Warhammer Quest

The Skaven Undercity for Warhammer Quest

By T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock
4 Jul 95

Okay, if they can have a Chaos Warrior planned for an upcoming Warrior Pack for Warhammer Quest, why not have a Skaven Warrior type as well? Well, one reason could be that a Skaven character can't pass for human, and it would just be too much of a stretch to suggest that the human populace of the Warhammer World is going to accept the presence of a solitary "good Skaven".

Still, this could present an interesting Warrior type. Maybe there could genuinely be a good-hearted Skaven, a freak of nature, who managed to escape being slaughtered by his less conscientious kin. Maybe there could be a Skaven who isn't necessarily a shining beacon of virtue, but who could be turned toward the cause of good. Or maybe there could be a Skaven who simply decided he didn't want to be stuck on the losing side of the battle against these Warriors, managed to convince them that Skaven are people too, and is now going along for the ride for a better share of the gold and magical goodies.

For whatever reason, the Skaven would enjoy some special abilities and some drawbacks particular to his race as well. While I am not going to spell out the details for a Skaven Warrior type in this article, I'll try to lay down the framework for common abilities/drawbacks that Skaven race characters would likely have, and to introduce the Skaven equivalent to a Settlement: the Undercity.



A Skaven Warrior has several special rules which apply to him, as he is by no means a common Warrior.

Enhanced Senses

Skaven are used to very faint lighting in which a normal man could see nothing. They can still see in areas not lit by the lantern. (The only exception would be a room that is completely physically sealed off from any possible sources of ambient light.)


Skaven are inured to the corrupting powers of Warpstone, and of normal diseases in general. They are not harmed by physical contact with Warpstone, and are largely unaffected by normal diseases. (For example, the Skaven need not roll to see if he catches the Plague if the Warriors visit a plague-ridden Village as part of a Hazard.)

The Skaven is, however, affected by magical spells or special attacks by Monsters which have a disease-like nature, such as Tomb Rot, Plague, or Plague Censer Bearers.

Skaven are also natural scavengers. They need not pay living expenses while waiting outside of Settlements, and may use Provisions that have spoiled.


Skaven are a bit shorter than humans and Elves, but their feet are bigger, with nasty claws. Therefore, while they might wear such items as robes or cloaks normally tailored for humanoids, they may not wear footwear (such as Boots of Swiftness) or items of armor (excluding shields) fitted for other races.

Horses and mules are particularly bothered by Skaven, so a Skaven Warrior may not have such mounts to carry him or his equipment. He may ride along with the Warriors in a cart, though they may not enjoy such close company with an oversized rat-man.

Social Standing

A Skaven who has joined the Warriors has no place to be truly welcome in. He may not enter Settlements (except if he manages to acquire a special Disguise skill, such as may be available to Gutter Runners/Assassins) and encountered Skaven aren't likely to do him any favors for being a traitor to their kind. If you are playing a moderated game, the Gutter Runner might be of some use as a scout to infiltrate enemy ranks (particularly if he has the Disguise skill), but the forces of Chaos aren't even very friendly to their own kind, particularly strangers, so such excursions are bound to be very risky.

A Skaven who manages to get into a human Settlement (by means of Disguise or whatever) will have to pay double the normal living expenses per day, as he must take extra measures to preserve his secrecy. Furthermore, he does not roll on the daily Events chart, but instead just rolls 1D6; on a roll of 1, his ruse has been uncovered, and he must immediately flee the Settlement.

Catastrophic Events

The Catastrophic Events rolled up by the Warriors, should they tarry too long in a Settlement, affect a Skaven differently. The following results should be interpreted for Skaven thus:

Roll Result
2 Settle down
If the Skaven character gets the lowest score, he will only "settle down" if he is in a Skaven Undercity at the time. Otherwise, the Skaven character is simply sick of being among humans, and must leave the Settlement immediately.
3 Flood
No difference in effect.
4 Attack
 If there is an Undercity, the Skaven may simply hide out there, and meet up with the Warriors as soon as the battle is over. Otherwise, roll normally.
5 Hardship
No difference in effect.
6-9 No Event
No difference in effect.
10 Disease
The Skaven character has no fear of falling victim to this disease.
11 Fire
No difference in effect.
12 Plague
If the Skaven character is the one who is to catch the plague, there is no effect.

 The Undercity

Skaven build their own settlements under those of mankind, using them as staging areas for unleashing all sorts of wicked plots upon the surface dwellers. There is a chance that for any City the Warriors visit, there may be a shadow Settlement of Skaven underneath. If the Warriors should reach a City, roll 1D6, and consult the following table:

Roll Result
1-2 No Skaven Settlement can be found.
3-4 A Skaven Village can be found underneath the City.
5 A Skaven Town can be found underneath the City.
6+ A Skaven City can be found underneath the City.

