By Christopher Taylor

Halflings are small people that live in the region of the Empire known as the Moot or Mootland.  Halflings are a peaceful people who are remarkably courageous. They also love to eat; (They like nothing better than to eat an iced-bun at Harry and Jobbo’s Halfling inn) though they are cursed by curiosity. This Curiosity leads many Halflings to a life as a thief. Halflings are the perfect thieves because of their size, their uncanny ability to move silently and swiftly without making so much as a noise, added to their unbelievable natural curiosity.
Most often than not a band of warriors ask for the company of a Halfling thief for his natural skills of moving silently or stealing to complete a task that would normally impossible for any other warrior.


Instead of a Warrior from the starting game, the player may start as a Halfling Thief.





Weapon Skill     


Ballistic Skill 










Pinning Roll


* The Halfling thief never needs to roll for pinning unless he is trying to escape pinning from a monster he’s size (goblins, squigs, and such) or smaller (snotlings, rats, etc) in which case he escapes on a 4+. However, the Halfling Thief may not use his bow if he is in a situation where other Warriors would be pinned.


The Halfling Thief carries a pair of daggers, which inflict 1d6+1 wounds, and a bow that inflicts 1d6+2. The If the Halfling uses the daggers for an attack, he may use both daggers at once which in gives him two attacks this turn.


The Halfling thief does not have any armor and therefore has an overall toughness of 3.


The Halfling thief begins with a Cream Pie and his trusty thief kit.


The Halfling thief always brings his favorite food to an adventure. To Halflings a Cream Pie can mean life or death. When eaten by the Halfling it restores 1d6+1 wounds. If a natural 1 or 2 is rolled it has been eaten to the last slice and may not be used again. If a 3+ was rolled the Pie hasn’t been eaten all and so can be used again.


The thief kit helps the Halfling thief in his work. It consists of several tools such as lock picks, pick pocketing devices etc. With this handy kit the Halfling is able to disarm any traps discovered (see below). It also allows him to pick locks, opening a door that is locked in place of the key, but will not open the portcullis. The thief must spend a turn attempting to pick the lock and roll 1d6. On a 4, 5, or 6, the lock is successfully picked. On a 2 or 3 nothing happens, and the thief may try again next turn. On a natural 1, the tools snap off in the lock and are useless.


Halfling thieves have uncanny abilities that let them sense a trap or find one. The Halfling thief may search for a trap by rolling a 4 or better on a D6. This action takes a full turn and may only be attempted once per tile.


The Halfling thief may dodge incoming blows on a roll of a 6+ but may not dodge spells.


If the Halfling thief happens to attack a monster facing another direction or attacking another, he may make a backstab action. When doing this action the thief adds 1 wound to the damage done. This backstab attack cannot result in a deathblow, and can only be done with hand to hand weapons. Once the creature has been thus attacked, the Halfling may not make another backstab attack this turn. However, regardless of whether he hits or not, if the monster is still living during the monster phase it will attempt to attack the thief rather than its original target.


Because the Halfling thief is so small and fragile, most races do not look upon them as a major threat. Monsters sometimes tend to ignore the Halfling until they dispose of the larger and stronger warriors. To represent this behavior, roll for every monster attacking the Halfling thief warrior. On a roll of a 6 the monster ignores the thief to attack a more imposing warrior, draw a warrior counter to see who it is.


The Halfling thief may use any item normally allowed to the Elf. He may use any type of treasure item except weapons such as spears, swords, hammers, or armor. He also may not use magical scrolls.

In addition to the gold the Halfling Thief earns from monsters, at the end of the adventure the ends up with even more Gold than he found on monsters and in treasure. This extra gold results from uncovering treasure and not telling the others, taking valuables off the walls of the dungeons and even sometimes pick pocketing his fellow comrades. To represent his tendency and skill to scrounge up extra gold the Halfling gains 1d6x25 gold after every dungeon.


This section of the warrior pack gives you the rules for advancing your Halfling thief to battle-level 10


The Halfling thief can have up to 1 point of armor but anything heavier would impede his thief abilities.


