By Peter Haresnape

“He’s the dwarf
The dwarf with the Golden Touch
-That Midas Touch!”

It is said that among the dwarfs, age, skill and wealth are respected. This last quality is perhaps the most elusive, for in the embattled dwarf world, if a dwarf does not increase in skill as he increases in age, he quickly stops increasing in either.

Wealth is the force that propels the Goldhunters above and before any other dwarf. These Goldhunters are the elite of the miners, having that sixth sense so vital in a miner. A Goldhunter can sense the shifting of the earth, and the strength of the mountains, and can also see the way for them to relinquish their burdensome riches. Bright gold, hard steel, supple copper and opulent gems are the quarries of the Goldhunter. In many cases it was just such a dwarf who discovered the legendary, otherworldly metals the smiths dream of; gromril and adamant, mithril and silverel.

A Goldhunter usually seeks employment in a mine, helping locate rich deposits. However, there are some individuals who go out a-roaming, seeking the legendary mines of their fathers, or new seams of wealth.

Starting as a Dwarf Goldhunter

Wounds 1D6+8
Move 4
Weapon Skill     4
Ballistic Skill         5+
Strength 3
Toughness 3
Initiative 2
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 5+


The Goldhunter is armed with his trusty Pickaxe, which does 1D6+3 damage. On a to hit roll of 6, it ignores any and all armour.
The Goldhunter also begins the game with 1D6 Firebombs, each of which does 1D6 damage to every model in a 2x2 area when used.



The Goldhunter begins with a set of Dwarf Mail, giving him +1 Toughness.



The Mining Helmet holds a candle, casting a beam of light before the Goldhunter. This acts as a secondary light source, and so the Goldhunter may move and explore on his own, if he chooses. However, his candle has a limited life span. If it goes out while he is away from the lantern, he might have trouble finding it. To represent this, roll an additional D6 in the Power Phase whenever the Goldhunter is outside of the lantern’s range. On a roll of 1, the candle has gone out, and unless he can relight it (see below) he is Lost in the Dark, and must roll on the Escape Table, according to the usual rule.

If the Goldhunter is on the same board section as another warrior, but there is no lantern, then the Mining Helmet casts enough light for the other warrior not to be Lost in the Dark, as he can still see a bit. However, he is at -2 Move, and -1 to anything except lighting the lantern, until there is another light source.

If the Mining Helmet should go out in this situation, both warriors are Lost in the Dark.

To relight a candle, the Goldhunter must roll an initiative test 7+. This is quite a risky business, as you can imagine. He receives one attempt, and if he fails is Lost In the Dark, as well as any other warriors with him.

If you are using variant armour rules, then the Mining Helmet counts as giving +1 Toughness to his head. In the main, though, it gives no bonus.


Starting Skill


It is the Goldhunter’s primary calling to find new or forgotten seams of mineral wealth below the ground. He has developed a sixth sense when it comes for looking for gold.

After a battle, the Goldhunter can roll 1D6 for each dead monster (even if he didn’t kill it). Add up all of the even scores (2, 4 and 6s). The Goldhunter gains this much gold. Discard the odd scores (1, 3 and 5).


In addition, at the end of a dungeon, the Goldhunter will examine his records and make a survey of the dungeon, to see if it has any exploitable wealth. Note that this can only be done if the Warriors have succeeded in the dungeon, killing or driving out the Monsters.

Survey Table

Roll 2D6, +1 if the dungeon is not in the Old World

2 Nothing.
3 A small rock!
4 An old, worked out seam.
5 A few seams of tin and low-grade metals.
1D6x5 gold
6 Not much metal, but good building stone!
1D6x7 gold
7 A seam of copper.
1D6x10 gold
8 A large deposit of iron ore.
2D6x10 gold
9 Many rocks with crystals.
4D6x5 gold
10 Precious gems!
1D6x100 gold
11     An untouched seam of silver.
300 gold and a treasure card
12 Gold!
2D6x60 gold, and a treasure card.
13 Fabulous! The Goldhunter has found a deposit of a remarkable, rare mineral.
2D6x50 gold, and 1D3 treasure cards.

The prices next to the entries are the bounties offered by dwarf kings looking for new mines. By receiving this commission, the Goldhunter is giving up any stake he might have made.


Advanced Rules

Goldhunters and Equipment

The Goldhunter may use any equipment ordinarily available to the dwarf, although if he buys a Pickaxe from the Dwarf Guildmasters, it acts as stated above, reflecting his greater skill with it. He has developed a taste for Cram, after long days with nothing else to chew. Thus, whenever he eats it he regains 4 wounds, without having to waste a turn chewing. At the Runesmith’s, he may have runes placed on his Pickaxe as normal.

