By Claudio “BlackShadow” Lancellotti

Ironbreakers are proud and noble members of the ancient clan of the Ironbreakers. These invincible warriors have the duty to protect the ancient stronghold of dwarves against every kind of foul and evil creatures.
Due to their promise, it is difficult to meet Ironbreakers outside the dwarven’ kingdoms. Sometimes, however, they are sent to the outer world to fulfil special quests. More often, they are one of the few survived of an ancient dwarven outpost. Instead of joining the trollslayer guild, they swear to destroy the evil monsters that have invaded the dwarven territories.
To do so, they usually decide to join warriors that regularly descend into the dungeons, in order to slain as much monsters as possible...


Any player may start the game as an Ironbreaker rather than one of the Warriors in the Warhammer Quest box.  All of the rules for creating a new Warrior apply unless stated elsewhere in this Warrior pack.
The Profile of the Ironbreaker is as follows:

Wounds D6+9
Move 4(3)
Weapons Skill      4
Ballistic Skill 6+
Strength 3
Toughness 4(6)
Initiative 2
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 6+


The Ironbreaker starts with the Amulet of Karigan. This sacred amulet is blessed by the King of dwarvens. Once per adventure, the amulet allows the Ironbreaker to rebound a single attack to the monster that hit the Ironbreaker. You must declare that you want to use the amulet before rolling the dice to see how much wounds are inflicted.


The Ironbreaker starts with an axe, which causes 1D6+dwarf’s strength, for a total of 1D6+3 wounds.


The Ironbreaker start with a runic armour. This armour adds +2 to the dwarf’s toughness.
Moreover, this armour in inscribed with a magical rune. Every time the Ironbreaker is hit by a blow that reduce him to zero wounds, roll a dice. On a roll of 5+ the blow is magically deflected, and the Ironbreaker takes no damage at all. The weight of the armour also gives to the Ironbreaker -1 to the movement.


The Ironbreaker can use every kind of treasure the dwarf can use, with the following exceptions:
the Ironbreaker can only use axes or warhammers; he can only use dwarven runic armours; he cannot use firebombs.


In the advanced game, you can keep your Ironbreaker from game to game, building up his character as he progresses from adventure to adventure.  This section of the rulebook gives you all the rules for taking your Ironbreaker right up to battle-level 10, including special rules for visiting Settlements, training, and more. The Ironbreaker starts at battle-level 1 as a Novice – you will find his Battle Level Table later in this pack.  All the rules for Warhammer Quest still apply in the advanced game, unless specifically stated otherwise.


The Amulet of Karigan has the same effects described above and can be used for 1D3 times, but once used it must be recharged. The Ironbreaker can recharge the amulet at the Temple of Grugni. See the Settlement section for more details.


The Ironbreaker can only use axes or warhammers. He cannot use any other kind of weapon.


The Ironbreaker can only use dwarven runic armour.


The Ironbreaker can only use treasure that a dwarf can use. He cannot use firebombs and he his subject to all the restrictions described above.


The Ironbreaker can visit the same Special location the dwarf can visit. Moreover, he can visit the Ironbreaker Guild and the Temple of Grugni.


The Ironbreaker can find this guild on a roll of 8. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to meet Ironbreakers outside the dwarven kingdom, and as consequence few dwarven merchants have specific items for these warriors. Once the Ironbreaker has found a guild, he can buy the following items:

Stonebread 3 30 5 Cures 1D6 W
1D3Healing potion 7 75 20 Cures 2D6 W
Runic gautlets 9 400 50 +1 Toughness
Runic helm 9 400 45 +1 Toughness
Runic circlet 8 500 55 5+ Magic Resistance
Runic Axe 8 200 30 +2 wounds
Runic Hammer 9 450 40 If you roll a 6 to hit, add +1D6 wound.
Anyway+2 wounds
Runic armour 7 2000 500 +3 Toughness,-1 movement. 5+ deflect fatal blow
Massive runic armour 10 6500 2000 +3 Toughness, -1 Movement. Every time is hit roll 1D6: with 6 the blow is ignored.


The temple can be found on a roll of 7+ Here the Ironbreaker can pray and try to recharge the amulet. To enter, the Ironbreaker must pay 2D6+50gold. The temple can be visited by other dwarvens.


