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Warhammer Quest
Bretonian Couple

By Frank Schulte-Kulkmann

On his voyage to gain knighthood, a Bretonian Knight Errand is roaming the lands near and far to perform a deed by which he can prove himself worthy of knighthood. These promising knights also receive assistance by local Lords and Nobles, allowing them entrance to their castles and providing them with shelter for the night. However, these castles sometimes contain dangers of their own, being different in nature from monsters but nonetheless very dangerous…
This is the story of a Knight Errand, who came on his Quest to slay a Demon of Chaos, who spread unrest in Bretonia, to the castle of a Bretonian Duke. The Knight was heavily wounded, and the Duke, honouring the Knight's noble cause, allowed him to stay in the castle until his wounds were cured. However, one day the Knight met in the castle's garden the Duke's beautiful daughter, an Enchantress who had just returned from her education in the arts of magic at the Imperial Colleges of Magic at Altdorf. As time went by, the inevitable happened and the two young people fell in love with each other. They met in secrecy, and when the time came for the Knight to resume his Quest he promised that he would return upon completion of his Quest and ask the Duke for the hand of his daughter.
A year went by, and finally the Knight returned to the Castle, having slain the Chaos Demon and thus having gained the title of a Knight of the Realm. The young Enchantress was overjoyed with the Knight's return, and together they went to the Duke to ask him for his blessings. The Duke however always had wanted to marry his daughter to an influential Bretonian family, and so he rigorously refused his daughter to marry the Knight and banned the Knight from his Lands.
In the darkness of the following night, the Knight sneaked into the castle again to promise his Beloved that he would find a way to convince her father, but when he found her she was waiting for him at their favorite spot in the castle's garden, being equipped for a long voyage and having her favorite steed with her…
So it came that they decided to flee from Bretonia in order to be together. Upon discovery of the escape of his daughter the Duke sent a party after them to bring her back to the castle, but the lovers had not returned to the Knight's Lands but instead decided to abandon all their rights within in Bretonia, since there they would have been prevented from being together by the law of the King. So they fled over the Grey Mountains to the Empire.
However, apart from a few personal possessions they did not possess any wealth, and thus the two of them had to think about finding a way on how to earn a living. Upon hearing of the lost treasures buried in the dungeons below the Worlds Edge Mountains, they decided on a desperate but nonetheless brave plan: since their combined skills made up a considerable fighting power, they decided to enter these dungeons in search for gold and powerful artefacts. These artefacts they would send back to the Enchantress´ father in Bretonia in the hope of proving worthy in his eyes and gaining his blessings at last…



Bretonian Warhorse
The Warhorse carries all your Warrior's gear between the Dungeons, reducing his/her journey time by two weeks. However, it increasing Living Expense in settlement by 5 gold per day. If a hazard that occurs on the journey indicates any kind of fight you may add +1 to any dice rolls required. Unlike other horses, the Bretonian Warhorse cannot be stolen upon leaving a settlement.

Sword, causing 1D6+3 Wounds.

Light Armour.


Bretonian Horse.
The Horse can  carry all your Warrior's gear between the Dungeons, reducing his journey time by two weeks. Since Bretonians care extremely well for their mounts, Living Expense in Settlements are increased by 3 gold per day. However, due to the quality of the stable, a Bretonian horse cannot be stolen upon departure from a Settlement.

Sword, causing 1D6+2 Wounds.


Due to his code of honour, the only weapons the Knight is allowed to use are the different kinds of swords available in the game. He may especially not use any kind of ranged weapon, since he considers these kinds of weapons unworthy of a Knight, preferring honest man-to-man combat. Also, the knight has inherited his suit of armour from his farther, so he will never exchange it voluntarily for a different armour. Otherwise, the Knight can use most of the Equipment the Barbarian can use. Common sense should prevail in solving any questions.

The Enchantress is basically treated as a Wizard, especially concerning her development and training. However, she gets additional power in comparison to the Wizard. In the Settlement she may visit the Wizard's Guild, but if she buys any equipment at a store the same restrictions apply as for the Wizard.



The Bretonian Couple joins the Party together, counting as two characters but being played by the same player. Thus, they are especially suitable for games with only three players available. If, however, a fourth player is also available, the number of monsters encountered should be increased following the standard rules, i.e. by 25 % for each additional Warrior.
Whenever treasures are distributed, the Enchantress and the Knight are allowed one piece of treasure each. However, after one of them has received a treasure, they can only receive another treasure if all other Warriors have received a treasure before.


