Kislev Thunderboy

by Phantom of the Opera

To Brave to live, To Strong to die

"C'mon and get me you twist of fate
I'm standing right here Mr. Destiny
If you want to talk well I'll relate
If you don't so what cause you don't scare me."
from The Gunfighter by Blues Traveler


Thunderboys are wild gunslingers, who love the sound of their own weapon going off. They are extremely agile, and quick to the draw. Their loves include jumping over obstacles and shooting, diving and shooting, sliding and shooting, or just about anything that involves shooting. To be a Thunderboy is to love the smell of gunpowder. However, once out of ammo, things could get sticky...


- Thunderboys may fire, move, and fire again instead of being forced to move then fire.
- Thunderboys have Aim Points, which may be added to their Ballistic Skill rolls. If the point usage is declared BEFORE the roll, it will only cost 1 point of AP for each +1 To Hit. If declared after, it will cost 2 points for each +1 To Hit. AP points are restored at the beginning of each adventure.
- Thunderboys are ambidextrous when it comes to gunpowder weapons, and may fire two different weapons at the same time. They may also grab other weapons without penalty.
- Complete opposite of other characters, Thunderboys may fire once for each attack they have, instead of only one shot per round. Each gun may only be fired once in a round, even if the weapon has extra ammunition storage. However, because of lack of training, they may only swing a sword once per round unless skills state otherwise.


Thunderboys may only use small swords, not broadswords or anything that takes two hands. Thunderboys can only use furs for armor, as anything else would slow them down. They can use any magical item that an elf can, except for items that raise their missile attacks.


Thunderboys start with 2 light weapons - 2 Pistols. Upon reaching higher levels Thunderboys gain medium weapons (muskets), and eventually heavy weapons (heavy). They also begin with 1 adventure worth of ammo for each pistol.


Only official "Thunderboy" weapons can be upgraded. Engineers will turn their noses up at store-bought weapons.
All weapons have a range of 8, and can only be fired ONCE per round, even if they have extra ammo capacity.

Basic Pistol

Str 6. 1 turn to reload.
Max Upgrade : 1 of each type except for barrel modifications. (Can't use)

Basic Musket

Str 8. 1 turn to reload.
-1 to BS rolls to hit enemy. If kills enemy, continues on at -1 Str.
Max Upgrade : 2 of each except only 1 Barrel Modification.

Basic Heavy

Str 12. 1 turn to reload.
-2 to BS rolls to hit enemy. If kills enemy, continues on at -1 Str.
Max Upgrade : 3 of each except only 2 Barrel Modifications.

**Shot and Gunpowder cannot be used with heavies**

Whenever a weapon is gained (by advancing in levels, or by the guild), it comes with 1 adventure of ammo. Heavies come with D6 rounds of ammunition. More shots can be bought from the gunsmith at the price of D6x20 gold per shot, Stock 8, Sell 0. Heavies may also be bought from the gunsmith for 5000 each, Stock 12, Sell 2,000.


Whenever a Thunderboy wishes to enter a Thunderboys guild, he must slip a small donation under the door (see chart below), and show his guns to the door guard. If they find him worthy enough to enter (see chart below), the door to the guild opens and he is welcomed inside with the others.

Level Donation Worthiness
1 100 2+
2 200 2+
3 400 2+
4 800 3+
5 1200 3+
6 1800 3+
7 2400 4+
8 3200 4+
9 4500 4+
10 5000 4+

Once in the guild, the Thunderboy may roll once on the table below :
(NOTE : If a Thunderboy buys training (a level up), he gains two rolls on the table below, in addition to any rolls if the guards found him worthy)

Guild Reward Table

1 Combat Skill
2 Weapon Upgrade
3 Weapon Skill
4 Ammo
5 Target Practice
6 New Development



May "Dive" 2 extra spaces after moving. (The dive counts as flying) However, after diving, the Thunderboy is slightly prone and is at +1 to hit. Once per turn. Must dive in a single direction.


May leap over 1 object no taller that the Thunderboy. (About 6 foot) Leaping costs 1 point of movement. Once per turn. The Leap may not be the final move.


May dodge out of the way of attacks on 6+, once per attack.


May roll on the ground, moving D6 spaces in 1 direction. While rolling, you are at -1 to be hit. Rolling takes the place of normal movement.


May block an attack with a weapon. However, roll D6 and subtract every damage dice the weapon blocked. (Not the total, but the number of dice). On a 1 or lower, the weapon cannot be used again until repaired at a Gunsmith. This skill may be used once per turn. Repair Cost : # of upgrades on weapon x 100 x D6 gold. (If no upgrades, then 100 x D6 Gold)


Play Dead
May drop to the ground and play dead at any time. (Even between the monster's hit rolls) Monsters will not attack until the Thunderboy does something other than play dead. Once per adventure.

Reroll duplicate skills. If no skills are left, he gains the ability to attack with a non ballistic weapon once more per round, up to the number of attacks he has.


(Multiple upgrades of the same type may be put on the same weapon, if it's maximum's allow. The player always gets to choose which weapon upgrades are added to)


Targeting Sight
Small tabs on the end of the barrel help improve accuracy. Gain +1 To Hit with this gun.


Barrel Modification
A wider barrel allows this gun to do 1 extra damage die per round.


Quick Reloading
When reloading, On a 6+ the gun will be ready to fire the same turn. (2 Quick Reloads = 5+, etc)


Holds Extra Ammo
The upgraded weapon may hold 1 more shot worth of ammo before needing to be reloaded. (Reloading once only reloads the basic gun. Must reload the extra ammo also.)


Redesigned Barrel
A spiraling barrel gives this gun +1 Strength


Gold Plates
Gold Plates on the side of the weapon. +1 again break rolls when "Blocking".



You target the enemy in a place where it has no armor. Ignore armor on a To Hit roll of a 6. Once per shot.


Quick Draw
Quick reflexes give you a reaction strike when ambushed.


Master of weapons, your Ballistic Skill drops by 1.


Quick Loader
Quickload any weapon on a 6.


Nasty Shot
You target the enemy in a place that just has to hurt. Cannot be ignored in any way on a To Hit roll of a 6.


Anticipated Shot
You guess which way the enemy is going to move and fire there. Cannot be dodged on a To Hit roll of 6.

If a Thunderboy already has all the skills listed above, and have to roll on the Weapon Skill chart again, he gains the ability to Assassinate. This may be done once per adventure. Assassinate must be called BEFORE the shot is fired. If the shot does at least 1 point of damage, the creature is killed instantly. Multiple Assassinate Skills allow the shot to retry per each extra skill.



Silver Shot
+1 Str x BL Vs. undead.


Sniper Shot
+2 on To Hit rolls


Piercing Shot
Ignores armor


Scatter Shot
If a target is hit, the target and all adjacent targets (including other warriors) take an additional 1D6 wounds with no modifiers.


Velocity Shot
Unlimited Range


High Explosive Powder
Causes 1 extra Damage Dice (NOTE : Shot must be loaded into the weapon before it's effects may be used)


Gain 1D3 Aim Points. (No reroll on 1)


(Note : All natural upgrades still count towards the weapon's repair cost)

You gain a new weapon. Roll D6. On 1-4, roll on the table below. On 5-6, roll on the table below and once on the High Tech Table.

1-3 Gain 1 Pistol with D3 natural upgrades.
4-5 Gain 1 Musket with D6 natural upgrades.
6 Gain a Heavy with D6+D3 upgrades naturally.


1 Upgrade - Rolling Chambers
The same gun may fire twice. This also means the gun has an extra round of ammo stored.
2 Upgrade - Magical Targeting
This weapon will never miss it's target. (This included dodging) However, it may never use any effects that work on a Natural 6. Basically, treat this weapon as always rolling a 5 To Hit.
3 Upgrade - Flame Nozzle
The acting Thunderboy may activate a gas canister on the nozzle, turning it's shot into a cone of flames. The range of the flames automatically hits all targets in the line of fire, and causes 3D6 damage not modified by armor. Flammable targets (such as mummies, trees, etc) will be set on fire, causing D6 damage per turn, with no modifiers for armor. Gas canisters can be bought the same as heavy ammo, but cost D6x50 gold and with a stock of 10.
Pistol 3
Musket       5
Heavy 6
4 Upgrade - Magical Charger
The acting Thunderboy may turn his weapon on and let it charge up on magical energy. Each turn it is charged, roll a D6. On 2-6 it adds that much to it's Strength. You may charge the weapon as long as you like. However, on a 1, the gun explodes and the Thunderboy takes damage equal to the charge, modified only by toughness. Adjacent models take damage equal to half that amount, modified only by toughness. Any time the weapon has it's charger turned off, it loses all of it's stored power. To keep a charge, the weapon must be left on, even if it can not store any more.
Pistol 10
Musket       15
Heavy 25
5 Upgrade - Piercer Barrel
If the weapon is a musket or a heavy, all shots from this weapon automatically continue on to the next creature, even if the model is not killed. If the weapon is a pistol, any shot will pass one to 1 model behind the target.
5 Upgrade - Rapid Fire
The acting Thunderboy may trade in all of his attacks for one Rapid Fire attack. In that attack, he may fire as many shots as he likes at the cost of 1 adventures worth of ammo. (Or 1 heavy ammo per shot). However, if a natural 1 or 2 is rolled To Hit (luck my be used), the weapon jams and the Rapid Fire attack ends.

