending on the score you get a discount: 4-6 =5% 7-8 =10% 9 =15% 10 =20% 11+ =25%
Intel and WP combined- 7 or above 5
Killing Blow
On a natural roll of 6 to hit, you roll an extra damage dice.
Min WS- 4 5
Mighty Blow
The Warrior can choose to increase the strength of one attack by trading in other chances to attack. For each attack you surrender, you roll an extra damage dice if the attack hits. You must declare this skill before rolling to hit. Only actual attacks in the warrior's profile may be traded, or those granted by a skill, not those given by weapons etc. This skill can be used once per turn.
Min S- 4 5
Reaction Strike
When the monsters are placed, the Warrior may make a single attack, before and in addition to normal attacks in the warrior phase. The attack is an instinctive reaction, and is not subject to psychology or the deathblow rule.
Min Init- 4 4
Shield Wall
The Warrior may catch a blow on his shield, negating it and any damage, once per adventure. Naturally this skill requires a shield to be used.
None 3
Hunter's Eye (name?)
Using bows, the Warrior automatically makes a number of attacks per turn equal to their attack characteristic, even if the bow would normally have a restriction.This has no effect on crossbows or Blackpowder weapons.
Min S- 4 4
The Warrior can resist one blow that would have otherwise killed him, thus ignoring all damage. This can be done once per adventure.
Min T- 4 4
When at zero Wounds or below the Warrior begins to sing his deathsong. Place him on 1 Wound. Each time he is hit while singing, roll 1D6. On a score of 5+ he ignores the blow's effects and remains standing on 1 Wound, otherwise he is taken to 0 wounds. Your Warrior continues to sing his deathsong and remain on 1 Wound until he is healed in the normal manner.
Dwarf OnlyMin WP- 5 6
Tunnel Fighter
You gain +1 WS when fighting in enclosed spaces, such as corridors, junctions, stairwells and doorways.
None 5
When in hand to hand combat, you may attempt to parry incoming blows. This skill works on a roll of 6 on 1D6, and if it succeeds, the blow is negated and has no effect.
Min WS- 5 3
This skill may only be used if there are no Monsters in the same board section. Entering the trance takes one turn, during which your Warrior may do nothing else. At the end of the turn your Warrior regains 1D6 Wounds.
Min WP- 3 5
This skill allows your Warrior to leap 1 square in any direction as part of his move, landing in the square beyond. Any obstacle in the square being leaped is ignored, though it still counts as 1 square of movement. This skill may be used once per turn.
Min Init- 6 3
Power Shot
Using a bow, the Warrior may trade in multiple attacks to make a single shot, stronger and more carefully aimed, which does an extra damage dice for each attack given up. This can be used once per turn.
None 5
Dual-Weapon Fighting
This skill allows a Warrior to efficiently wield two single-handed weapons at once. This gives +1 attack at Novice and Champion, +2 at Hero and +3 at Lord. Without this skill, you only gain +1 attack at any level. The Warrior chooses which attack(s) are made with which weapon, if their effects differ. The Warrior is at -1WS when wielding two weapons, unless he has the Ambidexterity Feat, which negates this.
Min WS- 4 4
Brute Strength
The Warrior can attempt to gain a better tactical position by means of shoving Monsters out of the way. At the beginning of the turn, you may roll 1D6 and add your Strength. If the result is less than or equal to the Monster's Strength, then it is too big, and cannot be pushed. If higher, however, the Monster is pushed back 1 square into one of the three spaces behind it (warrior's choice), if unoccupied. Having pushed, the Warrior may move and attack as usual.
Min S- 4 4
Dirty Blow
With this skill, on a natural to hit roll of 6, the Warrior has struck a Dirty Blow. This ignores up to 2 points of armour, and cannot be negated by means of Ignore Blow or Ignore Pain.
Min Init OR WS- 4 5
The Warrior is partially immune to fear and terror, perhaps through long exposure, some divine foreknowledge, extreme confidence or just stupidity. The Warrior ignores Fear, and Terror is downgraded to Fear. GDTerror is as normal.
Min WP- 4 6
Heightened Senses
If a Warrior has this skill, there is a chance that he will pick up slight noises, telltale shadows and out-of-place smells and anticipate an ambush, warning the other Warriors. Roll 1D6 whenever the Warriors are ambushed. On a roll of 6, the ambush fails, and the Monsters do not get their free attack.
Min Init- 5 4
Your Warrior can grapple his opponent rather than attack with a normal weapon. This attack replaces all of your Warrior's normal attacks. Roll to hit. If you succeed your Warrior has grabbed the Monster and inflicts (1D6 x his battle-level) Wounds with no modifier for armour. A grapple cannot be dodged.
Min S- 4 5
This skill applies to Blackpowder weapons, which usually require the attention of a turn to load. If a warrior with this skill has an unloaded Blackpowder weapon at the start of the turn, he may attempt to load and fire it in one turn. Roll 1D6. On a score of 6/5+/4+/3+ he succeeds and may fire as usual. If the roll fails, the Warrior loses the turn, but manages to load the weapon for the next turn.
Min Init- 5 5
Cut Thoat
The warrior may elect to trade in all his attacks for a single Cut Throat attack against a humanoid creature, no bigger than an orc, but not undead or Daemonic. Roll to hit as normal, but at -1 WS. If the attack hits, roll 1D6 and add the strength of your weapon. If you are higher than the Monster's Toughness, it is killed instantly. If equal or lower, the Monster breaks loose and attacks as normal. This skill can only be utilized with a one-handed bladed weapon. Daggers are ideal for this work, and negate the -1 WS penalty, but do tend to have a low Strength. This attack cannot cause a deathblow.
Rogue Only 5
If the Warrior attacks an enemy who is not attacking him, either because it is attacking another warrior, unaware of his presence, or incapacitated, then he can elect to make a Backstab attack. If the to hit roll succeeds, you ignore all armour and toughness, as well as any dodge or parry skills. However, if possible the Monster targets your Warrior from now on.
Rogue Only 5
Feign Death
Can elect to pretend to be dead at the start of the turn. You can only drink potions in this state. Monsters will attack other Warriors in your stead, unless they cannot reach them. If you are unlucky enough to be attacked, you are hit automatically.
None 3
Treasure Reallocation
When another Warrior receives treasure that you can use, you can force a swap in exchange for an item you cannot use, on a Willpower Test of 7.
None 3
Ignore Blow
The Warrior can roll 1D6 to try and negate an attack or source of damage (trap etc). On a roll of 6 it does no damage. The Warrior can try this once per turn for each attack on his profile.
Min T and WP- 4 6
The Warrior can make rude remarks to try and distract one Monster pinned by him. Roll 1D6. On a score of 6 it is dumfounded, and misses its turn. Once per turn.
Min Intel- 5 6
Emergency Healing
The Warrior can try to heal a companion using basic, crude medical techniques. This takes a whole turn and can be used when there are no Monsters on the board. Roll 1D6 and add Toughness. On a score of 7+, gain 1D6+BL wounds. If it fails, the patient is unconscious and prone for 1D6 turns. If the Warrior tries to heal himself, he must beat a Toughness of 5.
Ranger Only 5
Once per turn the Warrior can try to use gathered herbs to heal himself or another. Roll 1D6. On a 1, the Warrior reacts badly and takes another 1D6 wounds. On a 2-3 there is no effect. On a 4-5 the Warrior is healed 1D6 wounds. On a 6, he's healed 2D6.
Min Intel- 4 5
Treasure Hunter
The Warrior may roll 1D6 whenever an item of treasure is awarded to any player, once for each item. On a roll of 6, draw another Dungeon Room treasure card.
Min Intel or Init- 4 5

Specialist Career Skills

These skills are more than just simple additional abilities. They usually come with several Feats and Flaws, some unique, and often they allow access to new skills. If your character has elected to choose a specialist career, then it will determine the course of his adventures. Like skills, most careers have specific requirements of entry, which might be a race, class, statistic or feat. If a Warrior chooses a career, then they may spend their remaining points on up to two Feats or Foibles, or on skills, drawn from the Proficiency List above and from any Specialist Skills based on the Career.

Specialist Career Name and Description Limitations Cost
Colour Wizard
Choose Lore: Fire, Metal, Beasts, Light, Heavens, Shadow, Life or Death. Gain the appropriate Book, the Book of Common Magic and the Book of Minor Magic. Choose three Colour and two Common Spells for each adventure. Each turn, you gain Power equal to the Power Dice. 1D6 of Stored Power each Battle Level. Access to Wizard's Guild Equipment List.
Must have Arcane Sight and No Armour, not Dwarf, Fighter or Rogue. Min Intel- 4 12
High Mage
Access to High Magic, Lore Magic, Minor Magic and Common Magic. Has access to whichever High Magic spells are appropriate to the level. May select 2 spells from the Lore Lists, 1st Level only. Each turn, you may cast a number of spells based on level. To cast, roll 1D6 and add the Power Dice's total. Access to Wizard's Guild List.
Elf Only, Must have Arcane Sight and an armour limitation Flaw, Not Fighter or Rogue. Min Intel- 4 10
Hedge Wizard (Warlock/Witch)
These individuals can cast Hedge, Minor and Common Magic. They may select one spell each from the Minor and Common Magic list and two from the Hedge Magic. Hedge Wizards begin the game Outlawed, and must bear a disguise in a Settlement.
Arcane Sight, not Dwarf, Fighter or Rogue. Min Intel or WP- 4 8
Priest of Sigmar
Carries Holy Book (Deus Sigmar, the Unfinished Book, etc). Has the Faithful, Treasure Allocation and Learned Feats, and the Unique Weapon: Warhammer and Armour Restriction +1 Flaws. To cast Divine Spells he rolls 1D6 and adds the Power Dice's Total. Access to the Holy Items List.
Human Academic Only 11
Priestess of Shallya
Carries Shallyan Holy Book. Flaws: No Armour and Unique Weapon Staff/Mace. She has the Faithful and Learned Feats. Priestesses cast Divine Spells by rolling 1D6 and adding the Power Dice Total. Free Skill- Shallya's Blessing. Access to the Holy Items List.
Human Academic Only 11
Wardancers receive the Athletic Feat and the No Armour Flaw. They may be considered to have the Ambidextrous Feat and Dual Weapon Skill, but it functions differently. Wardancers have access to Wardancer Skills and Equipment Lists. They receive the 'Dance of Death' Skill free.
Elf Fighter only. Must take an armour restriction 8
These warriors are subject to honour rules that determine their place in society. They have the Courageous Feat, and the No Ballistic and Austere Flaws. They have access to a special set of starting equipment.
Fighter only 6
Slayers are individuals who have sworn to die in combat against a great foe. They have the Courageous and Hardcore Drinker Feats, and the No Armour, No Ballistic, and Deathwish Flaws. They have access to the Slayer Skill List and the Slayer Equipment List. They receive the 'Slayer' skill, and one other from the Slayer list, for free.
Dwarf Fighter only 8
Bards have access to the Spell Song List of Songs. Has two 1st Level songs. They are Streetwise and Learned. Begin with an instrument of the warrior's choice.
Rogue only, not Dwarf, Musical Feat 7


Magic Skills are those that allow the Warrior to access magical powers, through access to the Winds of Magic, crafting or scribing, contact with supernatural powers or the influence of a God. Only Warriors who have taken a magic-using career can use magic (as you might expect). Each Career works in a different way.

Colour Wizard
A Colour Wizard gets a number of Power Points each turn equal to the Power Dice. To cast a spell they roll 1D6 at first level and try to beat the difficulty of a spell. They may use Power Points from their Current or Stored Pool to reach the required level, but they must always spend at least 1 Point on each spell.

High Mage
An Elf High Mage does not store Power Points. Instead, when he wishes to cast a spell he rolls 1D6 and adds it to the Power Dice to try and weave the spell. If it beats the difficulty level, it is cast.

Hedge Magician
Those who use Hedge Magic collect Power Points equal to the Power Dice and their Battle Level each turn as they harvest the winds of magic. They use this raw power to form spells, expending the difficulty level of each spell in Power Points.

Clerics have access to prayers that are generally counted as magic, save that they are not susceptible to Magic Resistance or other such abilities. They cast by rolling 1D6 and adding the Power Dice. If it beats the difficulty level, it is cast.

The Bards also do not cast spells as such, but in the same way as the rituals of the priests can create spell-like effects, so can certain melodies act to shape the winds of magic in a mystical way. Most Bards have a special instrument with which they play their music and sing their spells. A Bard 'casts' by rolling 1D6 and adding it to the Power Dice. If it beats the difficulty of the song, it is deemed to be in effect. A Bard can use one song at a time, and cannot fight or perform any other action apart from moving.