The Knight and the Enchantress have discovered that they can assist each  other very well in combat. The Knight thus does the close-quarter fighting, will the Enchantress will assist her Beloved with her Spells.
However, due to the somewhat weaker constitution of the Enchantress in close combat, the Knight will try to prevent harm from her as good as he can.
Thus, whenever any shots from ranged weapons are directed at the Enchantress, the Knight will step in and take the shots on himself, provided he is on a space next to the Enchantress.
Likewise, if the Knight stands next to her he will take the first physical blow directed at her each turn, but due to the hurry of the combat he will be considered to have -1 WS for this action.


One of the first spells the Enchantress has been taught at the College of Magic was the Spell of Illumination. During each turn in which the Enchantress spends one current power she creates a small Orb of Light. This Orb is treated exactly like a lantern for reasons of getting lost or exploration. However, they will not use this light to desert their fellow adventurers and return to the entrance on their own.


Since the education at the Imperial Colleges of Magic is of a very high class, the Enchantress starts the game with an additional spell. Unlike the three standard spells, she may chose that spell from the standard spell cards.


If the Knight or the Enchantress dies at any time, their mutual love is stronger than any fear of death. The surviving part tries to finish the adventure, but afterwards he will drink a vial of poison in order to be re-united with is love. The characters are removed from the game.


Even in Settlements the Knight and the Enchantress will never part, visiting all places together and thus having to chose carefully which places they want to visit in order not to waste time.

When both of them can act at a certain place (for example in stores), they are allowed to do so, but otherwise the remaining character simply waits (for example when the Enchantress visits the Wizard´s Guild). Due to their combined adventuring, the Knight and the Enchantress can share the money between them as it suits them.

Since the couple is not interested in cheap entertainment, they will not visit the Alehouse or the Gambling House. However, there exist some Special Locations which they can visit. These Special Locations are somewhat easier to find than other Special Locations, since they are more common even in less-settled areas.
In a village the couple needs to roll a 6 on 1D6 to find one of these locations.
In a town a roll of 6 or more on 2D6 is needed.
In a city a roll of 6 or more on 3D6 is needed.


Upon entering a new settlement, the first thing the couple has to do is to roll to see whether  the settlement contains the castle of a local Lord. If they can find a castle, their noble standing demands that they visit it before they can do anything else in the settlement.
Being overwhelmed by the beauty of the Bretonian Lady, the Guards at the castle gates admit the couple without delay and they are led into the audience room of the local Lord. Roll 1D6 and look up the result on the following table:

Audience Table

1 The Lord had received a letter from the Enchantress´ Father in Bretonia, asking him for assistance in the search for his daughter. The Lord recognizes her and orders his guards to seize the Knight. Roll again:
1 The Knight is overcome by the Guards and is thrown into the Dungeon, whereas the Enchantress is forced into a coach which will take her back to Bretonia. Roll a dice once more. Only on a roll of 3 or more is the Knight able to flee from the Dungeon, stopping the coach in a nearby wood and rescuing his Beloved. The Knight and the Enchantress are considered to have left the settlement and they cannot return. They have to wait outside for their fellow adventurers. On a roll below 3 the Knight cannot escape and the Enchantress is returned to Bretonia. The characters are removed from the game !
2-5 The Knight overcomes the guards and the couple flees from the castle. However, due to an increased search for them they can only stay for 1D3+1 more days in the settlement.
6 The lovers stand fast against the accusations, telling their story and convincing the Lord of the righteousness of their case. See under number 6 in the Audience Table.
2 Taken by the Enchantress´ beauty, one of the sons of the Lord challenges the Knight to a fight, hoping to overcome him in battle in order to gain her hand.
The duel is conducted the following way: Roll one die and multiply the roll by the Battle Level of the Knight. This are the wounds of the Lord's Son. The Knight has his wounds at starting level. In the first round of the duel the Knight strikes his opponent, causing 1D6 + his Battle Level wounds. If the opponent's wounds sink to 0, he is slain and the duel is over. Otherwise it's now the turn of the Lord's son to cause 1D6 of wounds to the Knight. Turns alternate until one of the participants is slain.
If the Knight is slain by the Lord's Son, the Enchantress upon seeing the death of her Beloved secretly drinks a vial of poison. The Characters are removed from the game. If the Knight wins, the couple has to leave the castle but they can stay in the Village.
3-5 Seeing that his visitors are of noble blood, the Lord invites the couple to stay at his castle as long as they stay in the village. The couple does not have to pay any living expenses for the whole stay. Instead of visiting a settlement location, the couple can chose to roll on the Castle Table once per day (making a roll on the Settlement Events Table unnecessary).
6 The story of the escape from Bretonia touches the Lord's heart, reminding him of his own youth and the way how he won the hand of his wife. He sends a squire to his treasure chamber to fetch something that may help the couple on their quest. Draw a random treasure card. If it's value is below or equal to 100 Gold, draw a second card as well (When using special treasures for Objective Rooms roll a die: on a roll of 1-5 follow the rules above, on a roll of 6 gain one Objective Room treasure.)
The Lord invites the couple to stay at his castle as long as they stay in the village. The couple does not have to pay any living expenses for the whole stay. Instead of visiting a settlement location, the couple can chose to roll on the Castle Table once per day (making a roll on the Settlement Events Table unnecessary).

