warhammer Quest

Haunted Mansion/Tourist Trap (skeleton rules)

by Dave Joria aka the Styrofoam King

Creaky old house that your friends can visit for a small fee, with tours led by senoir citizens. It's a good place you can go for a scare (or a laugh.) Admission available only after dusk.

Roll a D6 after paying 1D6 x 5 gold.

1 The Tourist Trap is indeed that, for the operation is in fact a den of thieves.

You leave the joint with a finely cut hole in your wallet, now having lost 2D6 x 5 gold. I hate to say I warned you, but curiosity killed the cat.

2 The place is a two bit operation, filled with bedsheets and ill-hidden sound-effects men.

You walk out in a rage, briskly causing 3D6 gold worth of damage to public property after exiting. You must pay the money before the week is over or before you leave or your warrior spends one day in the county jail.

3 It's an honest to goodness haunted house!!

The presence of your warrior has angered the spirits, and you must fight or flee. If you choose to fight, place your warrior at the entrance of the Tomb Chamber square and roll once on the objective table of your proper dungeon level (dividing the number of monsters by four.) If you beat them, you may draw two treasure cards and take your pick of the two or you may gain one random Magical Item.

4 You spend an interesting evening listening to the enchanting tales of local ghosts and aparitions. While weathered, the tour guide is quite eloquent, and your warrior leaves quite entertained. In fact, when he gets back to the inn, he engages the rough men around the fire in a scary story contest.

You win hands down, the others weep in their hotel rooms, and you do not have to pay Living Costs the remainder of the week.

5 The place, whether fake or real, is quite chilling indeed! While no one saw you shiver, it is now necessary for you to challenge your comrades to the same!

You may demand each of your fellow warriors (who aren't in training) must visit the establishment as soon as they are able (Manhood demands it!). Upon leaving, roll a D6 for each of them. If odd, that warrior owes you that number x 5 gold. If even, they walk away with a straight face saying "that was pretty good," and are too startled to demand money from you.

6 The house is a point closest to the netherworld, and the spirits of the dead give your Warrior a warning. They died in a local catacombs, and they tell you the exact horrible location they were slaughtered in.

If your Warriors want to avenge them, the next dungeon is the very place they died in. Your warrior (and your warrior alone) may look at the first six dungeon cards of the dungeon deck before entering and may rearrange them in any fashion. They may not reveal nor seek any from any other player.