Way Watcher

By Christopher Taylor

Although out of place in a dungeon the way watcher is some times sent out on extended missions to strange places on missions for Orion and Ariel. A rare few take a liking to these missions and become adventurers.


Any player may start the game as a Way Watcher rather than one of the Warriors in the Warhammer Quest box.  All of the rules for creating a new Warrior apply unless stated elsewhere in this Warrior pack.

The Profile of the Way Watcher is as follows:

Wounds 1D6+6
Move 5
Weapons Skill         4
Ballistic Skill 3+
Strength 3
Toughness 3
Initiative 5
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 2+


Leaf cloak. 
The Leaf Cloak allows the Way Watcher to ignore one hazard event per journey when travelling in the wilderness.  The Way Watcher also begins play with an elven rope, which only breaks on a 1 on a D6 roll after use.


The Way Watcher begins play with a Long Dagger.  This weapon does D6 damage plus his strength, minus one (so the damage is D6+2).  However, due to the size of the Dagger, the Way Watcher can use it to cut free from web attacks, adding 2 to his strength for the purposes of breaking free.  The Way Watcher also begins play with a bow that does D6+3 damage.


Way Watchers start play with an Elven Cloak given them by Ariel.  This cloak absorbs 1 damage from each attack, but each time it protects the Way Watcher, he must roll a D6.  If a 1 results, the attack destroyed the cloak and it no longer protects him.


Each turn that there are no monsters on the tile, the Way Watcher can attempt to scout through a portal.  This ability succeeds on a 6+ on D6, and if successful allows the Way Watcher to see the next tile that is going to be laid down through that door.  This scouting does not trigger any events that exploring would normally, and does not allow the Way Watcher to move safely into the next room, it only gives him information on what is there.  Further, the Way Watcher can scout a tile that is known before entering to determine what is there, if it is a monster or an event.  It does not tell the Way Watcher what the monster or event is, only which of the two might be there.


Way Watchers can use any treasure an elf can.  They cannot wear any armor heavier than furs, and cannot wear a helm nor use shields.  Way Watchers may not use any kind of gunpowder weapons whatsoever.


In the advanced game, you can keep your Way Watcher from game to game, building up his character as he progresses from adventure to adventure.  This section of the rulebook gives you all the rules for taking your Way Watcher right up to battle-level 10, including special rules for visiting Settlements, training, and more.

   The Way Watcher starts at battle-level 1 as a Novice - you will find his Battle Level Table later in this pack.  All the rules for Warhammer Quest still apply in the advanced game, unless specifically stated otherwise.


The Way Watcher's Scout skill increases over time and becomes easier for him to succeed at as his skill grows.  The Roll for this skill raises as he increases in Battle-Levels:

Novice 6+
Hero 5+
Champion        4+
Lord 3+


Way Watchers are uncomfortable and ill at ease in the bustle and busy noise and stench of even a small settlement.  As a result they subtract 1 from each die for discovering locations and for stock numbers, as their bargaining and orienteering skills are very poor in civilization.  This penalty does not apply in the Elf Quarter, where they are well met and appreciated. 

The Way Watcher is an expert outdoorsman, hunter, and scout and will not ever be fooled by the Quarg Hunt.  If this event is rolled, roll instead on the table below.  In addition, the Way Watcher never has an uneventful day, if one is rolled, roll on the table below:

