Warhammer Quest

Roleplay Chart

By Unknown
Revised by Peter Haresnape

D66 roll



This character is simply evil. Habits include kicking puppies and laughing maniacally at times. Other than that, nothing major.




You hate all sorts of foreigners, be they wussy Brettonians, short little Dwarves, etc. When confronted with "those people," you are either rude, or condescending, or otherwise a mean bastard.




There are three things you want out of life: Money, money, and money.

'Nuff sed.




This character is followed around by a Ghost. The GM must decide, randomly if possible, whether this ghost is benign or not. If benign, it will help the hero if/when possible. If it isn't a nice happy ghost, then it will hinder him occaisionally. No one but the hero with this result will be able to see, hear, or feel the ghost, and therefore thinks the haunted is a loon. Feel free to make a background to this, though it is not obligatory.



Arcane Background

The character may or may not know it, but they have a background in the mystic arts. This allows them to cast spells like an ordinary Wizard, however ever 2 levels the character has translates to only 1 level of spell-casting, and he may only gain a single spell each time. If the character is already a spellcaster, he levels as normal, and considers these to be bonus spells.




Intellectually, you may be wise, but you act like a three year old. You will not expend your personal supplies on the other players unless absolutely forced to. You may, however, be able to hide your supplies and use them when no one is looking. Furthermore, you cannot give treasure to someone, even if you yourself cannot use it, instead you charge them the price indicated at the bottom of the card. Or more, if you wish, but this is a good way to get yourself killed.



Absent Minded

This quirk can manifest itself in many minor ways. Ranging from simply misplacing your ring to walking out of the tavern without pants. At the GM's discression, this character must take an Initiative/Intelligence test to remember some small, yet important, detail.




Some part of your mind has snapped, and you suddenly belive something patently untrue. Maybe you think you're a werewolf, or that the sky is blue because the "Moon People" paint it that way every morning. Or perhaps you believe that you are not a living person, but the subject of some strange, otherworldly roleplaying game.




This is a minor eccentricity, perhaps you eat everything coated in garlic, or speak with a Brettonian accent, despite being born in Middenheim. Whatever the condition, it is basically harmless but mildly amusing, though occaisionally annoying.




What's wrong, bucko? The world getting you down? Sometimes, you just can't seem to shake the feeling that everything's wrong and it's all your fault...




You speak to yourself constantly, and your sentences often taper off into meaningless drivel. While adventuring, you might occasionally hear "voices" responding to you.




This character adopts drastically different attitudes from time to time. At one moment you might be passive and restrained. Later on you are a raving madman. If the GM wishes, you may have more than two personalities. Perhaps several different ones, each vying for your attention. 31 Bad Luck

No matter how many rabbit's feet you wear, you always seem to get clobbered. Any extra monsters will head your way, and any gang up type monsters will seem to be drawn to you. That's just your luck. In addition, any time the GM wishes, he may decide to use your luck for or against you. For instance, you roll a hand full of 1s to hit, maybe your sword has flown out of your hand. On the contrary, maybe you roll a hand full of 6s, your sword has flown out of your hands, but lands in the eye of an even bigger enemy that was just around the corner, killing it instantly.



Big Bones

You're not fat, you're just husky. Well, actually, you're fat. Roleplaying wise, you love food of all kinds and lose your wind a bit faster than thinner characters.




If it killed the cat, think what it'll do to you. Your hero wants to know all he can about just about everything he comes across. Anytime a mystery presents itself, he must do everything in his power to try and solve it, no matter how dangerous the situation may be.




Sometimes you just get a hankerin' for something. Be it ale or cheap women or any of the other good things in life. If kept away from these things for an extended period of time, you will start to weaken until you get your next fix. Occasionally, this may come in handy. Picture Barney from the Simpsons, for instance, when confronted with a situation where he cannot have beer, he is capable of bending steel bars to get to a tap.



Magnificent Seven Reject

You're a sucker for someone in trouble. Ever hear of nice guys finishing last? Heroes who go down chasing minotaurs aren't likely to finish at all. Your character can't turn down a plea for help. You don't have to be cheery about it, but eventually you'll help (Kinda like Dennis Hoffman in the movie "Hero"). Worst of all is the fact that if there is a reward offered, you will decline it. Unless your character also happens to be Greedy or Evil, in which case there is an interesting conflict of interests :)




You may or may not be a hero, but your friends know they can count on you when the chips are down. You are extremely loyal to friends or your country or an ideal. You will risk your life to defend it/them at the drop of a hat. This also can conflict rather interestingly with Evil or Greedy.



