Warhammer Quest
Grey men

Paul Smith - 22 Jan 1999

Many people sell their souls to chaos and become cultists, chaos warriors, sorcerers or even worse...chaos spawn...but none are quite as frightening as the Grey men. These individuals are so steeped in chaos that they have gained special abilities that the dark lords put to good use away from the battlefield.
The Grey men are the perfect assassins..they have the ability to go un-noticed unless you know exactly what you are looking for...and looking directly at them.

M 5
WS 6
BS 4+
S 5
T 4
I 7
A 2
W 32
Armour         -
Gold 2300

Equipment - Darkblade

The darkblade has been wrought from iron bought from the Chaos Dwarves...and forged out in the chaos wastes somewhere. These blades are amongst the most deadly weapons. For each wound caused by the grey men roll a D6. On a score of 5+ the wound is taken from the starting wound total....permanently. This is because small shards of the blade are designed to flake off into the wounds and dissolve into the blood steam. These flakes are so heavily bound with the forces of chaos that they corrupt the individual from the inside out. If a player is wounded by one of these blades they *must* note it down on their character sheet...if their starting total ever reaches 0 then the corrupting power of the blade has done it's work...the character turns into a chaos spawn and attacks the party.


Invisibility 5
This character is invisible until it attacks..then it can only be seen directly by people within two squares of it...unless they can roll over a 5+.
Dogs will automatically spot the monster as it is placed upon the board because they can sense the evil that is contained within the Grey man.