Roll Result
2 The Way Watcher gets into an argument using broken Bretonian, and insults the guardsmans family and heritage involving orcs and a goat without meaning to.  
He is hurled out of the settlement and on a 1 on D6 all his money is confiscated as a fee.
3 The Way Watcher learns of a terrific deal where if he givers D6x50 gold to this investor he can make double his money overnight.  The next day, there is no sign of the investor, in factů he never shows up.  Vowing to never be fooled again, the Way Watcher goes into the market once more.
4 A bigoted merchant overcharged the Way Watcher, choose one item purchased that day and pay 10% more for it.  If this is more than the amount of gold the Way Watcher has, pay all the gold he owns.
5 You are hired to go on a hunt due to your excellent scouting and outdoors skills.  The hunt goes well, rolls a D6 for the result:
1 The game was too scarce in this overhunted area, and the men were loud, stinking and incompetent. You find nothing and are not paid.
2 You manage to find a buck and take it down despite the poor hunting skills of your companions, but the leader of the hunt is enraged you got it instead of him, you only earn D6x10 gold for selling the meat and hide.
3-5 The hunt goes fairly well, resulting in D6x20 gold and some good tales to tell around the camp fire.
6 The hunt goes exceptionally well, you find a rare white stag and set it up so the leader of the hunt takes it down, he is so happy he gives you D6x50 gold and a piece of treasure his family has kept for years (choose a treasure card)
6 Your day goes without much trouble, although you become lost in the maze of buildings and spend the next day wandering around trying to find your way to familiar territory.  During this day you can make no visits to locations nor make any transactions, but must pay for living expenses.
7 The Way Watcher encounters a group of suspicious looking characters, and using his skills, tracks them to their lair, where a chaos spy is buying information about the town.  Crying Orion's name, you attack the treacherous scum and their foul chaos ally, slaying them all.  The Guards arrive just to find you with their bodies and evidence of their foul deeds, and pay you D6x30 gold for your work and once this stay at the settlement a result that would have you cast out of town is ignored.
8 Your Way Watcher finds a secret entrance to a Skaven Undercity and notifies the authorities. 
Roll D6 and add your initiative, if the result is 8 or better, the watch takes care of it and rewards you with D6x20 gold, if it is lower, they ignore your comments and seem to keep a careful eye on you the remainder of your stay.  However, whatever the result, on a 3+ for any given purchase, the merchant finds your attempt to rid the city heroic and gives you a 10% discount.
9 You discover a sprite in a tree late at night wandering the settlement, and after some talk, you secrete her in your cloak and sneak her out of the settlement to a hidden grove.  The Sprite is so happy and thankful she shows you a secret spring nearby that makes your weapons treated as magical if they weren't already, and if they were already, makes them ignore the Demonic subtraction that some creatures have.
10 The Way Watcher finds a little orphan wood elf child, living on the street.  
Taking the child under his care, the Way Watcher spends D6 days finding somewhere the little one can stay safely with his people, and is blessed for +1 wounds by Orion.
11 Orion sends a messenger to the Way Watcher that tells of a monster in the next dungeon who killed many of his kin.  
The Way Watcher may choose one monster in the next dungeon and this monster is worth double gold to him.  In addition, while fighting this one monster, the Way Watcher hates it, gaining +1 attack but -1 to hit it.
12 Ariel visits the Way Watcher in disguise, and grants him +1 luck for being so valorous in the cause of the elves against evil.  This luck is permanent but cannot be duplicated (she just gives him a kiss for luck if she returns with this roll again).

Way Watchers will never visit the Alehouse, and if they visit the Gambling House, they roll at -1 on the die due to their naivete and general ignorance concerning games of chance.


In the Wood Elf camp, and as a special location within the Elf Quarter special location, the Way Watcher can find a Wood Elf Fletcher.  This is an incredibly skilled and special fletcher and bowyer that can make bows and arrows of exquisite craftmanship.  Way Watchers can purchase better bows at this location.

1D6 Sheaf Arrows 6 8 -- +1 STR
1D6 Razor Arrows 6 10 -- Ignores armor
1D6 Sure Flight Arrows 6 8 -- +1 to hit
Master Bow 13 Special Special See below

Due to the immense skill of elven Fletcher an elf can have two bows combined.  The Way Watcher presents both bows to the Fletcher and he can combine them for an exorbitant price.  The two bows combined sale price cannot exceed 3000 gold, there is simply only so much magic that the Fletcher can work with.  The price for this operation is 1000 gold, and the chance of success is 6+ on a D6.  For each 200 gold added to this price, the roll is increased by 1, up to a maximum chance of success of 2+.  A 1 always fails to produce the bow, and if failure results, the bows are both destroyed.


The Way Watcher can attempt to find a Wood Elf camp similar to the Wardancer if you have that character pack.  If so, the Way Watcher is treated exactly like a Wardancer, although he cannot participate in a Wild Hunt.  While at the camp, the Way Watcher does not suffer the usual penalties that he does in a human settlement since he is more at home.

   At the Wood Elf Camp, the Way Watcher can replace his leaf cloak for free, although the other equipment will all cost him to replace.