Castle Table

1-3 The Lord invites the couple to a day of hunting. Far from the sorrows of the Dungeon and of every-day life, the Enchantress and the Knight spend a pleasant but uneventful day.
4 Eager to help the couple on their quest, the Lord had rummaged through his treasure chamber to search something useful to offer them. Take a random Treasure card and roll a die. On a roll of 1 the artefact had been used up and must be discarded as useless. On any other roll the item is intact and the couple may buy it at double its Gold value.
5 The Knight meets an old veteran who had fought a lot of battles for his Lord. He is willing to teach the Knight a new Skill. Roll a dice: On a roll of 4-6 the Knight gains a new skill !
6 In a chamber of the castle the Enchantress meets the castle's wizard. Upon hearing her story, the wizard agrees to teach her a new spell. Take a random spell card and roll a dice: On a roll of 4-6 the Enchantress has learned that spell.


Knight's Training
With Knightly Virtue and Honour being held high in the moral codex of a Bretonian Knight, the Knight cannot train at the normal training facilities available for other Warriors. He can only train if he is a guest at a castle, with the training procedure otherwise following the normal procedure. He still has to pay Gold, but this is given as an offer to the gods since he nominally receives the training for free. The Knight has special skills which he can learn. During the training period, the Enchantress can only visit traders in the village, having received an escort from the local Lord. Thus, she does not have to roll on the Settlement Events Table.

Imperial Post
Since Emperor Karl Franz wants his Lords to send him regular reports concerning the situation in the different parts of the Empire, he has established a well-working postal communication service with his Lords. If the couple stays at the castle, may use this service in order to have one of their treasure cards delivered to the Enchantress´ father in Bretonia. This item will be delivered during the next adventure, so that the Couple will hear of the results after it. The posting of the item does not count as a day's activity, but it costs the couple 150 Gold. Always keep a note on how many items the couple has sent.
Upon reaching the next castle, the couple may re-roll any roll of 1 on the audience table, having temporarily pleased the Bretonian Duke. After the audience with the local Lord, make a roll on the Runaways Table.

Runaways Table

Being forced out of Bretonia for their love for each other, the couple's hearts still ache for the pastures and valleys of beautiful Bretonia. For this reason they seek forgiveness from the Enchantress´ farther and want him to give them their blessings to marry.
When asked to roll on the Runaways Table, roll 5D6. For each treasure you have sent to the Bretonian Duke you may re-roll one of the dice.  If the final result is a 6 on each dice, the couple finally has managed to touch the heart of the Lord with their bravery. In this case he has sent them a dispatch asking them to return to Bretonia to celebrate their wedding. At the end of their stay in the current village, the whole party of adventurers embarks on a voyage to Bretonia, being escorted by a detachment of Bretonian Knights and not having to roll on the Voyage Hazards Table.
Upon arrival at the Bretonian Border, the Duke and his wife are already waiting for the travelers. The Enchantress is swept into her mother's and father's arms and both of the parents pledge their pardons to the Knight. Days later, a great Bretonian Wedding his held at the Duke's Castle, and even Louen Leonceur, King of Bretonia, is present, since he has heard of the noble deeds of the couple. As wedding gifts, the couple receives two Objective Room Treasures and two Dungeon Room Treasures, being allowed to redraw (re-roll) for all objects which they cannot use for any reason until they find something they can use.
But also the adventurers do not go empty. Being friends of the couple, the Duke also gives great gifts to them. Each Adventurer receives one random Dungeon Room Treasure and 1D6 multiplied by 200 Gold.
This might be a suitable point for the Bretonian Couple to retire from adventuring, but if the player wishes he can still continue to use them for adventuring. When entering a local castle, the couple now does not roll on the audience table anymore. They are automatically given a result of 3-5 on that table. However, each time the couple enters a castle they have to roll an additional dice. On a roll of 6 the King of Bretonia has appointed the Knight to Duke and thus the business of the state forces the couple to return to Bretonia. Their adventuring days are over…


Some of the settlements on the border to the Worlds Edge Mountains are connected to a grid work of coach stations.

