Warhammer Quest

By Grogling

'Eye of Snotling, Wing of Bat...'

After years of persecution and hiding from society, the witch has finally decided to leave her cobwebbed den and go on a quest. Whether she searches for knowledge, vengeance, gold or some other reason, only she knows. But no matter what the reason, she can prove a valuable ally to most dungeon adventurers. Be careful not to cross her though because she knows the dark and vengeful arts as well as the healing ones.

This character was inspired by the Hazard Table event number 31 (Witches Cave) on page 16 of the roleplaying book.


Wounds 1D6+6
Move 4
Weapon Skill       2
Ballistic Skill 5+
Strength 2
Toughness 3
Initiative 4
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 4+


Battle Level + 6 Spite Stones
These stones have been cursed by the witch while she travels. They are thrown as a magical missile weapon and if they hit they do 1d6 +Battle Level damage and the enemy loses one attack that turn. The Witch regains these spite stones before each adventure.
The Witch can also tap into the magic of these stones. If she smashes a stone on the floor, she will gain her Battle Level in Mana for that turn as the hatred seeps back into her body.


Gnarled Staff
This magical staff, twisted with the witches hatred and spite, does same damage as a sword. It also counts as a magical weapon due to the malice imbued into it. A witch may only use a staff or daggers as melee weapons.


Black Cloak
Black Cloak which gives +1 toughness. A witch may use furs over this cloak but cannot use any other armour.


The witch makes her living by mixing potions and selling them. To create a potion takes 1 week and costs 50 gold per witches level. When a week of brewing and spell casting is up roll a d6 and consult the table below.

1 Potion fails
2 or 3 One Potion made
4 or 5 Two Potions made
6 Three Potions made

The Witch can choose to make the following potions

Healing Heal 1d6 wounds / level
Strength +1 strength/level for 1 turn
Toughness       +1 toughness/level for 1 turn
Skill +1 attack for every 2 levels for 1 turn (round down)
Luck Bestow reroll on character (only one allowed per adventure)

The Witch usually survives on money made by selling potions and thus, will expect payment of 50 gold/level for each potion the other warriors use or 5% of the gold they find in the dungeon.

She gets 1d3+1 potions of her choice at the start of her first adventure.


The witch starts an adventure with 4 mana points +1 per battle level. Every turn she gains 1 point of natural mana from all around her. The exceptions are on a power roll of 1 when she gets nothing or a power roll of 5 or 6 when she gets 2 points. These points are cumulative

There is a limit to the amount of mana a witch can control. For every point over 10+ her Battle Level, the Witch must roll a d6 during the power phase. She takes 1 damage and loses a mana point for every '1' rolled. All mana points reset at the end of an adventure.

She has accumulated a wide range of spells throughout her life, which have helped her survive this long. She may use all of these spells from level 1. They all cost 4 mana points to cast. Unlike the wizard, who has been trained extensively in casting she is self-taught and because of this the Witch is not able to cast spells as fast. Every spell cast (in one turn) after the first costs a cumulative +1 mana; i.e. first spell = 4 mana, second spell = 5 mana, third spell = 6 mana etc.

Claws of Steel
The witch’s hands turn into metallic talons until combat ends.
She can attack with both hands until the end of this combat, giving her +1 attacks at her normal damage dice + (strength x 2). The Claws prevent any further spell casting by the witch until combat is over or if she allows the spell to finish early.

Healing Touch
A gentle warmth passes from the witches hands into the injured characters body.
Roll 1d6. On a 2 to 6 the target character gains 3 wounds +2 per witch’s level.

Witches aren't just benevolent characters. When annoyed, they can be spiteful to the extreme.
Curse gives the target -1 on all WS and BS rolls until combat ends. The effects of this spell are cumulative but a natural 6 always hits.

Ray of Spite
Another spell that demonstrates a Witches evil side.
The character can concentrate all of her hatred into a beam of malevolence. This will last for 4 squares in a straight line (including diagonal lines). Anything on that line will suffer 1d6(+1 per battle level) wounds per witch’s level worth no modifiers for armour.

Kiss of Life
The Witch learned the secrets of death long ago.
She is now able to bring a character on zero hit points back to 1 life even if they have been dead for several turns. She cannot do this once she leaves the room though as the character's soul will leave. This spell will only work on a character once per adventure.

This is another example of the Witches dark side.
Hex gives the target -1 attack for 3 turns. The effects of this spell are cumulative.

The Witch has an excellent understanding of how life and death works.
Sometimes she may use this to heal others but she can also turn this knowledge into a dangerous weapon. This spell enables the Witch to drain (Battle Level)d6 +6 from any enemy adjacent to her. This damage is non-regeneratable.

Aura of Calm
Through focusing her mind, the Witch is able to bring an Aura of Calm among her fellow characters.
On a d6 roll of 3, 4, 5 or 6 she can heal 1+(1 per battle level) wounds on all party members.

This spell bestows the Witch with the ability to enter an enemy’s mind and befriend it temporarily.
The target cannot be one of the undead and must not have more hit points than that of the Witch at the time of casting. Once charmed, the creature will be under the control of the Witch and will act as requested. This spell will end if the charmed creature is attacked by the warriors. On the 4th turn and all subsequent turns the creature may try to beat the witch in a battle of wills. Roll 1d6 + Willpower for the witch and 1d6 + Current Hit Points for the Creature. If the enchanted creature gets higher than the witch, it is free from the spell.


The Witch may only use items of treasure that the Wizard can use.


The Witch is a persecuted character who often gets attacked by in settlements for witchcraft and devil worship. Despite any good intentions of the witches part, it is difficult to negotiate with an angry mob about to burn you at the stake. Thus settlements are best avoided but if there is a desperate need to enter one, check on the following tables every day to see what happens.

Village Consult persecution table on a roll of 1
Town Consult persecution table on a roll of 1 or 2
City Consult persecution table on a roll of 1, 2 or 3

Persecution Table - Roll 1d6

1 Burnt at the stake (time to create a new character)
2 All money stolen and chased out of town
3 One treasure confiscated and chased out of town
4 Chased out of town
5 Warned by militia to avoid trouble
6 Member of the crowd recognizes your healing abilities and gives you 100 gold to cure a relative


11-13 Fly
The Witch has learned to fly on her broomstick or staff.
She now has the Fly ability; i.e.being able to move anywhere within movement range, ignoring pinning and obstacles.
14-16 Foresight
The Witch is able to see some future events and thus avoid them.
She is able to turn two rolls on the hazard table or settlement table into uneventful weeks/days.
21-23 Natural Widom
The Witch gains an extra 4 starting mana per level.
24-26 Vision of Beauty
The Witch has learned to change her appearance with magic. She can now appear as a beautiful young maiden.
For one battle per adventure, the enemy find her so enchanting that they must pass an initiative test before each attack against her. If they fail, the assailants just stand still, bewitched by her beauty.This ability also gives the witch +2 on her 'Persecution Table' rolls.
31-33 Luck of the Witch
The Witch gains an extra reroll once per adventure.
34-36 Fast Learner
The Witch has developed the ability to learn spells cast against her.
Any spell cast by an enemy that effects the Witch can be learned on a successful willpower roll at -1. The casting cost of these spells is equal to the dungeon level it was learned in plus 2.
41-43 Mental Shield
The Witch can try to block hostile magical forces with her mind.
Gain Magic Resistance 5+. (NB any resisted spells can still be learned with the 'Fast Learner' ability.)
44-46 Seer
The Witch has an intuitive knowledge of events about to happen.
She is not subject to 'ambush' attacks and can reposition herself to any empty space within 3 movement places after enemies have been placed on the board.
51-53 Aura of Fear
The Witch exudes a feeling of doom towards her enemies, crushing their will to fight her.
All enemy attacks against the witch are made at –1 to hit.
54-56 Life of Suffering
After years of suffering and persecution the Witch has learned to withstand physical torture and pain.
She gains the skill IGNORE PAIN (2).
61-63 Smell Gold
Life has been a struggle for the Witch. Food and money have been difficult to come by and thus she has developed a supernatural ability to smell any gold nearby.
Before leaving any room for the first time she may roll a d6. On a 4+ she finds (her battle level)d6 x 50 gold. If the room is an objective room she may roll (her battle level)d6 x  100gold
64-66 Spell Storage
The Witch can store spells in her staff.
These can be cast at any time without using mana. The staff holds 1 spell for every 2 battle levels of the character. Each spell may only be cast once per dungeon. Whilst containing spells, the staff is also a more effective weapon and will ignore 1 armour point for every unused spell it contains. The Witch must choose which spells are in the staff before entering a dungeon. Multiple spells of the same type are allowed.


The Witch can be played in several different ways depending on your outlook of witchcraft. Some may see her as a benevolent and earthly character, others as a dark and bitter person. Either way, life has treated rather harshly and she doesn't make friends easily. Having said that, she will tolerate most fellow characters except (rather predictably) the Witch Hunter. The two are totally incompatible and are more liable to kill each other than the dungeon creatures.



As a witch, companions are quite hard to come by and so befriending creatures is quite natural to them. Sometimes the bond between a witch and pet becomes stronger than friendship and the witch can benefit from the creatures abilities. This special bond is gained by presenting a valuable offering to nature in order to prove the Witches spiritual commitment.

The first familiar will require an offering of 500 gold. The second requires 1000 gold. The third requires 1500 gold etc. . After making the offering, roll on the table below to see which familiar comes to aid her. If she already has a similar creature nothing turns up and the gold is wasted.

Familiars are very difficult to control and require considerable mental discipline. Thus she may only gain one familiar for every two battle levels. Therefore she cannot control one until battle level 2.

1 Fox
Gain +1 WS
2 Owl
All spell cost one less mana
3 Boar
Gain +1 Strength
4 Cat
Gain +1 Movement
5 Dragonfly
Improve BS by 1
6 Toad
Can store the witches battle level in mana. She may use these points once per adventure.

If the Witch reaches zero hit points on a roll of a d6. The familiar dies on a roll of '1'. They may also be killed by the Witch if she no longer requires their service. Beware though! If a familiar dies, the Witch loses one hit point permanently.

The familiar may stay in the witches cave while she adventures, keeping a watch over her few possessions and remaining safe from harm. If she chooses otherwise, it will follow her but will always stay hidden from combat.


The following potions may be made instead of the witches usual potions. They require special ingredients and cannot be attempted without them. To acquire an ingredient, the witch must spend one undisturbed turn removing from a dead creature in a dungeon.

These potions are unlike normal potions and can only be safely drunk by a witch. Other spell casters suffer a loss of 1d6 hit points when attempting to drink the liquids. Non magical characters also take 1d6 damage but may spend one turn vomiting on a roll of 4+. If this happens they cannot attack and the potion has no effect.

Ingredient Effect Amount
Dragon Spittle Breath Fire
6d6 damage to a 2 square by 2 square area adjacent to the Witch.
  1d3 potions 
Minotaur Horn Elixir of Courage
Add 2 to all fear and terror rolls made by the drinker for this dungeon.
1d3 potions
Vampire Tooth Drain Life
The next successful attack made by the drinker will drain d6/vampire level hit points. The drinker gains these hit points. They may not exceed their starting level.
1d3 potions
Lich Hair Grasp of Doom
The next successful attack will do damage equal to the drinkers current hit points. Ignore armour, toughness and 'ignore pain' rolls.
1d3 potions
Orc Lord Spleen Gross Stupidity
The drinker gains Ignore Blows 4 and Ignore Pain 4 until the end of combat.
1d3 potions
Giant Blood Giant Strength
This potion imbues a strength of 7 and two extra damage dice until the end of combat.
1d3 potions
Dark Elf Skin Astral Protection
The Witch gains Magic Resistance 4+ until the end of combat.
1d3 potions
Gorgon Eyes Vision of Terror
This foul tasting liquid gives visions of all encounters for an entire dungeon. The player may see all encounter cards/rolls before entering a room. It does not effect random encounters.
1d3 potions


Battle- Level Gold Title MOVE WS BS Str Damage Dice T Wounds I A Luck WP Skills Pin
1 0 Novice 4 2 5+ 2 1 3 1D6+6 4 1 1 3 - 4+
2 2000 Champion 4 2 5+ 2 1 3 2D6+6 4 1 1 4 1 4+
3 4000 Champion 4 3 5+ 3 1 3 2D6+6 4 2 2 4 2 4+
4 8000 Champion 4 3 4+ 3 1 3 3D6+6 5 2 2 4 2 4+
5 12000 Hero 4 3 4+ 3 2 4 3D6+6 5 2 2 4 3 3+
6 18000 Hero 4 4 4+ 3 2 4 4D6+6 5 2 3 5 3 3+
7 24000 Hero 4 4 4+ 4 2 4 4D6+6 5 3 3 5 4 3+
8 32000 Hero 4 4 3+ 4 2 4 5D6+6 6 3 3 5 5 3+
9 45000 Lord 4 4 3+ 4 3 4 5D6+6 6 3 4 5 6 3+
10 50000 Lord 4 4 3+ 4 3 4 6D6+6 7 3 4 5 7 3+