The Way Watcher can only be trained outside, but otherwise is the same as any other Warrior, he simply must leave the settlement to train, and cannot return.  Thus, any purchases and such should be done before training.  Each level that a skill is learned, roll on the table below:

Roll Result
2 Parry

The Way Watcher gains a 6+ parry, if the Way Watcher rolls a 6+, the hand to hand attack has no effect.  Each time this skill is rolled again, the chance for success increases by one up to a max 4+.

3 Feign Flight

Before monsters are placed on the board the way watcher is allowed a free move of up to his full movement.

4 Forest Walker

Wilderness Journey times are reduced by one week.

5 Power Bow

The Way Watcher can choose to does his hand to hand damage with any bow rather than its damage.

6 Ambush

They Way Watcher can ambush creatures set down, gaining one special attack before any other creature can move.  If the monsters ambush, they do so after the Way Watcher does.  This attack is affected by psychology but allows the Way Watcher to use all his attacks.  The Ambush succeeds on a 5+ only.

7 Set Traps  

When monsters are detected using the scout skill the waywatcher can set traps for these unfortunate beasts. Roll a D6 to find out what he manages to rig up.
1-2 Spikes
The enemy have their feet impaled as they run onto some sharpened spikes. All non flying monsters take D3 wounds with no modifiers of any kind.
3 Snares
A number of  monsters equal to the Way Watchers BL must make an Initiative check on D6 (7+) or forfeit there first turn.  Any creature without Initiative is treated as having a 3.  Place the snares on the board before monsters are determined.
4 Nets
As snares but they make a strength check.
5-6 Impaler
One random enemy take BLd6 automatic wounds. No modifiers for toughness or armor.
8 Herb Lore

 The Way Watcher has some knowledge of herb lore.  Roll on the table below to see what area of herblore he has knowledge of.
1 Healing
Each Healing Potion heals D3 wounds
2 Antidote
The Potion will renew lost stats from poisons, each potion restoring a lost point on a 4+.
3 Strength
When drunk, these potions increase the drinker's strength by +2 STR for a turn. Roll a D6, if a 6 results, the effect lasts the entire adventure, but no further potions will have effect.
4 Speed
This potion grants +1 attack for a whole turn. Like Strength, this can last an entire adventure on a roll of 6.
5 Insight
This potion grants +1 initiative to the drinker for a whole adventure, but further insight potions will have no effect. If a 6 is rolled on D6, this effect is permanent, but until the next adventure further potions will do nothing.
6 Weaponskill
This grants +1 to hit for a turn. Roll a D6, if a 6 results, the effect lasts the entire adventure, but no further potions will have effectThe herbs required to make these potions can be bought at the Wood Elf camp, or by an initiative check each week of travel in the wilds. If it is successful, the Way Watcher has found enough herbs to make 1 dose of a potion.Each time this skill is rolled, the Way Watcher learns a new type of herb skill.
9 Dodge

The Way Watcher can dodge any incoming attack on a 6+, negating the damage done.  Each time this skill is rolled again, the chance for success increases by one up to a max 4+.

10 Rapid Fire

The Way Watcher gains +2 attacks with his bow.

11 Fletcher

The Way Watcher can make improved arrows, each bow shot does +1 damage.

12 Kill Shot

The Way Watcher can sacrifice any extra bow shots that he has to make a single bow attack equal in dice to the number of attacks in addition to the bow's normal damage.


Battle Level Gold Title MV WS BS Str Damage Dice T Wounds I A Luck WP Skills Pin
1 0 Novice 5 4 3+ 3 1D6 3 1D6+6 5 1 0 3 1 2+
2 2 Hero 5 4 3+ 3 1D6 3 2D6+6 5 1 1 3 2 2+
3 4 Hero 5 5 3+ 3 1D6 3 2D6+6 6 1 1 3 3 2+
4 8 Hero 5 5 3+ 4 2D6 3 2D6+6 6 2 1 3 4 2+
5 12 Champion 5 6 2+ 4 2D6 3 3D6+6 6 2 2 4 5 A
6 18 Champion 5 6 2+ 4 2D6 3 3D6+6 7 2 2 4 6 A
7 24 Champion 5 6 2+ 4 2D6 4 3D6+6 7 3 2 4 7 A
8 36 Champion 6 7 A 4 3D6 4 4D6+6 7 3 3 5 8 A
9 45 Lord 6 7 A 4 3D6 4 4D6+6 8 3 3 5 9 A
10 50 Lord 6 8 A 4 3D6 4 5D6+6 8 3 3 5 10 A