"Right through this door, I suppose..." Axel kisses the gold plate on his favorite weapon - an oak pistol with the words "Thou suck" engraved in the wood.

"Alright", taking a heavy breath. "One..." he pulls the hammer back on the pistol. "Two...", taking another heavy breath and checking to see that all of his other friends are in their proper places. "THREE!!!"

With his steel soled boots, he lays a hammering kick into the cheap wooden door before him, sending it crashing to the floor. That foot then steps onto the fallen portal, as the other moves forward to bring him into the room, with two pistols fully extended at arms length. Taking only half a second to size up the number of surprised and horrified guards, his trigger finger begins to fire, causing his left pistol to spit it's metallic poison into the head of a yelling guard. As he places that gun back in it's holster, the other pistol puts off a round of shot into a soldier's leg. Fluidly, the seemly calm and cool Thunderboy grabs another set of weapons and lays their contents into two more victims. Some strange force compels him to spin the two empty pistols on his fingers before replacing them in their containers and drawing two muskets from his back, one with each hand. Both cannon in hand and pivoting under his arms, he smiles a bit as he changes the last two guards into a hole filled waste.

"Seventy to eighty guards she says. Ha!" Axel laughingly replaces his muskets and begins to eye the room.

"I've seen more guards in front of the Rusty Dagger Tavern."

After battles, long or short, Axel has the undying habit of drawing a roll of tobacco from his glove and smoking as he collects his rewards. Perhaps it's a trademark, or a flaw, for he can't say that the proper authorities haven't used the ash a evidence against him in a previous lifetime. And as the Thunderboy goes to draw his magic flame maker, the door at the far end of the treasury bursts open. Almost in slow motion, some sixty to seventy guards charge forward, loaded crossbows in hand, and begin to unload their bolts of vengeance.

"AaaaaAAAAHHHH!!" Axels eyes grow wide, and his jaw slightly drops. His unlit tobacco paper falls to the floor. In an instant, some sub-conscious programming takes over as he turns and leap with all his might towards the desk a few feet away.

Ranting and raving, Axel begins babbling to himself.

"Ahhh, umm..., oh damn, ummm...hey wait a minute. They missed!

Hahaha! Princess luck is on my side today! Owww!!" Axel gives out a disturbed battle cry, draws his rapid fire cannon, and rolls out from behind the desk.

"AAHHHHH!!!!!" Bullets fly like rapids dropping from a riverbank, striking targets in all sorts of places. He continues blindly rolling, and firing, and rolling, and firing of course, until a wall stops him from moving any further. At the same time, a loud sounding "click" leaps into the air. At least it sounded loud to Axel, as he knew it was the sound of his luck running out. Another sub-conscious program took over as he kicked away his weapon, tucked himself into a little ball, and waited cowardly for a shower of arrows to seal his fate. In this position, he wonders to himself how long it will take the Dark Elf guards to finish him off, and he begins to count... ", threeee..... four...... five....six seven eight nine ten???" Axel quickly pops his head up in confusion.

"Why aren't I dead ye..." And before the sentence is finished, a smile graces his face. A huge pile of some sixty or seventy new guards lay dead on the floor, all put to rest by multiple shot wounds. Sighing in relief and confidence restored, Axel crawls over to his tobacco roll.

With a firm push, he tosses himself onto his back and lights his roll, enjoying the first day of the rest of his life...

1 4 3 4+ 3 3 1D6+7 4 1 2 1 2 1 4+ 2/0/0 1D6
2 4 3 4+ 3 3 2D6+7 4 1 2 1 2 3 4+ 2/1/0 1D6
3 4 3 4+ 3 3 3D6+7 4 1 3 2 2 5 4+ 2/1/0 2D6
4 4 3 3+ 3 4 3D6+7 5 1 3 2 2 7 3+ 2/2/0 2D6
5 4 4 3+ 3 4 4D6+7 5 2 3 2 3 9 3+ 3/2/0 2D6
6 4 4 3+ 3 3 3D6+7 6 2 4 3 3 11 3+ 3/2/1 3D6
7 4 4 2+ 4 4 5D6+7 6 2 4 3 4 13 2+ 3/2/1 3D6
8 4 5 2+ 4 4 5D6+7 6 2 4 3 4 15 2+ 3/2/1 4D6
9 4 5 2+ 4 4 6D6+7 7 3 5 3 4 17 2+ 4/2/1 4D6
10 4 5 2+ 4 4 6D6+7 7 3 5 4 5 19 1+ 4/2/1 4D6
Sk = Rolls on the Guild Rewards table.
Battle Level costs are the same as any other character.