Warhammer Quest

Bretonnian Knight

Peter Haresnape

The Bretonnian Knight is often ill at ease in settlements, surrounded by debauchery and wantonness. He has his heart set on greater things. This means that there is always a chance that he might get in situations that others would not.

The Knight's rulebook detailed changes to the events caused by his presence. What follows is a table that the Bretonnian Knight can roll on if the Roleplay book claims that he has an Uneventful Day. The Bretonnian Knight is too busy rescuing damsels in distress to take a day off!


Roll 1D6    



Something more than the price of bread is troubling the settlement, but none of the other Warriors perceive it. The Knight discovers rumours of dark forces at work, and resolves to seek them out. Roll 1D6+ Initiative. If he fails he must try again anytime he rolls an Unexpected Event on the main table (ignoring this table) or doesn't visit a trader or location. When he succeeds, he has stumbled upon a lair of monsters that have been at work in the city. Roll 1D6, adding +1 if he has Widespread Renown or higher.


1 The Knight is alone
2 The Knight is accompanied by a single civilian
3 Two stout civilians stand with the Knight
4-5      Two civilians are here, but the Knight can send one away to fetch a random other Warrior, arriving back in 1D6+1 turns
6+ The Knight is accompanied by a random other Warrior and 1D3 civilians.The Knight must fight foes depending on his battle level. Reduce the numbers by half if he is alone, or has only one civilian at the beginning of the battle.


BL 1-2     Goblin Shaman and 12 Goblins (1-3 Archers, 4-6 Spearmen)
BL 3-4 Mummy with 1D6 Zombies and 1D6 Skeletons.
BL 5-6 Chaos Warrior Hero with 1D6 Chaos Warriors and 1 Chaos Sorcerer
BL 7+ Roll on the appropriate table, ignoring monsters, dragons etc

M4, WS3, BS5+, Str3, T2 (3), I2 (move last), A1, WP2, Pinning 5+, Damage 1, Armed with 1-2 club (+1 Str) 3-4 Spears (Ranks) 5-6 Bows (Str 3), Dodge 6+, count as BL 2 for Fear Tests.

If the Knight and his companions succeed, he gains a piece of Objective Room Treasure, as well as the full gold value from the grateful city council.



It is late, and the Knight cannot sleep. He is visited by memories of his failures, over the years. Make a Willpower test (difficulty 8)Natural 1 The Knight is paralysed with guilt, and is at -1 Toughness next adventure.Fails The Knight cannot defeat the memories of the past, and loses 1D6 x 2 Honour PointsSucceeds The Knight masters the past and gains 1D6 x 2 Honour Points.Natural 6 The Knight comes to terms with his failures, but his successes outweigh them by far. He gains +1 Luck in the next dungeon.



The Knight is approached by a delegation of weeping damsels, and asked to rescue their lady from the foul beast that has taken her. Roll on the appropriate table in the rulebook. To help you, they will take your blade and bless it in a nearby sacred lake. This will take them 1D3 days, and if you accept you may not leave the settlement before this time.



An ancient Hermit Knight rides over to you, still proud and strong. He challenges you to beat him in a game of riddles. Roll 1D6 x Initiative, to beat 8. If you succeed he hands you one piece of treasure that you were questing for, and congratulates you. If you don't have a Relic Errand, he gives you a Dungeon Treasure. If you fail, he gives you a piece of advice, and rides off, saddened. Roll on the Advice Table. Gain or lose 1D6x10 Honour Points respectively.



It really is an Uneventful Day!

Peter Haresnape 20th June, 2003.
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