Human Fighter with 5 points to spend
Take the Feats Ambidextrous (-3 points) and Lucky (-4 points)
Take the Flaws Half-wit (+4 points) and Armour Restriction +2 (+2 points)
Take the Dual-Weapon Fighting skill (-4 points)

Or an Elf Academic with 10 points
Take the Arcane Sight Feat (-3 points)
Take the Armour Restriction +1 Flaw (+3 points)
Take the Career Skill High Mage (-10 points)

Monster Lists

Some of the Feats and Flaws require selecting 'a certain Monster type'. This is a category of Monster that is chosen from the following list:

Greenskins Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Snotlings
Skaven All Skaven
Beastmen All Beastmen; Minotaurs and Centaurs
Dæmons Anything with 'Dæmonic' or 'Greater Dæmonic'
Undead Skeletons, Zombies, Banshees, Ghouls
Trolls Any Troll
Magic Users Any dedicated magic user; Priest, Shaman, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Grey Seer etc, or a Monster with more than 2 spells.
Chaos Warriors Any Chaos Warrior
Dark Elves Any Dark Elf
Chaos Dwarfs Any Chaos Dwarf
Great Monsters Any creature with 'Large Monster' or a Toughness of 6+
Vampires Any Vampire
Giants Any Giant
Assassins Any creature with Assassinate Skill

It is possible for a creature to be in more than one category. A Skaven Grey Seer is both a Spellcaster and a Skaven.

Magic Books

A Magic user is considered to have access to a number of 'Books' of Magic. Note that these are not necessarily books, or books of magic. Priestly magic users read their Holy Scriptures, rather than casting spells as such. Others, like the Bard, won't be able to mess about with sheet music- he acts out of long practice with his chosen instrument. However, for ease of reference, each group of 'spells' will be referred to as a 'book of magic'.
In some cases, the Warrior will have access to all of the spells in a particular book. In these circumstances, he can cast any of these, at any. An example is the Book of Minor Magic, which the Colour Wizard has access to. He may use any of these spells at any point (unless unconscious etc). However, he also has access to the Book of Common Magic, which contains more powerful magic. Before the adventure begins, he must choose two spells from it. He will be able to use these spells during the adventure. If he finds that he needs another, he must leave the dungeon and spend time in a meditative trance, in order to reselect spells. Thus, it is vital that a mage considers his spell selection carefully.
A list of the Books of Magic follows

Name Who can access it? Details
Lore of Fire All Bright Wizards, High Mages Excellent battle Magic
Lore of Metal Al lGold Wizards, High Mages  
Lore of Beasts All Amber Wizards, High Mages  
Lore of Light All Light Wizards, High Mages Healing and cleansing Magic
Lore of Heavens All Celestial Wizards, High Mages Superlative divination Magic
Lore of Shadow All Shadow Wizards, High Mages Subterfuge Magic
Lore of Life All Jade Wizards, High Mages  
Lore of Death All Amethyst Wizards, High Mages Primarily battle Magic
High Magic High Mages Ritualistic, powerful magic that makes use of all Winds of Magic
Common Magic All Colour Wizards, High Mages, Hedge Wizards Also known as Petty Magic, generic spells.
Minor Magic All Colour Wizards, High Mages, Hedge Wizards 'Roleplay Magic', generally low powered.
Hedge Magic Hedge Wizards A mixture of magics, generally weaker than other colleges, but not restricted to one Wind.
Bright Magic High level Bright Wizards Also known as Pyromancy
Gold Magic High level Gold Wizards Also known as Alchemy
Amber Magic High level Amber Wizards  
Light Magic High level Light Wizards  
Celestial Magic High level Celestial Wizards Also known as Azure Magic or Astromancy
Grey Magic High level Shadow Wizards  
Jade Magic High level Jade Wizards  
Amethyst Magic High level Amethyst Wizards  
Deus Sigmar Priests of Sigmar Or the Unfinished Book, or Deeds of Sigmar.
Shallyan Holy Book      Priestesses of Shallya Many healing and cleansing spells.
Spell Songs Bards  

Do note that within Books, there may be further divisions. While the Eight Colleges have two books each, these tomes are further divided into a higher and lower level of ability. The Lore of Light, for example, has the two tiers. A first level wielder of Light Magic has access to the lower of these. When he advances, he becomes powerful enough to attempt the rest of the book. Later in his career, if he survives, he will be granted the Light Magic Book, which also contains two levels of spells, these being more advanced and specialized. While Elf High Mages have access to the first Book, they cannot use those in the second.

7th April 2005
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