If they can find a station, the couple may send a single treasure back to the Duke in Bretonia. This delivery costs them 50 Gold, but due to the unreliability of the post there is a chance that the item is lost. Roll a dice: On a roll of 1 the item is lost, on any other roll the item has been delivered successfully and the results for this are the same than under the Imperial Post section under the Castle Heading.


Concerning events from the Hazards Table, these are, if possible, applied to both Knight and Enchantress. Common sense should prevail here.

Only one roll is necessary on the Settlements Events Table for the couple. Certain events given in the Settlements Events Table have to be applied differently to the couple.

11 Thrown Out
Due to their noble standing, the couple will not be thrown out of a village. Treat this event as an uneventful day.
23 Fooled
This event applies only to one item, not to one of each Knight and Enchantress.
24 Circus
Since the couple does not believe in witchcraft, they will not enter the wagon. They spend an uneventful day at the Circus.
26 Betrothed
Because the Knight and the Enchantress are obvious lovers, treat this event as an uneventful day which they spend together in a local park, enjoying each other's company.
31 Drugged
The Enchantress has created a magical potion, but she has made an error. Roll a dice. On a roll of 1-3 it is drunk by the Enchantress, on a roll of 4-6 it is drunken by the Knight. Apply the
normal results from the event.
34 Riotous Living
Even the couple may succumb to the luxuries of comfortable living. However, they spend 50 Gold each upon rolling this event.
35 Duel
The Enchantress has been gravely insulted by a foreign knight, so the Knight challenges the offender to a duel. Roll on the normal table for this event. If the Knight dies, the Enchantress follows her Beloved by taking poison.
41 Gambling
Since the couple resents such an activity, they instead spend a joyful day in a local bathhouse.
43 Joint the Watch
In this event the Knight is asked to train the local watch for 1D6+1 days. His honour demands him to comply with this request. During this time the Enchantress may only visit the Wizard's Guild, staying there if she can find it. No roll is needed on the Settlement Events Table for her.
44 Illness
Due to their close relation, both the Enchantress and the Knight catch the illness, so that the costs are doubled.


The Knight has the following skills available to him as he goes up his Battle Levels. To determine which specific skill he learns when given the opportunity, roll 2D6:

2 Righteous Blow
Calling upon the Powers of the Lady of the Lake, the Knight's blow is enforced by the Will of the Lady.
The skill allows the Knight to cause two additional wounds on his opponent if his to hit roll was a natural 6.
3 Vision Of The Lady
Before entering a new room, the Knight may pray to the Lady of the Lake. Sometimes the Lady may appear to the Knight, giving him some guidance on what to expect.
Once a new room has been placed the Warrior may roll 1D6. On a roll of 5 or 6 the next event card for that room may be looked at. If the card is Monsters then the type and amount may be determined so the Warriors know what to expect.
4 Hard Training
The Knight has trained excessively to enhance his swordplay.
The Knight now gets +1 to Weapon Skill.
5 Endurance
Being trained hard for severe combat situations, the Knight's body has gained some hidden reserves for desperate situations.
When the Knight's wounds sink for the first time in an adventure below 4, he immediately regains 3 wounds.
6 Knowledge of Armour
Having studied the different types of armour available in the world, the Knight has found weak spots in most of these armours.
Whenever the Knight inflicts damage, on a roll of 6 on 1D6 he finds a weak spot in his opponent's armour and may ignore the opponent's armour for this attack.
7 Hero's Virtue
The Lady of the Lake grants the Knight an increase of his courage. He becomes determined to purge the world of fearful abominations of terror.
The Knight becomes immune to fear and whenever fighting against a monster causing fear his Weapon Skill and Strength is increased by 1. In addition, he uses one additional damage dice against these monsters. However, the Knight will never flee from any Monster causing fear.
8 Fast Swordplay
Swinging his sword like a whirlwind, the Knight's attacks become more furious
The Knight gains +1 Attack when using a single-handed sword in battle.
9 Parry
With a practiced maneuver and a deft flick of the wrist the Knight can hook his sword around his enemy's weapon and twist it down and to one side.
The skill allows the Knight to parry an incoming blow. When the Knight is attacked roll a 1D6. On a score of 1-5 he must take the blow as normal. On a score of 6 he turns the blow and it causes no damage.
10 Ancient Lore
The Knight has done some studies in ancient lore, allowing him a better understanding of the runes and writings he may find in a dungeon.
Upon completing the Objective Room, the Knight may roll a dice. On a roll of 5 or 6 he finds a hidden chamber, containing an additional treasure. Roll again: On a roll of 1-4 it's a Dungeon Room Treasure, on a roll of 5 or 6 it's an Objective Room Treasure.
11 The Power Of Words
"We shall prevail, since our cause is just and the Lady of the Lake gives us her protection."
Upon entering a Dungeon, the Knight may address his fellow adventurers with a speech to raise their spirits. Roll a dice: On a roll of 4-6 the warriors are grappled by a grim determination to survive all dangers. Each warrior may add 1D6 Wounds and 1 Strength for the duration of the adventure. Upon hearing the bold words from her Beloved, the Enchantress gains additional 2 Power for the duration of the adventure. 
12 The Power Of Love
The love between the Knight and the Enchantress has formed an inseparable bond between the lovers, allowing them to draw on each other's powers.
When the Knight or the Enchantress is at 0 wounds for the first time, the other may surrender up to 1D6 of his own wounds which are transferred to the wounded. This happens at the end of the turn, and only if the Knight and the Enchantress are in adjacent spaces.


Battle Level Gold Title Move WS BS Str Dam. Dice T Wounds I A Luck WP P Skills
1 0 Knight 4 3* 4+ 3 1 3 1D6+8 4 1 0 3 6+ 0
2 2,000 Knight 4 3* 4+ 3 1 3 2D6+8 4 1 1 3 6+ 1
3 4,000 Baron 4 4 3+ 4 1 3 3D6+8 4 2 1 3 6+ 2
4 8,000 Baron 4 4 3+ 4 2 4 4D6+8 4 2 2 3 6+ 3
5 12,000 Baron 4 5 3+ 4 2 4 5D6+8 4 2 2 3 5+ 3
6 18,000 Duke 5 5 2+ 4 2 4 5D6+8 5 2 3 4 5+ 4
7 24,000 Duke 5 6 2+ 4 2 4 6D6+8 5 2 3 4 5+ 4
8 32,000 Duke 5 6 2+ 4 3 5 6D6+8 5 3 3 4 4+ 5
9 45,000 Lord 6 6 2+ 4 3 5 7D6+8 6 2 4 4 4+ 6
10 50,000 Lord 6 7 2+ 4 3 5 7D6+8 6 3 4 5 4+ 7

* Special To Hit values apply (as printed on the Warrior Card) as long as the Knight remains on WS 3.


Battle Level Gold Title Move WS BS Str Dam. Dice T Wounds I A Luck WP P Power
1 0 Novice 4 2* 6+ 2 1 2 1D6+5 5 1 0 3 4+ 1D6
2 2,000 Champion 4 2* 6+ 2 1 2 2D6+5 5 1 1 3 3+ 2D6+2
3 4,000 Champion 4 2* 5+ 2 1 2 2D6+5 5 1 1 4 3+ 3D6+2
4 8,000 Champion 4 3 5+ 2 1 3 3D6+5 5 2 2 4 3+ 4D6+2
5 12,000 Hero 5 3 5+ 3 2 3 3D6+5 6 2 2 4 3+ 5D6+4
6 18,000 Hero 5 3 5+ 3 2 3 4D6+5 6 2 3 4 2+ 6D6+4
7 24,000 Hero 5 3 4+ 3 2 4 4D6+5 6 2 3 5 2+ 7D6+4
8 32,000 Hero 5 3 4+ 3 2 4 5D6+5 6 2 3 5 2+ 8D6+6
9 45,000 Lord 6 4 4+ 4 2 4 5D6+5 7 2 4 5 2+ 8D6+6
10 50,000 Lord 6 4 3+ 4 3 4 6D6+5 7 3 4 5 2+ 10D6+6

* Due to the Enchantress´ missing training in combat, special To Hit Values (as printed on her Warrior Card) apply as long as she remains WS 2.