If the Skaven Warrior has the special "Tunnel-Master" skill (detailed in another article), and used it to cover the last part of his journey to the City, then the presence of a tunnel node directly underneath the City increases his chances of finding a Skaven Settlement; therefore, he may add +1 to his die roll on the preceding chart.

Visiting the Undercity

 A Skaven character may choose to visit a Skaven Undercity (if present) instead of the human Settlement. A Skaven character in the Undercity must pay daily living expenses just as other Warriors would in a regular Settlement. He need not pay double, as being a Skaven in a Skaven Settlement makes his job of blending in far more easy than in a human one.

He must roll for daily Events in the same way as the other Warriors would in a normal Settlement, but he has a special chart full of results -- many of them quite deadly, as Skaven live by tooth and claw even in their own cities.

Skaven equivalents to various places in human Settlements can be found (with odds of availability appropriate to the size of the Skaven Settlement) for the Gambling House, the Armourer, the Weaponsmith, the General Store and the Gunsmith, though all items of clothing and armor are especially geared toward Skaven forms.

(Note: The Gutter Runner and possibly certain other Skaven professions still cannot wear armor, even of Skaven make.)




Your Warrior's wild behavior attracts the attention of his enemies, and he is thrown out of the Undercity. Your Warrior must wait outside for the other Warriors, though he need not pay living expenses.

In addition, roll 1D6. On a score of 1 or 2, your Warrior is fleeced by the Skaven sentries, and has all his gold stolen.


As your Warrior pushes through the crowded tunnels, his money pouch is stolen. Your Warrior loses 1D6 x 40 gold.


Some Warlocks from Clan Skryre decide to try out a new weapon, and are impatient enough that they let it loose in a crowded square! Your Warrior is wounded, and his Strength total is at -1 for the next adventure.


Your Warrior uncovers some damaging information on a fellow Skaven of humble stature. He may either blackmail him for 1D6 x 10 gold, or else press him into service as a henchman for the next dungeon expedition.

(For the latter, the Skaven henchman has the statistics of a regular Skaven Warrior, carries no gold with him, and will fight under your Warrior's command so long as he is not ordered to take any patently suicidal actions. He will not be present during any fights that take place during the remainder of your Warrior's stay in the Undercity, however.)


Your Warrior is invited into an exclusive sauna where he may bask in intoxicating Warpstone vapors. If he accepts the invitation, roll 1D6 for the result.

Roll Result
1 The experience is exquisite, but this can be an unhealthy habit! Your Warrior permanently loses 1 Wound from his starting score.
2-4 The experience is refreshing, and your Warrior is reluctant to leave, but there is no other special effect.
5-6 Your Warrior emerges feeling far healthier than he has for quite some time. His Starting Wounds are permanently increased by +1.

Your Warrior gets into a brawl with a Skaven merchant who attempted to cheat him.

Roll Result
1-2 Your Warrior is soundly thrashed, and loses 300 gold.
3-4 Your Warrior rends the merchant to shreds, but gains nothing other than perhaps grim satisfaction.
5-6 Your Warrior dispatches the merchant and his lackeys, and gains a single Treasure Card for his trouble.



Your Warrior must discard any one purchase he has made in this Undercity, as it was a fake and is worth nothing!


Your Warrior has an encounter with a familiar Skaven who could identify him! If he has the Disguise skill, he may escape, but must hide out for the next day (unable to visit any traders or special locations). Otherwise, he is discovered and immediately thrown out of the Undercity! See Event 11 for results.


An opportunistic Skaven attempts to slay your Warrior! He must resolve a one- on-one battle with a Skaven of equal Battle-Level and ability. This enemy Skaven has no special items, except for a pair of Weeping Blades (see monster section). No Luck points may be used in this conflict, nor any items usable "once per adventure".

If your Warrior chooses to flee, he must leave the Undercity immediately.

If he chooses to fight, he is in mortal danger if he loses. Set up a battle in a 4x4 square room. Your Warrior is at full Wounds, even if he has taken damage from other fights in this Undercity. If he should win, he gains one Treasure Card and 1d3x100 gold.


Your Warrior must face off a Skaven Assassin one-on-one, with conditions as described in Event #25. If your Warrior should emerge victorious, he earns 150 gold and one Treasure Card.


Your Warrior has been drugged by some treacherous rival! He will be at -1 Toughness for the duration of the next adventure.