In the advanced rules, the Goldhunter must sell his discoveries directly. To do this, he must find a Miner’s Guild in the settlement (see below). While there he can negotiate with the various interested groups. Roll to see how much gold he is offered and what treasure, if applicable. If he chooses to accept it, then collect the money and cross off the stake. However, he can choose not to sell, if the price is too low. He can keep the stake until the next Miner’s Guild and roll again. However, if he does so, there is the chance that someone else will claim and sell the stake, or monsters will return, and his deed will become worthless. To represent this, roll 1D6 each time, past the first, that you try to sell a claim, –1 for each previous attempt past the first. On a roll of 1 the stake is lost, and worthless!


Goldhunters in Setlements

Whilst in a Settlement the Goldhunter may visit any of the Traders and the following special locations; Dwarf Guildmasters, Brewmaster’s Tavern (if accompanied by a Brewmaster), Alchemist’s Laboratory, Gambling House, Fighting School, Temple and the same Drinking Establishments as the Dwarf. The Goldhunter might also wish to pay a visit to the Miners Guild, which is found on a roll of 4+ in a city and 5+ in a town, inside the Guildmasters.


Special Location- Miners Guild

The Miners Guild is for the Dwarf Miners, who brave the depths of the earth in order to make lots of money (hopefully). Goldhunters are well respected among them, and welcomed into the crowd. As well as the drinking and betting that go on anywhere, the Goldhunter will find a receptive audience for his tales.

The Goldhunter can visit the Miner’s Guild once per stay, if he can find it. He must roll on the table below to see what happens to him, +1 if he is Hero or Lord Level.

Roll 2D6
2 The Goldhunter is frowned upon as soon as he comes in, and his cheerful banter fails to elicit a response. Suddenly he sees the black armbands and realises that these dwarfs are mourning some disaster in the mine.He is swiftly thrown out, losing his purse of 1D6x20 gold in the process.
3 The Goldhunter is challenged to a fight as soon as he enters. He cannot refuse, and ends up being sorely beaten by a local miner with a mean look on his face. He loses 1 Starting Wound in the next adventure.
4 The Goldhunter sees a pouch of gold on the floor. Make a Willpower test (7+). If he fails he tries to takes the pouch. Roll 1D6. On a 5+ he succeeds, gaining 2D6x5 gold. On any other score he is discovered and thrown out, minus 1D6x10 of his own gold. If he passes the Willpower test, he asks who the pouch belongs to, and the rightful owner thanks him. Gain +1 Luck in the next adventure.
5 The Goldhunter drinks more than is good for him after concluding his business, and must spend the next day in his room, nursing a nasty hangover.
6 Drinking and singing go on all night, and the Goldhunter makes 1D6x5 gold betting on a snotling race.
7 Due to a tip off, the Goldhunter visits a suspicious dealer, and receives 1D6 Firebombs for 50 gold each. Roll 1D6 whenever you come to use one, however. On a roll of 3 or more it functions normally. On a roll of 2 it fails to go off, and is a dud. On a roll of 1 it explodes in your hand, doing 2D6 unmodified damage to you, and 1D6 to any adjacent model.
8 The local mines offer 2D6x5 gold per day for labourers. The Goldhunter can spend any spare days toiling in the mines whilst in this settlement. However, it is tiring work, and he loses 1D3 Starting Wounds in the next adventure if he spends any time mining.
9 The Goldhunter is given a bag of specially formulated Flashpowder that completely stuns any one monster for a whole turn. After one adventure the powder disintegrates and is wasted.
10          The Goldhunter learns how to fit two candles into his Mining Helmet. If one goes out, roll 1D6. On a 1-4, so has the other. On a 5-6, however, it has not, and the Goldhunter may move as normal. This trick only works with ordinary candles, as the others are too big.
11 The Goldhunter receives a tip off about a rich deposit, possibly even of legendary status, in the next dungeon. If he completes it, he gains +1 on the Survey Table.
12 An elderly miner, who was once a roving Goldhunter, offers some advice. The Goldhunter learns the Pickaxe Double-strike. Once in each adventure he may sacrifice all his attacks, to make a single attack with his Pickaxe that does Double Damage and ignores all armour.
13 The Goldhunter makes such an impression that a Dwarf Noble pays for a Rune to be inscribed on his Pickaxe. Roll on the Common Rune Table.



The Goldhunter can make some purchases at the Miner’s Guild.

