Warhammer Quest
Alehouse Thug V2

By Grogling

'Let's see if you can cast a spell with all your teeth broken!'

Most of your life has been spent in or around the Alehouse. You have been brawling since you could stand and drinking since you could walk. During the past years many people have wandered through the Alehouse doors. Wizards, warriors, dwarves and elves; you have lost count. Some you have befriended, some you have thrown through a window. Either way, it normally ends up as a good night.

Recently you have become more aware of the stories these fellow drinkers tell. Many do not return but the ones that do often tell of great deeds and large quantities of gold. Why should they have all the fun? Surely a beer drinking Thug such as you can do just as well as some Elven Prince or Barbarian Lord. Well, the time has come to find out…


Wounds 1D6+8
Move 4
Weapon Skill       3
Ballistic Skill 5+
Strength 3
Toughness 3
Initiative 3
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 5+


Cheap Cider
This has the same effect as beer (-1WS, -1Initiative, +1 STR, +1 Fear rolls for 1 turn) but also heals 1d6 wounds. If you roll a 1, the bottle is empty. Other warriors may use it but if they roll a 1 or 2, the bottle is empty. New bottles may be bought at the alehouse for 50 gold.

2 bandages


Sword - Str 3

Cudgel - Str 1 -
No deathblow allowed. The cudgel stuns an opponent for 1 turn if the attack is successful. (The stunned enemy is unable to perform any action for that turn.)

Dagger - Str 1 -
Can be thrown


Studded Leather Armour
This gives +1 toughness and costs 300 gold to replace

The Alehouse Thug may use any armour or weapons.


The character may borrow up to 300gold to spend before first adventure. Must be paid back at 10% interest per adventure.


Dodge Blow
Dodge 6+

Dirty Tricks!
On a successful ‘to hit’ roll  the Thug may try to perform and underhanded trick as well as the normal attack. Choose from the list below and roll a d6 + (Half the characters Battle Level, rounded down) to see if it is successful. For example, a level 5 Thug gets 1d6 +2.

Throw Sand
The Thug throws a handful of fine gravel or sand in the opponent’s eyes.
The opponent is at –1 to hit on all attacks this turn.
Difficulty 3

Twist Weapon
The weapon is twisted after it hits the enemy causing an extra point of damage.
Difficulty 3

Head Butt
While in close, the Thug smashes his forehead into the opponent causing an extra 1d6 damage with no modifiers for toughness or armour.
Difficulty 4

While in close, the Thug can try to knock his opponent's weapon out of his hand.
The enemy is at -1 to hit and -2 damage until the weapon is recovered. This will take one turn where the enemy cannot attack or cast spells. This will only work on enemies carrying weapons. Difficulty 5

As the Thug attacks with one hand, he uses a small knife in the other to slice the opponents armour straps.
The armour falls off and is of no use any more. This only works on opponents with worn armour.
Difficulty 5

Trip Up
The warrior kicks his opponent's leg away while they are distracted and they fall to the floor.
The opponent may not attack or cast spells this turn.
Difficulty 6

Balls of Fury
With lightning speed, the Thug's hand shoots out and grabs a part of his enemy that most warriors wouldn't touch. He then tries to yank that part away from the rest of the body.
This has the same effect as Trip Up but also does 1d6 + the Thugs BL in damage with no modifiers for toughness or armour.
Difficulty 7

Drunkard’s Luck
This ability allows the Alehouse Thug to avoid all attacks for one turn except those with an unmodified to hit roll of 6. He does this by stumbling, tripping, falling or performing some other act of incompetence, which the fates deem worthy of him. This ability may be used once per title level in a dungeon. i.e. once as a Lout, twice as a Boozer etc.


The Alehouse Thug may use the same equipment as the Barbarian.


You may re-roll one settlement event per visit.

He must always visit an Alehouse when the opportunity arises (i.e. at every settlement) and roll as on the normal table at +1. (On a result of 13, make an instant roll on the table below and add +5.) After this, he must make a willpower test each day to stop himself going back. The Thug soon gets used to an Alehouse no matter where they are so the second and subsequent visits are made on the table below to represent his knack for avoiding the common pitfalls of other drinkers. He must roll 2d6 and add half his Battle Level (rounded down).

2 Chunder
You lightweight! After a night of severe beer drinking you crawl to the latrine and vomit until your throat is sore. You wake up in the morning, face down in a urinal with 200 gold missing.
3 Barred
The landlord of this pub has a long memory. You should never have punched his staff, stolen his money and slept with his daughter on your last visit. This time he asks you to leave through the window. Start the next adventure at one hit point below your normal starting wounds.
4 Pox
What a great night. You drank loads and met a charming lady. The only problem is that you have woken up in a strange bed with an unpleasant itching sensation. You find a healer who charges 50 gold to remove a pox that you seem to have acquired.
5 Bar-room Brawl
Nothing finishes a great night better than a great fight. OK, so you have a few loose teeth now but you have also gained 1d6 x 100 gold from unconscious opponents. It is just a shame that you have to pay the Landlord 200 gold for damages.
6 Drinking Competition
You are up against a Kislevite and a Dwarf Trollslayer in the finals of this serious competition. Roll 1d6 to see how you do.1 - The last pint comes up as projectile vomit. But where did those carrots come from? Lose the 100 gold you bet against them.2-4 - The Kislevite falls but you continue to match the Dwarf. Eventually the alehouse runs out of beer and the competition is a draw. Win 100 gold.5-6 - Your alcoholic prowess is outstanding. Not only do you stay conscious after both of the others collapse but you celebrate the victory with a drink! Win 200 gold.
7 Dodgy Dealings
Runours are going around about some underhanded business deal in the back room. You manage to get in on the deal but have to place a stake in the business (100 gold minimum, 500 gold maximum). Roll 1d6 to see how the kind the fates are to you.1-2 - Your colleagues in this venture are caught but you manage to leave town quickly. Unfortunately your money is still in town. You had better say farewell to the gold because you will not see it any more.2-4 - The venture works and your money is doubled. It is a shame about the orphans being made homeless but this town needed a new brewery more than an orphanage.5-6 - What a raging success! The moonshine still you invested in has made a fortune. Gain 5 x your original investment. Just don't bump into the local tax collector.
8 Storytelling
A bout of lively story telling goes on in the Alehouse tonight. Most of the tales seem mildly amusing but of little interest. Then an old warrior tells of his dungeoning adventures. You dismiss them as fantasy but the next dungeon you enter seems very familiar. Perhaps he was telling the truth after all. You may look at the event card/roll before entering a dungeon room twice in the next dungeon.
9 Raid
The door bursts open and in charge the militia. Everybody in the alehouse freezes while they start asking awkward questions.  Determined not to appear bothered, you buy a round of beers and offer them to the guards. They are uncertain at first but then accept the drink. One thing leads to another and they end up getting wasted with you. Your new beer buddies are happy to look after you in future. Ignore any settlement rolls you dislike during this visit to town.
10 Lock-in
The Landlord bolts all the doors at midnight with you and several others still inside the Alehouse. You are in for a mammoth drinking session tonight. As the sun rises, you slide the bolts back. Sunlight streams in upon your comatosed drinking buddies. Your are the last one standing. Such outstanding constitution serves you well. Gain 1 hp permanently.
11 Major Bender
Wow! What a fantastic night and you don't even have a hangover. You've never felt so good. Gain +1 luck during your next adventure.
12 Backroom Gambling
There is a game of chance in the back room. You were brought up playing this game and know all of the best ways to win. Roll 1d6 to see how you do.
1 You have been caught cheating! You had better run from town and not come back.
2-3 You break even despite your use on 'unusual' play techniques.
4-5 Your dubious methods of play manage to win you 1d6 x 100 gold.
6 The other player run out of money and gamble whatever else they have. Gain 200 gold and a treasure card.
13 The Treasure Map
A drunk in the corner of the bar has offered to sell you a treasure map for 20 gold. If you accept, roll 1d6 to see if the deal was worth it.
1 The map is a fake and is worthless.
2-3 The map was real but most of the treasure has already been taken by looters. Gain 1 treasure card.
4-5 You don't get a deal like this every day. Gain an extra 100x(Battle Level) gold at the end of you next adventure.
6 A real treasure hoard! Gain an extra Objective treasure and a treasure card at the end of your next adventure.
14 Free Beer
The place is really busy tonight and one of the bar staff has run off to be an adventurer. You take pity on the Landlord and help out for the evening. To show his appreciation he gives you 5 casks of free beer for each of your next two adventures.
15 The Competition
You wander into the Alehouse and see a group of young men showing off their worst battle scars. Reluctant to be beaten, you pull down your trousers and show them the teeth marks left by an enraged wolf. One of the lads who isn't vomiting at the sight gives you two potions of healing in the hope that you never get scarred in such an unsavoury place again. Each potion heals 1d6 hit points.
16 The Stranger
Hidden in the corner is an unusual figure, avoided by the other drinkers. Being curious, you wander over and try to talk with this patron nursing an ale. After a while, the woman warms to you and confesses that she is a witch but disguises herself whenever she wants to come into town for a drink. Impressed with her skill, you ask to be taught it in exchange for a few more beers and she agrees. Gain the skill 'Disguise'. Once per adventure you may disguise yourself so no monsters will attack or pin you until you perform an offensive action.
17 Old Friends
You walk into the bar and recognize some voices from your distant, alcohol hazed past. Three of your old friends are sat at a table and drinking just li they did in the old days. You join them and chat about the past parties and the future hopes. They discuss some things that they have learnt over the years and teach you some new tricks. Gain a new skill from your skill list. You may only gain a maximum of three skills in this way.


The Alehouse Thug trains by drinking heavily buying everybody else drinks in the hope that someone will show him some new tricks or help him improve in another way. This obviously gets expensive and the higher his battle level, the more people he has to get drunk before they teach him something new.

11-13 Rising Knee
Once per adventure the thug may strike a blow for the rights of drunkards everywhere. His knee comes up and automatically hits a crucial part of the unsuspecting enemy. This attack does 1d6+ (Battle Level) in damage (with no modifiers for armour or toughness) and also stuns the opponent. They are unable to do anything for one turn.
14-16 Streetwise
All goods purchased by the character are at 20% less than normal cost.  He/she also gets an extra 1d6 on his stock rolls.
21-23 Elbow Strike
On the successful attack each turn, the Thug may also try to bring his elbow back and hit another opponent for 1d6 + Battle Level damage. Roll 'to hit' as normal. This does not apply to deathblow attacks and the Thug cannot elbow the enemy he first hit.
24-26 Taunt
Once per battle, the Thug may be so abusive that a chosen enemy will desperately try to physically attack him for revenge. This effect lasts 1d3 turns. The enemy may only use standard physical attacks and cannot use spells or special abilities.
31-33 Catch Your Breath
The warrior may rest for one turn immediately after a battle has finished. So long as he/she does nothing he/she regains 1+ (Battle Level) wounds.
34-36 Drunkard's Luck
You stumble, trip or otherwise move out of the way as a dangerous blow falls. Ignore one attack, once per adventure.
41-43 Shoulder Barge
Once per battle, you may ignore pinning and charge at any opponent within your movement range so long as the route is clear. This attack is at +2 to hit and causes (double damage dice + strength + battle level) damage but the thug loses all other attacks and is a -1 toughness for the rest of the turn.
44-46 Seasoned Drinker
Apart from long term liver damage, the Thug can drink beer with no negative effects to weapon skill or initiative.
51-53 The Nibbles!
You know what it is like when you have been drinking. You get hungry and tend to eat whatever food you find. Orc kebabs are a speciality. On every power roll of 6, your warrior finds one provisions which will last until the end of the dungeon. Just don't ask what is in it!
54-56 Hangover
If that Orc screams at you once more, you feel like your head will split. To stop this you punch his head as hard as possible. Once per adventure you may make a hangover induced attack. This is instead of all other attacks. If successful, you knock the opponent unconscious, effectively removing it from combat. This will not work on 'Large Monsters'. If the attack is successful, you must then spend one turn without attacking, just to stop your head spinning.
61-63 Bravado
You have done your fair share of acting brave and intimidating people in your time and are now rather good at it.  Gain +1 to all fear and terror rolls. In addition, all enemies with 'break' must make the roll at -1
64-66 One-Eyed Lil's Finest Scrumpy
Beer is for dwarves. This stuff is for real men. You always carry a spare bottle because you never know when it might be needed. When drinking from the bottle, roll 1d6. On a roll of 1 or 2 the bottle is empty after this turn. You must return to an alehouse to get more. This Gut-Rot has variable effects. Roll 1d6 to see what happens.
1 Regurgitation! You can do nothing else this turn. Now you know what it is like to be a troll.
2 Once your head stops spinning you regain 1 wound.
3 Now that's what I call Dutch Courage. Gain +1 to your next Fear roll and regain 1 wound.
4 Your legs wobble a bit but it does you good. Cure 1d6 wounds.
5 Your speech may be slurred but the brew heals 1d6 wounds and gives +1 to your next Fear roll.
6 Cure 2d6 wounds, gain +2 on your next Fear roll and sing for the next three turns! Anybody who drinks this without your alcoholic prowess gets -1 on their roll.


You are a rude, uncouth drunkard. Fight dirty, cheat whenever you can and enjoy every aspect of life before your liver packs up.


Battle Level Gold Title Move WS BS Str Damage Dice T Wounds I A Luck WP Skills Pin
1 0 Lout 4 3 5+ 3 1 3 1D6+8 3 1 0 3 - 5+
2 2000 Boozer 4 3 5+ 3 1 3 2D6+8 3 1 1 3 1 5+
3 4000 Boozer 4 4 5+ 4 1 3 3D6+8 3 2 2 4 2 5+
4 8000 Boozer 4 4 4+ 4 1 4 4D6+8 4 2 2 4 2 5+
5 12000 Drunkard 4 4 4+ 4 2 4 5D6+8 4 3 2 4 3 4+
6 18000 Drunkard 4 5 4+ 4 2 4 6D6+8 4 3 3 4 3 4+
7 24000 Drunkard 4 5 4+ 4 2 4 7D6+8 4 3 3 4 4 4+
8 32000 Drunkard 4 6 3+ 4 2 4 8D6+8 5 4 3 4 5 4+
9 45000 Landlord 4 6 3+ 4 3 4 9D6+8 5 4 4 5 6 3+
10 50000 Landlord 4 6 3+ 4 3 4 10D6+8 6 4 4 5 7 3+


This character may be fun to play but it is in no way meant to encourage irresponsible drinking.  All who know me are aware that I hardly ever drink (except when I am awake) and do not want to get others into this reprehensible habit. Having said that, if you like this character and want to reward my hard efforts, I accept all forms of cider, beer and wine.