Your Warrior is enlisted to make a delivery for a Grey Seer to one of his rivals. After delivering the bundle to the indicated address, it explodes into green flame only seconds after your Warrior sets it down. Surprisingly, the Seer is true to his word and pays your Warrior 40 gold.


Taken with the joys of hot food and a comfortable den after so long out in the wild, your Warrior overspends on such luxuries by 100 gold.


Your Warrior is ambushed by a number of Gutter Runners equal to your Warrior's Battle-Level. Battle conditions are as in Event #25, though this takes place in a larger Objective Room board section. He may either flee the Undercity entirely, avoiding the conflict, or fight to the death. If your Warrior should survive, he earns half the gold he would normally gain for defeating Gutter Runners, and gains no treasure for is conquest.


See Event #24.


Some ruthless Skaven attempt to press-gang your Warrior into a slave crew. He may bribe them with 2D6 x 10 gold, or an item of equipment of equal or greater value. If he cannot afford this, what gold and equipment he does have is stripped from him, and he is pressed into slavery.

He need not roll for Events while enslaved, nor does he need to pay living expenses, but he of course cannot visit any traders or special locations for the day. Once each subsequent day, roll 1D6, and add +1 if your Warrior has the Disguise skill. On a result of 6+, your Warrior manages to escape his captors, but must flee the Undercity immediately!


Your Warrior spies on his fellow Skaven, and finds something of their plans. Roll 1D6 and consult the following chart:

Roll Result 1 Unfortunately, the information gained, while juicy, is of no practical value. 2-3 Your Warrior sells the information for 20 gold. 4-5 Roll 1D6. Your Warrior may choose to avoid this many Events during the remainder of his stay in the Undercity. 6 Your Warrior learns of enemy activities in the area. For the next encounter with Skaven in a dungeon (or in an Undercity combat), your Warrior gains a free turn before his enemies can act, even before anyone involved can use any Ambush abilities that may apply.


Your Warrior is "adopted" by a clumsy Rat Ogre. The Rat Ogre can't be gotten rid of without great risk to life and limb, and without causing a big scene (which could likely end in your Warrior's demise). While the Rat Ogre is with your Warrior, your living expenses are multiplied by 4. However, the Rat Ogre will fight on your side (with statistics as found in the Roleplay Book) in any conflicts during your Warrior's stay in the Undercity. For Event #11 (Thrown Out), your Warrior has no chance of being "fleeced". For Event #21 (Fight), add +2 to your die roll to determine the result. For Event #43 (Slavers), your Rat Ogre protects your Warrior and thrashes the slavers, earning your Warrior 1D6 x 100 gold for the trouble!

Whatever happens, upon leaving the Undercity, the Rat Ogre's true owner takes him off your Warrior's hands whether you like it or not.


Part of the tunnel complex caves in while your Warrior is in it. Your Warrior is at -1 Starting Wounds for the duration of the next adventure.


Your Warrior is accused of conspiring with enemies of the Skaven, and thrown into prison. Your Warrior may either bribe his way out with 1D6 x 100 gold, or else be subjected to excruciating torture and imprisonment until your Warrior manages to escape (and must flee the Undercity immediately).

Your Warrior is detained for 1D6 days, not having to pay for living expenses, but roll 1D6 for each day. On a roll of 1, the torture is so severe that your Starting Wounds are permanently reduced by 1. (If your Warrior has the Disguise skill, apply -1 to the number of days he is imprisoned. If this result is 0, he has managed to escape immediately, and avoids torture.)


Your Warrior discovers that 1D6 x 10 of his gold is worthless! Cross it off of your Warrior's sheet immediately. If he doesn't have this much gold, and has spent some in the Undercity, he must flee immediately before anyone catches on!


Your Warrior is challenged by a Skaven warrior who is his equal in every regard, even in terms of magical weapons and skills. (The Rat Ogre, if present, cannot help. Your Warrior can only fight alone.) Your Warrior must either flee the Undercity, or meet his opponent in battle (see Event #25 for conditions).

If your Warrior loses, his life is actually spared, but he is relieved of his most valuable item of equipment. If he should succeed, his opponent is revived via dark magicks, and is impressed by your Warrior's skill. Your Warrior has his choice of either gaining an additional Skill, +2 to his Starting Wounds, or a +2 Specialist Action immediately as a reward.


See Event #24.


Your Warrior is overpowered by a mob of Skaven thugs who relieve him of the most valuable piece of equipment in his possession and 1D6 x 50 gold!


See Event #24.


Your Warrior is trampled by a frenzied mob of Skaven! There is nowhere to turn to for help, so he must crawl into a hole and nurse his injuries for 1D6 days, during which he may not visit any traders or Special Locations. He does not need to roll for Events or pay living expenses during this period.