Warhammer Quest

Events- Trollslayer

Peter Haresnape

Doomed to seek his death, the Trollslayer is a strange and often depressing companion. He neither seeks nor receives friendship, wherever he goes. This means that there is always a chance that he might get in situations that others would not.
What follows is a list of Events from the roleplay book that are resolved differently for the Trollslayer. After that is a table that the Trollslayer can roll on if the Roleplay book claims that he has an Uneventful Day. The Trollslayer's quest precludes most opportunities of a day off!


Event No.    Difference
15 The Trollslayer has no interest in gold, or the trappings of wealth. He will ignore any prattling human. Either roll for another event, or roll on the Drinking Den table.
24 he Trollslayer is not interested in human charlatans, and will not go to the circus. Roll again for the day's event.


Roll 1D6    Event
1 The Trollslayer gets involved in a head butting competition. Although he wins, he suffers the effects… for the next adventure he has -1 Initiative and -1D3 Starting Wounds. However, he has also become immune to a certain amount of pain, and has Ignore Pain 1 for the duration of the adventure.
2 A boorish human merchant insults the Trollslayer. Roll 1D6 to see how he reacts.1-3 Once he defeats him and all seven members of his bodyguard, the Trollslayer finds it hard to get served in a Trader. All stock rolls for him are at -2.4-6 Once he defeats him and all seven members of his bodyguard, the Trollslayer finds he is a hero in the local trading circles. All stock rolls for him are at +2.
3 The Trollslayer has nothing much to do today, so he heads for the alehouse. Roll 1D3. On a 1 he goes to a Drinking Den, on a 2 an Alehouse, and on a 3 a Pub. Pay for entry and roll for an event as normal.
4 Many dwarfs feel nervous around Trollslayers, but an influential dwarf lord in this area respects them. The Trollslayer is given 1D3 pieces of Stonebread and a cask of Dwarf Special Reserve. When drunk this restores 1D6 wounds. Roll an extra 1D6- on a 1 the Trollslayer collapses blind drunk. On a 6 all of his wounds are healed. There is enough for a single (Trollslayer-sized) drink.
5-6 It really is an Uneventful Day!


Peter Haresnape 10th September, 2003.
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