While using the daggers, the Halfling Thief has 1 additional attack, plus any others that his Battle-Level or magical effects might grant him. The Halfling thief may not use swords, axes, maces flails and so forth. He may use only rather small weapons such as daggers, knifes, throwing stars, knuckle-dusters and bows.


This kit allows the Halfling Thief to conduct his business with greater skill, adding +1 to all appropriate tests such as pick pocketing and opening locks.


When a Halfling Thief successfully performs a Backstab, he inflicts 1D6 wounds, plus an amount equal to his Battle-Level.


The chance to find a trap is an Initiative Test of 9+ but can be modified by the GM for more difficult traps.


As the Halfling Thief progresses into more dangerous, and lucrative, deeps, he finds more treasure. The amount gathered increases by the level of the dungeon, 25 gold per level, times 1D6. Thus, the Halfling Thief survives a 6th level dungeon, and at the end has garnered an additional 1D6x150 gold (25x6).

In addition, should a dispute arise to whom the treasure should go to, draw a Warrior token after the treasure has been allotted. If the Halfling Thief is chosen, he has decided that in the interests of party unity and cohesion, he should keep an eye on the device and is the one who ended up with it instead.


When in settlements the Halfling thief acts a little differently from the other warriors. Unlike the other warriors the Halfling eats like a pig and must spend 5 gold per day on living costs instead of the normal rate. He also must always visit Harry and Jobbo’s Halfling inn.
The Halfling thief may visit the General Store, the Fletcher, the Weaponsmith, Gambling Den, Temple, animal trader, Alchemist, and the Alehouse (ignoring a result of 2 or 12 on the 2D6 roll – that was an uneventful stay). He may also visit Harry and Jobbo’s.
When purchasing items, the Halfling Thief always has the opportunity to borrow the item for a while, instead of paying. This requires a successful Initiative Test at –1 for each 5 stock number (so a stock number 8 item is at –2). The item cannot be larger than the Thief, and should he fail by half or less, the Thief has been caught and must consult the Punishment table, below.


If the Halfling thief rolls a uneventful day on the settlement event table, roll a d6 on the following table.

Roll Event


An irate merchant recognizes you and you spend D6x20 gold in a donation to the “Why Cant We All Just Get Along” foundation or roll on the Punishment table below.
2 The local Halflings have organized and expect you to join. If you do, it costs you 100 gold, but all pick pocketing at this settlement gains +2 to the die roll of gold value gained due to assistance from the locals.
3 The local baker has created a stunning confection that you can’t help but sample, roll a D6 when it is eaten: on a 1-4, it simply tastes wonderful, reward enough in its self. On a 5 or 6, it heals D6 wounds. However, each day spent in the settlement after this the Halfling Thief may be recognized by the angry baker, who feels your sampling should have been less than his entire stock. If you roll on the punishment table, subtract 1 from the result, as the baker dropped by for a chat.
4 Your Halfling is taken in by a local merchant who wishes to acquire something from a rival, if you decline, the merchant hires men to watch you, all pick pocketing is at -2 on the table roll. Should you accept his offer, make an Initiative check at –1 and roll twice on the settlement events table this day. If you are successful, the Merchant rewards you richly, D6x75 gold. If you fail, he never knew you.
5 You find a treasure map of almost certain authenticity revealing fabulous treasure. Pick an Objective Room card, and write it down. If this is the objective room used in the dungeon, the Halfling discovers double the normal amount of gold he normally would receive from this dungeon, but has to share this extra amount equally with the party.
6 The local law is a good friend of yours from the past, and you may re-roll any event or roll that results in your punishment while in this settlement, but must take the second roll. Once during this stay, the Halfling Thief may choose to take his punishment on the Punishment table at a +2 roll.


The Halfling thief must visit Harry and Jobbo’s at least once per settlement if he manages to find it. Harry and Jobbo’s is the most popular place for Halflings to go. It sells popular Halfling foods and several different items and because of many reasons it only harbors Halflings. Every time the Halfling thief visits he must forfeit 10 gold to his overwhelming hunger. He also must roll on the following table. The following items may be purchased while in Harry and Jobbo’s inn.