Mean or Cold

While not evil, you are certainly not Mr. Sunshine. Your hindrance ranges from being caustic and sarcastic all the way to just making fun of anyone and everyone in your way. Outwardly, you live your life with a permanent hangover.




Owls never hoot "Just for the hell of it," and black cats should be shot before they cross your path. You keep a rabbit's foot in your pocket and rarely wonder why it didn't do the rabbit a bit of good. Feel free to make up your own superstitions, too.



Ugly As Sin.

It's too bad the old saying about "stopping a bullet with your face" isn't true. If it was, you'd sure never have to worry about being shot. You are quite simply ugly. Maybe you've been scarred or disfigured in some way, or perhaps genetics simply dealt you a poor hand.




Why bother running? It'll just catch up with you eventually. You are the kind of person who can stare a Bloodthirster in the eye and ready yourself for a fight. You won't run unless everyone else in your party also does.




The opposite of Ugly As Sin, you're awful purty... If you're a man, you're a Man's Man, musclebound with long golden locks. If you're a woman, you're the femanine ideal, imagine any Boris Whatshisname paintings. 46 Ambidextrous

Just as good with your left as you are with your right, you can manage to do just about anything with your hands given enough concentration. This can, at the GM's behest, be translated as the Trollslayer's skill Ambidextrous, or even it could even be thought of as the ability to juggle really, really well. It's up to the GM to determine what is too powerful and what is not.



Lucky Bastard

You're one lucky son of a bitch. Arrows always seem to hit the small Sigmarite Pocket Bible you had in your pocket, or you trip on your shoes and find 5gp on the ground.




Not only are you utterly convinced that you are Right and Just, you are equally convinced that everyone else is Wrong and Evil. You seek to convert as many people as possible to your cause. Everyone else is condemned to an eternity in a lake of fire.




Anything that looks the slightest bit mechanical fascinates you. This can be both good and bad, as you will be obessesed with the thing until you figure it out. However, you also have the innate ability to figure out locks and other machines in jig time.




Being ambidextrous means you use your left hand just as well as your right. Being ambisinister means you use your right just as poorly as you use your left. This results in a clumsy character who can barely manage to hold onto his own equipment. It is up to the GM to decide how this affects the game.



Il Truccatore! The Man of a Thousand Faces

This small badger's tale can be used as a moustache and the fur can make a convincing beard! You know all the tricks and are able to improvise a costume with the materials at hand. This allows you to blend in with a crowd, assuming you have the proper tools.



Funny Accent

You sure do talk weird. Sometimes this will make your speech harder to understand, occasionally it will make it damned near impossible except to those who know you well. IE: Your party. It is, however, unseemly to have to have a friend translate everything you say.



The Unknown Comic

You have been blessed with no sense of humor whatsoever. This, however, does not keep you from believing you are the funniest thing to happen since bread first moulded. That is an example of your keen humour. As a result, you must, whenever able, make the worst, most GOD AWFUL joke you can.




Your character cannot sit still, and must always be doing something. This is bound to be pretty wearing after a few deeps, when you refuse to stop exploring to have a rest. This character will not put much patience in planning.
Perhaps they can choose to reroll uneventful days in a settlement...




Almost obsessed with preparedness, this character will always check and test everything. This can be very annoying, but also handy when you disover that your provisions have gone off and you still have time to buy new ones. Perhaps they are less likely to suffer pickpocketing or other such events.




You just can't take anything seriously! It's all a joke, and if it isn't, you make it one. This will not endear the warrior to whatever noble is trying to hire him, or possibly the player to the other players, but can lighten up a dull moment. Or just end up with your head cracked open...




You are vehemently opposed to established religion. Perhaps you have been brought up to hate the priesthood, or perhaps you believe that the system is corrupt. Whatever your motivation, you would like nothing better than a spot of iconclasm. This doesn't necesseraly mean that you are athesit or hate a god, (although you might) but you hate the church/cult associated with a god.



Head in the Clouds

You aren't exactly focused and grounded, you love the old legends and always have a new hero to emulate. Now, this might lead to you swinging over the Firechasm 'just like the Noble' and missing your mark, or you might actually come up with a workable plan, based on stuff you've heard about.

You may well have a tendancy to hero-worship one of the other warriors. Whether they take advantage is up to them!



Peter Haresnape
21st October 2003
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