Warhammer Quest
High Elf Dragon Prince

By Sigil

The Dragon Prince, although similar in many respects, is not the same as those members of elven society represented in the Dragon Princes of the High Elf army. He is a special character, a chosen champion of one of the elven gods. Because of this he is gifted with one of the greatest weapons to be forged by the smiths of Vaul's Anvil : The Dragonsword. These weapons can only be made by using the superheated breath of a red dragon, the reason for this being possible to sum up in one word : Dragonsilver. This near mythical metal is, by many races, believed to merely be a legend, yet the Acolytes at Vaul's Anvil know this to be untrue. The only place where it can be found is within the depths of the hearthflame itself, the flame which feeds all the forges in this great shrine to the elven god of smiths.

The first test a Dragon Prince must undertake is to obtain a piece of Dragonsilver to construct his Dragonsword, by stepping into the hearthflame itself, something which can only be done with the blessing of the gods themselves. It should be noted that this is very similar to the test undertaken by the rulers of Ulthuan, and the two are indeed related, most notably that both tests may not be accomplished by any one elf as the Dragonsword marks the elf as a great warrior whereas the test of kingship marks one as a great ruler.

Game Rules

The rules below are basically the 'advanced' rules for this character. He could be used in one-off adventures, just by using a level one Dragon Prince, but I'm guessing most people reading this are most interested in characters to be used for the 'advanced' system. 

Starting Equipment

Dragonsword (1D6+Strength damage), Breast Plate (+1 Armour).


The Dragon Prince cannot use any spell casting magic item and may only use other items which are allowed to the Barbarian and the Elf.


All Dragon Princes begin the game with this special weapon. Instead of skills the Dragon Prince gains powers for his sword, representing his god bestowing abilities on his sword to make him more effective at carrying out their wishes. Whenever a Dragon Prince gains a new power he should roll a D6 on the following table to determine what power is granted.

Roll Power
1 5+ Magic Resistance.
2 Flaming Blade
Opponents -1 to hit.
3 Dragon Aspect
See Below.
4 Damage Bonus
+2 damage.
5 Dragon Fury
See Below.
6 Healing Power
heals 1 wound per turn.

Dragon Fury

When invoked Dragon Fury lends the Dragon Prince the might of an enraged Dragon, a fury unmatched in all the Warhammer world. The Dragon Prince may call on this power once per dungeon and it will last until all the monsters at the time of summoning are dead or gone. Dragon Fury gives the following benefits :

Battle Level WS S Damage Dice T A
2-4 +1 +1 - -1 +1
5-8 +2 +2 +1 -2 +2
9-10 +2 +3 +1 -3 +3

Dragon Aspect

When a Dragon Prince is given this power it allows him to use the power of Dragon Breath, when called upon it manifests itself as a large ethereal dragon's head above the Dragon Prince which sends forth its deadly breath. When this power is gained the Dragon Prince must decide which of the following types of dragon breath they want, this choice is permanent and may not be changed later. This power may only be used once per dungeon, and functions as follows :

Dragon Colour

Red Flame
D3 enemies (characters choice) take Level x D6 wounds.
Black Poison Cloud
All enemies in a 2x2 area take Level x D4 wounds, with no. modifiers for armour.
Blue Lightning
1 enemy takes level x 3D6 wounds.
White Icy Blast
D3 enemies are frozen and lose a no. of attacks equal to your level divided by 2.

Dragon's Blessing

The power of the Dragonsword is derived from that of the worlds dragons, and as such can be boosted by capturing the souls of dragons, an action known as soultheft. When a Dragon Prince inflicts the killing blow on a Dragon or Dragon-kin the power of its spirit becomes trapped within the sword. This only takes effect if the Dragon Prince inflicts the KILLING BLOW on the dragon, and this obviously must also be inflicted with the Dragonsword. When this happens refer to the table below to see what benefit this gives you. For each dragon type listed below there is a luck bonus roll score given. This is what you must roll on a D6 to get a +1 bonus to your luck. If for whatever reason you are fighting a character dragon then instead of +1 luck it will give you +2.

Opponent Type      

Roll Needed

Dragon 3+
Great Dragon 2+
Emperor Dragon 1+
Dragon Ogre Hero       6+
Dragon Ogre Lord 5+

Level Advancement Table

Battle Level WS BS S Damage Dice T Wounds I A Luck Willpower Powers Pinning
1 4 5+ 3 1d6 3 1d6+8 6 1 0 5 0 5+
2 4 5+ 4 1d6 3 2d6+8 6 1 0 5 1 5+
3 5 5+ 4 1d6 3 2d6+10 6 2 0 6 1 4+
4 5 4+ 4 2d6 3 3d6+10 6 2 1 6 2 4+
5 6 4+ 4 2d6 4 3d6+12 7 3 1 6 2 4+
6 6 4+ 4 2d6 4 4d6+12 7 3 1 7 3 4+
7 7 3+ 4 2d6 4 4d6+14 7 4 1 7 3 3+
8 7 3+ 4 3d6 4 5d6+14 8 4 2 7 4 3+
9 8 3+ 5 3d6 4 5d6+16 8 4 2 8 4 3+
10 8 3+ 5 3d6 5 6d6+16 8 5 2 8 5 2+