Name Cost Stock Effect
Pickaxe 280 5 As normal. See Dwarf Guildmasters for use with other warriors.
Rope 30 4 As normal
Mining Helmet 200 6 As normal.
Candles 15 5 There are enough candles here for the Mining Helmet to be lit for a whole adventure (or until you roll that 1 in the Power Phase!)
Ne’er-Go-Out SuperCandle 200 7 The Goldhunter can replenish his stock of Candles with the NGO SuperCandle, which is guaranteed not to go out unless two 1’s are rolled in the Power Phase (roll 2 dice to see if it burns out)
Beaming Bessie Candle 250 8 The Goldhunter can replenish his stock of Candles with Beaming Bessies, which cast so much light that any warrior on the same board section can move as normal. However, when independent of the lantern, they burn out on a 1 or 2!
Blast-Stick (Pretty Red Candle) 500 8 This dangerous product can raise the roof in a dungeon, literally! One Blast-Stick, causes 4D6 damage to a 2x2 area, unmodified, but roll 2D6 immediately afterwards. On a Double, the room caves in, and the warriors must leave within 1 turn, or die a nasty death. This room is now blocked.

In case the Goldhunter can’t find the Mining Guild, I suggest offering Candles in the general store. Used outside of the Mining Helmet, each candle burns for 1D6 turns (kept secret if possible) and lights one board section. To light a candle in the dark, make an Initiative Test of 9+. 30 gold for 1D3.



The Goldhunter trains as normal, taking a week and rolling for skills on the table below.

The ‘Goldhunter’ skill that he begins with increases in usefulness as he goes up in Battle Levels. He still rolls 1D6 per slain Monster, but at Hero level he only discards rolls of 1 and 3, and at Lord Level he only discards rolls of 1.

11-13      Mighty Blow
See Roleplay Book
14-16 Tunnel Fighter
See Roleplay Book
21-23 Quick Draw
With a loaded missile weapon, roll 1D6 and add Initiative whenever Monsters are placed. On a score of 7 he makes an immediate shot at one of the new arrivals.
24-26 Stonemaster
See Roleplay Book
31-33 Endure
See Roleplay Book
34-36 Deathsong
See Roleplay Book
41-43 Killing Blow
On a to hit roll of 6, do another 1D6 damage.
44-46 Quick Load
the Goldhunter has learned to secret of the Quick Load. If he starts the turn with an unloaded pistol or crossbow he may try to load it immediately. Roll 1D6. If he succeeds, he may then fire it in this turn.
Novice 6+, Champion 5+, Hero 4+, Lord 3
51-53 Trademaster
See Roleplay Book
54-56 Dazzle
Using his Mining Helmet light, the Goldhunter can direct the beam directly into the eyes of a Monster. Roll an Initiative Test. If you succeed (7+) then the Monster is stunned for a turn, and loses all attacks and moves. The Goldhunter can only do this once per adventure, but may try until he succeeds.
61-63 Sixth Sense
See Roleplay Book (Barbarian)
64-66 Enraged
See Roleplay Book


BL Gold Title M WS BS S DD T W I A L WP Skills Pin
1 0 Novice 4 4 5+ 3 1 3 1D6+8 2 1 0 4 0 5+
2 2000 Champion 4 5 4+ 3 1 3 2D6+8 3 2 0 4 1 5+
3 4000 Champion 4 5 4+ 3 1 4 3D6+8 3 2 1 5 2 5+
4 8000 Champion 4 5 4+ 4 1 4 4D6+8 3 2 1 5 2 5+
5 12000 Hero 4 6 4+ 4 2 4 4D6+8 3 3 1 5 3 4+
6 18000 Hero 4 7 4+ 4 2 5 4D6+8 3 3 2 5 3 4+
7 24000 Hero 4 7 3+ 4 2 5 5D6+8 4 3 2 5 4 4+
8 32000 Hero 4 7 3+ 4 2 5 5D6+8 4 4 2 5 4 4+
9 45000 Lord 4 7 2+ 4 3 5 6D6+8 4 4 3 6 5 4+
10 50000 Lord 4 7 2+ 4 3 5 7D6+8 5 4 3 6 6 4+

Alternative titles- Goldhunter, Goldfinder, Goldminer, Goldmaster

Alternative alternative titles- Goldhunter, Goldfinger, Goldeneye, The Dwarf With The Golden Gun.



This Warrior is entirely my own work, unrelated to the fabled ‘Goldhunter’ warrior that was never released by Games Workshop. When I say it’s my own work, I am indebted to both Bruno and the King of Turves for their help… but I typed it.


Peter Haresnape
11th February 2004
“Bigger Tables! Better Choices! More Rules!”