2-3 Nothing
Grugni is not listening.
4 Blessing
Once in the next adventure you can add +1 to your to hit roll when you attack a monster
5-6 Blessing
You can reroll a missed attack once in the next adventure.
7 Strength
You have +1 to strength for the next adventure.
8 Toughness
You have +1 to toughness for the next adventure.
9 Luck
+1 luck for the next adventure.
10 Blessing
you gain 1D6 extra attacks that can be used once, all in the same turn.
11 Avatar
The power of Grugni flows in your vein. Once in the next adventure you can instantly kill a single monster if you just hit him.
12 Gift
You gain +1 wound permanently.


The Ironbreaker can try to recharge the amulet of Karigan. To do so, he must pay another 1D6. Then roll 1D6 in the following table:

1-2 No effects
The amulet cannot be recharged. The Ironbreaker can try again in the next settlement.
3-5 The amulet is successfully recharged.
Roll 1D3 to see how many times can be used.
6 The amulet is successfully recharged
The amulet can be used 4 times before being recharged.

The Ironbreaker cannot recharge the amulet if it still contains some charges.


The Ironbreaker trains exactly the way as normal warriors do, by saving up gold to pay for training. The Ironbreaker may train for a week when he has enough gold.
When he gets up to an higher battle level, there is a chance he acquires a new skill. If it is the case, roll 2D6 in the following table:


When the Ironbreaker is reduced to zero wounds, he starts to sing the deathsong of his family. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 5-6, he immediately regains 1 wound and stands up, continuing the combat.


The Ironbreaker gains permanently 1 extra attack when he became champion and hero, and 2 attacks when he became a lord.


The Ironbreaker gains +1 attack when he fight in a corridor or in other similar room.


The Ironbreaker is known for his brave acts. When in a settlement, he has a special luck point that can be used once, in every situation.


Once per adventure, thanks to his great willpower, the Ironbreaker can double is toughness for a whole turn. Only is toughness is doubled, bonuses for armours etc. remain the same.


Every time the Ironbreaker gains a battle level, roll 2D6 on the monster table of the same level. The Ironbreaker hates monster(s) of this this entry. Every time he meets these monsters he gains an extra attack, made at -1 to hit.


At the end of every dungeon, the Ironbreaker gains 1D6x50 gold. This represents his ability in finding all the coins the other warriors do not see...


Every time an event reveal a trap, there is a chance that the Ironbreaker can disarm it, preventing any damage to the party. To do so, he must roll a 6 when he is a champion or 5+ when he is a hero or a lord.


The Ironbreaker is an expert in healing wounds. Every time he heals someone, he can add +1 per battle level to the wounds recovered. So, if a battle level 4 Ironbreaker uses a potions that cures 1D6 wounds, he will be able to heal 1D6+4 wounds.


The Ironbreaker can add +1 when he must make a test for fear when he is a champion, and +2 when he is a hero or a lord.


The Ironbreaker can add +1 when he must make a test for terror when he is a champion, and +2 when he is a hero or a lord.


The Ironbreaker is a dwarf, so all the guideline for the dwarf applies, as all the modifiers for tests of page 166 of the Roleplay book. The Ironbrakers are old an honourable dwarven, aware of their duties and of their importance for the survival of their race.


Battle Level Gold Title Move WS BS Str Dam. Dice T Wounds I A Luck WP Pin Skills
1 0 Novice 4 4 6+ 3 1 4 1D6+9 2 1 0 4 6+ -
2 2 Champion 4 4 6+ 3 1 4 2D6+9 2 1 0 4 6+ 1
3 4 Champion 4 5 6+ 3 1 4 3D6+9 2 2 1 5 6+ 2
4 8 Champion 4 5 6+ 3 1 4 4D6+9 2 2 1 5 6+ 2
5 12 Hero 4 6 6+ 4 2 4 4D6+9 2 2 1 5 6+ 3
6 18 Hero 4 6 6+ 4 2 5 5D6+9 2 3 2 5 6+ 4
7 24 Hero 4 6 5+ 4 2 5 5D6+9 2 3 2 5 6+ 4
8 32 Hero 4 7 5+ 4 2 5 6D6+9 3 4 2 6 6+ 5
9 45 Lord 4 7 5+ 4 3 5 6D6+9 3 4 3 6 6+ 6
10 50 Lord 4 7 5+ 5 3 5 7D6+9 3 4 3 6 5+ 6