Cream Pies 6 55 -- 1D6 available, see above for effect
Pastries 1 10 -- Must purchase at least one, 3D6 available*
Leather Vest 8 450 70 +1 toughness
Halfling Bow 8 200 50 Does 1D6+STR damage
Cloak 9 500 100 -1 to be hit by monsters
Flash Powder 8 50 -- +1 attack to all warriors who have not attacked yet
Thief Kit 4 200 -- See above
Halfling Dagger 6 150 30 Does 1D6+1 damage
*the Halfling Thief must purchase pastries (they are his favorite food!) If he does not have enough or declines to buy, or cannot find the shop, he only gains half the bonus gold after the dungeon.


The Halfling thief may try to make an honest day’s living while inside a settlement in the form of pick pocketing. Pick pocketing takes a full day, roll a 2d6 and consult this chart:

Roll  Result
2 Caught and punished, roll on the Punishment table below.
3-4 The day was fruitless, you gained nothing
5-6 After a hard days work you barely earned 10 gold
7-9 At the end of a long day you earn D6x20 gold, and retire to a nice full meal
10-11 After working the unsuspecting community, you make an outstanding D6x50 gold
12 Although the pickings were slim, you found a dandy piece of Treasure to keep


Should the Halfling Thief be caught stealing or otherwise captured in a settlement, roll on the table below for the result.

Roll Result
2 Chop off his hand! 
You may seek a healer to regenerate the missing hand, and on 4+ you find one who charges 2d6 x 100 gold. Otherwise he must leave the settlement with –1D6 wounds until the hand is healed or a month has passed. A thief with no hands fights at –1 WS and cannot use a bow nor any thieving skills
3-5 Imprisoned! 
You spend 1D6 days in jail, but on the bright side you don’t have to pay for living expenses nor generate any events.
6-7 Evicted! 
Your Thief has been tossed out on his pointy little ear.
8-9 Fined!
Pay 1D6x50 gold or roll again at –4 on this table
10-11 Detained! 
The same as Imprisoned, but for only a single day
12 Slap on the Wrist! 
You are sent on your way with a stern warning.


Throwing a Halfling Thief out of town is a temporary thing at best. You may return to the settlement and continue your business, but this takes 1D6 days, and any punishment rolls on the chart are at –1 to the roll for each time you have been thrown out and returned.


The Halfling Theif may attempt to locate goods stolen from himself or his companions. On a roll of 4+, he has found it, and can repurchase it at 25% of its value. If the warriors leave the settlement and find their mule or horse stolen, the thief can immediately relocate it and buy it back, again at 25% its value.


The Halfling thief trains exactly the way as normal warriors do, by saving up gold to pay for training. The Halfling thief may train for a week when he has enough gold.

As the Halfling trains, he may learn a skill or two from local fellows, adding to his abilities as he increases in Battle-Levels. Unlike most Warriors, he does not automatically gain skills with going up levels, as the Thief has no formal training facility or reliable contacts. When training to a new Battle-Level, the Halfling Thief rolls a D6 and adds his Initiative. If this results in 9 or more, he can learn a new skill. For each new Battle-Level previously learned without a new skill, the Halfling Thief may add 1 to this roll.

Roll 2D6 to determine the new skill learned, if a skill results that has been learned previously, roll again.

Roll Result
2 Nimble Hands
Whenever rolling for lock picking or trap disarming, you may reroll the result, however, the second roll must be kept no matter what the score.
3 Cut Throat
When rolling to back stab, roll an additional 1D6 of additional wounds.
4 Skulk
Once per turn, the Halfling Thief may attempt to hide from his attackers in the depths of the shadows. Roll 1d6, on a 2 or greater the Halfling Thief slinks into the darkness; he may not move from this position, but he also may not be attacked during the monster phase. On a roll of 1, the monsters notice his attempt and the Halfling Thief simply loses his attack this turn. If successful, monsters are not pinned by him, and to maintain his hidden status he can do no more than drink potions and the like. Once the Halfling Thief attacks, he loses this cover, but he automatically may try a backstab on any creature he can reach this turn in a single move. He may not attempt to hide again this battle. Once hidden, he may stay hidden as long as he likes, but most roll to see if he is discovered.
5 Con Man
When in a settlement, the Halfling Thief not only avoids all events that indicate the Halfling Thief was swindled or sold useless equipment, he might be able to con the swindler. On a roll of 4, 5, or 6 on 1d6 he has pulled a con of his own gaining 1d6 x 10 x his battle level in gold.
6 Trapper
The Halfling Thief is an expert trapper. 
When rolling to disarm traps, he is successful on a roll of 3+, and takes no additional damage if he fails. On a roll of 5 or 6, the Halfling Thief rigs the trap to his benefit, causing it to go off if a monster event occurs target a random monster if applicable.
7 Keen Eye
In any board section the Halfling Thief may attempt to find a secret passage. He must spend one turn doing this and nothing else. On a roll of 4+ he has found a passage in the wall next to him, place a door there. If the Warriors travel through the door, play dungeon cards from any deck available. If the Warriors return to a door later and there are no more dungeon cards to play, they have discovered a cave in has sealed that passage off.
8 Climb
This skill enables the Halfling Thief to climb almost any surface. Should he fall into a pit, he can climb out without a rope, should he cross the FireChasm, he adds +1 to his roll due to his agility. The exact results of this vary by event, but should reflect the Halfling’s ability to climb and move on any surface.
9 Evade
Whenever an opponent hits the Halfling Thief, he may attempt to sidestep the blow. On a roll of 6 he deftly avoid the blow, moving one space away from his original location. This skill is cumulative with the Dodge skill, in that one roll is made to avoid blows, a 6 indicating a successful dodge, and a 5 indicating an evade.
10 Nimble Dodge
The Halfling Thief may use his Dodge ability to avoid any attack, be it from a spell, item, trap, arrow, or simply an attack by a monster.
11 Master Thief
When rolling pocketing (see settlement section), the Halfling Thief rolls 2d6 instead of 1d6.
12 Escape Artist
If the Halfling Thief is caught pocketing (see settlement section) he may roll 1d6 to attempt to escape. On a roll of 4, 5, or 6 he vanishes from his cell in the middle of the night. He must now wait outside the settlement for his friends return.


The Halfling thief is curious and constantly hungry warrior. The Halfling Thief always has to stock up on provisions or pastries before an adventure to represent his hunger. He will not pass up a strange looking statue or interesting book, often to the consternation of other Warriors.

Halfling thief is a very special warrior who fights by backstabbing or fleeing only to turn around and shoot with his bow. As a thief, the Halfling should act independently every once in a while but is strongly recommended not to be the leader because he tends to die more easily than any other warrior. He fights almost as poorly as the wizard, though his special rules often make up for this disadvantage. His Dodge and Ignore special rules tend to save his life a lot as well as his automatic pinning. Other warriors should always protect him by being in adjacent squares. Always stay close to a good fighter such as the Barbarian, Pit fighter, Chaos Warrior or Trollslayer.

The Halfling thief’s gold will have to pick up with his special rules (pick pocketing and his extra treasure rule) because he won’t make as much killing monsters. It is very important that as a Halfling thief you should never forget about any of your special rules and should use them as much as possible, they not only give your Warrior its distinct character, but will likely keep you alive and a viable companion in the deeps.


BL Gold Title Move WS BS STR Dmg Wnds Init Att Luck WP
1 0 Novice 4 3 4+ 2 1D6 1D6+5 5 1 0 3
2 2,000 Cutpurse 4 4 4+ 2 1D6 1D6+5 5 2 1 3
3 4,000 Cutpurse 4 4 4+ 2 1D6 2D6+5 5 2 2 3
4 8,000 Cutpurse 4 4 4+ 2 1D6 2D6+5 5 2 2 3
5 12,000 Thief 4 4 3+ 3 1D6 2D6+5 6 2 3 3
6 18,000 Thief 4 4 3+ 3 1D6 3D6+5 6 2 3 3
7 24,000 Thief 4 4 3+ 3 1D6 3D6+5 6 2 3 4
8 32,000 Thief 4 4 3+ 3 1D6 4D6+5 6 2 3 4
9 45,000 Master Thief 4 5 3+ 3 2D6 4D6+5 7 2 4 4
10 50,000 Master Thief 4 5 3+ 3 2D6 5D6+5 7 2 4 4