Warhammer Quest

Treasures of the Dwarf Lords

By Peter Haresnape

In the Halls of the Mountain Kings, deep below the earth, the warriors may find some of the fabled artefacts from the golden age of dwarven civilisation. These ancient weapons and items are rare after centuries of pillaging, and can fetch a pretty price from dwarf rulers, but have a more useful application in the hands of the warriors.



Objective Treasure

Battle Crown

This steel helmet has been fashioned in the likeness of a crown, with a ring of gold and gems surmounting it.

The wearer receives +1 Toughness, Magic Resistance 6+, and may choose to go first once per adventure, ignoring the rules for initiative or the lantern.


Ancient Axe Haft

This has obviously been formed lovingly to suit the hand of a great dwarf king. At some point in the past the blade has disappeared, but the haft is still useful.

This is an odd treasure, as it cannot be used in the dungeon. In a Dwarf Guildmasters the owner may pay 1D3x100 gold to have the runesmiths and weaponsmiths examine the haft, incorporating some of its design into the owner's own axe. The wielder may choose the effect, either +1 Strength damage, or to roll an extra dice in exactly the same way as the Great Axe (can't be used on a Great Axe!). This is a permanent change to the axe, and may only be made once. Discard this item, as it is taken as part of the payment by the artisans.


Iron Sceptre of Ruling

No doubt once wielded by a dwarf lord or king, this iron rod features many runes of striking and stunning.

The wielder makes a normal attack, and if it wounds the monster there is a chance it will stun it. Roll 1D6 for each Damage Dice in the attack past the first. If any are 6, the monster has one less attack in the Monster's phase (or 1 less spell). If more than 1 score 6, the monster is knocked over. In the next monsters phase it may only get up, and is at +2 to be hit. The Sceptre will only stun one monster per turn, so once successful, simply roll for damage as normal. The Sceptre is a magical weapon.
Barbarian, Dwarf


The Orb of Incredible Destruction

Modelled after the ultimate weapon from an old folk tail, the orb may be used once.

Make a normal BS roll, then roll on the table below, +1 if the BS roll hit and -1 if it failed.
1 All of the models in this room are instantly vaporised. Whoops...
2-3 Roll 1D6 for each model in the room. On a roll of 5+ it is put at 0 wounds.
4-5 Roll 1D6 for each model in the room. On a roll of 5+ for monsters and 6+ for warriors it is put at 0 wounds.
6 Roll 1D6 for each monster in the room. On a roll of 5+ it is put at 0 wounds.


Throwing Axe

This axe is a normal-sized blade that has runes of weightlessness and flight carved into the blade.

Once per adventure the magic can be used to make a BS roll at +1. If it hits the weapon does 4D6+4 damage, modified as normal. It may be used as a normal Throwing Axe otherwise (+1 Strength, hand to hand or thrown).
Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf


Throwing Hammer

The Dwarf Throwing Hammer is a masterpiece of balance and might.

It may be used in combat, or thrown according to the normal rules, doing +2 wounds in either case. Roll 1D6 if thrown, on a roll of 3+ it flies back to the thrower's hand, and can be thrown back into combat. It may not be thrown more times in a turn than the warrior has attacks.
Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf