Warhammer Quest
Lahmian Vampire

by Chris McPeak

Legends tell of an ancient vampire Queen who resides high in the Worlds Edge Mountains. Most believe it to be merely an old wives’ tale. A few scholars know better. The Vampire Queen of Mysteries does indeed exist, and those who know call her Neferata, which means “ She who is beautiful in death “ in the ancient tongue of Nehekhara, the land of the Dead.
Vampires of the Lahmian Sisterhood, the descendants of Neferata’s Cursed bloodline, are her eyes and ears in the outside world and using the information from their reports she plots and weaves a web of intrigue. For the the Queen Dreams of enslaving all the Vampires of the known world and returning to ancient Lahmia at the head of an Undead army, reclaiming her throne and rebuilding the great Temple of Blood.
In order to achieve her goal however, she sends forth her descendants, vampires of her bloodline who inform her of political intrigue and important information that happens in the old world.  A rare few Lahmians go further then that, occasionally leaving their cozy castles and home comforts, and joining bands of adventurers in order to search for ancient Khemrian artefacts that once belonged to Neferata, and the city of Lahmia. When a Lahmian finds such an artifact, Neferata rewards them greatley, giving them access to more lands, power, and the spread of their influence throughout the Lahmian Sisterhood. As their influence spreads, so does their power.  Lahmians are generally reputed to be women of extraordinary beauty and skilled warriors. Many are chosen as Assasins, their lightning quick reflexes and skills making them a perfect choice for a silent murderer. Lahmians are as fast as quicksilver, and the legends of many a lady vampire catching a cannon ball in mid flight, are indeed quite correct.
Many an adventurer has died at the hands of a Lahmian before they even got a chance to unsheath their sword, finding their own beating heart in the very hands of the lady vampiress before they could even blink.


Wounds 4D6
Move 4
Weapon Skill          3
Ballistic Skill 4+
Strength 4
Toughness 3
Initiative 6
Attacks 1
Pinning Auto
Willpower 5
Luck 0


ENEMY'S WS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
TO HIT FOE 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6

Starting as a  Lahmian Vampire

Most newly created Lahmians are by far weaker than their Sisters who have managed to prosper in their castles and courts.  Indeed, some Vampires have been reduced to a state almost as bloodthirsty as a Ghoul. These Vampires are called Carouche (Car-oosh). A player starting as a Vampire begins as a Carouche and suffers from an overwhelming bloodlust which she must keep in check.
A Lahmian begins the game with 4D6 Wounds.  Unlike other Warriors, none of these dice can be rerolled. This represents the Vampire's weakened state, or in some cases, if the roll is good, his supernatural psyche and power.
All Monsters in base contact suffer a –1 penalty to their willpower tests for purposes of testing for fear, terror, and any bloodline power that they must test against the Lahmian for.
A Lahmian causes fear starting at Level 2. Once a Lahmian reaches Battle Level 6 they cause terror.


A Vampire begins the game with the Blood Lust disadvantage.  The Vampire has an almost uncontrollable urge for sweet tasting blood early in her career. This urge is usually controlled as he goes up in Battle-Levels.
When a combat has just finished, and before the Warriors get treasure for the battle, the Vampire must try and stop her killing spree.  Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 or 2, the Vampire must immediately move towards the closest Warrior and make a single attack with her current weapon against him, in an effort to continue the blood letting. After the attack is resolved, roll another dice. If this, too, comes up with a 1 or a 2, make a further attack. Keep making attacks until the Blood Lust wears off.
If the Vampire kills her current target, she will move onto the next Warrior.
When a Vampire goes up to Battle-Level 2, she will lose this Blood Lust disadvantage. It is only a Carouche who will suffer this uncontrollable urge to kill.


A Vampire can use any type of sword, be it magical or otherwise, except the Blessed Sword. If she finds this particular weapon, she must immediately lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds and give it to another Warrior.
Axes, maces and hammers can be utilised by a Vampire also.
A Vampire can not wear any armour whatsoever if she intends to cast spells unless it is magical. It interferes with her spell casting abilities. This means she can not wear helmets, or use a shield if she wishes to cast spells.


Vampires, with their human appearance, have no trouble entering settlements, and have no restrictions as to what they can do. They may visit all Special Locations, excluding the Temple, save that of a Lahmian Temple. While in the Alehouse, roll 2D6 for the results.
Lahmians may attempt to vist a Lahmian Temple once they are inside the city. However, the Temple is hidden quite well, and is sometimes difficult for the Lahmian, or anyone for that matter, to find. In order to find a Lahmian temple, roll 3D6. You must score a 12 or higher on 3D6 to find the temple. Once there, the Lahmian must confer with the sisterhood and inform them of her findings. Also, she must turn over any Khemrian or Lahmian artefacts that she has found. Once she has conferred with her sisterhood, she must then pray and commune with Neferata, informing her of her findings and any political intrigues and information. A Lahmian Vampire MUST commune with Neferata in order to Level. If they fail in this attempt, they cannot attempt it again during their stay in the settlement.
To commune with Neferata, roll 1D6 and roll the necessary score or above depending on where you are.

Village 5
Town 4
City 3
Seaport 2
Norse Seaport         1

If the Vampire is in the Lost Kingdoms, subtract 2 from the roll. If in Norsca, subtract 1. A roll of 1 always fails, and a roll of 6 always succeeds.
If the Vampire is ready to be promoted, Neferata will grant her with enough power to enhance her statistics, as shown on her Battle-Level table as normal. In addition, the Warrior may gain a few rolls on the Vampire Ability/Skill/Spell Table.
A Vampire does not have to train when he communes with Neferata.  For every 500 Gold worth of Khemrian or Lahmian artefacts the Warrior presents to Neferata, she gains an instant roll on the Ability/Skill/Spell Table. These items of treasure must be discarded immediately, and no gold can be gained for them. In order to determine whether an artifact is Khemrian or Lahmian in origin, roll a D6. On a score of a 5 or 6 the Artifact is Lahmian or Khemrian, may be used and sacrificed as a gain in power when the Lahmian communes with Neferata.
Only one attempt to commune with Neferata is allowed per stay.


Vampires hate sunlight, and thus will only travel in the dead of night. To represent this during wilderness travel, use the following rules.
It is assumed that the other Warriors travel during the day, and the Vampire travels the same path during the night.  Any events that require each Warrior to roll a dice, or give them a choice, etc, are treated as normal. The Warriors encounter the event during the day and the Vampire encounters the same event while walking at night. Events which require one roll as a group are made with one roll for the Warriors, and one separate roll for the Vampire, to indicate that she is travelling at a different time than the other Warriors.
Note that a Lahmian MAY travel during the daytime with the Adventurers if she drapes herself in a cloak and keeps all portions of her flesh hidden from the sunlight. But normally, she must travel at night only.


As Vampires go up in Battle-Levels, they may gain the ability to cast Necromantic and Dark Magic spells, as well as Human spells. Casting of these spells is done in a similar way to that of the Elf Ranger Mage, as explained below.
To cast a spell, the Vampire relies on the Winds of Magic in a similar way to the human Wizard. In the Power Phase, when the dice is rolled to determine magical power, this dice roll also indicates how easy the Vampire finds it to cast spells.

Power Roll D6 Score to cast spell
1 6
2 5
3 4
4 3
5 2
6 2

A Lahmian can attempt to cast a certain number of spells each turn depending on her Battle-Level. Summon spells may only be successfully cast once per combat event, while other spells may only be successfully cast once per turn. (eg. A Vampire cannot cast Raise Zombies 4 times per turn on Battle Level 10, summoning up to 24 of each, each turn!)

Level Number of attempts per turn
Carouche 1
Vampire 2
Vampire Count 3
Vampire Lord 4


When training, or when giving magical artefacts to Neferata, a Lahmian is entitled to make rolls on the Ability/Skill/Spell Table.
To find out how many rolls the Lahmian gains, see the Lahmian Battle-Level Table. A Vampire gains 1 roll when she presents Neferata with Khemrian or Lahmian  Artefacts.
Roll D66 on the following table. Unless stated otherwise, if the Vampire gains a skill, spell or ability he already has, roll again.

11 Swiftness (Bloodline Power)

The Vampire has the ability to defy gravity. She may add +1 to his movement characteristic and may automatically break from Pinning. In addition, she will never be affected by pits and holes, and does not have to roll on any tables when rolling a 1 in the Chasm of Despair, etc.

12 Transfixing Stare (Ability)

The Vampire can look deeply into the eyes of his enemy and confound him with magical images in his mind. A single Monster can be hit automatically if the Warrior can roll 6 on a D6. This ability can be used once per turn. The effects of the Transfixing Stare last for one turn.

13 Raise Zombies (Spell)

The Vampire calls upon the powers of Nagash to summon Undead to aid the Warriors in the battle to come. The table shows the number of Zombies summoned.

Level Number of Zombies summoned
Carouche 1
Vampire 1
Vampire Count 1D3
Vampire Lord 1D6

Summoned Zombies are placed as evenly as possible around the Monsters. They attack and move after the Vampire has had his turn. Monsters will only attack the Zombies if there is no other Warrior to attack. The Vampire does not get gold for any Monsters killed by the Zombies. Once the battle is over, the Zombies dissolve into the ground.

14 Arcane Knowledge (Skill)

The Vampire has been gifted with great knowledge of the magical arts. He may immediately gain a random Wizard spell equal in Casting Cost to the Vampire's Battle-Level. This spell can be cast as normal. This skill may be gained more than once in a Vampire's career.

15 Death Spasm (Spell)

The Vampire may pick a single target on the same board section and send him into a agonising spasm. He suffers unmodified damage as stated on the table.

Level Damage sustained
Carouche 1D3 Wounds
Vampire 1D6 Wounds
Vampire Count 1 W per Battle-Level
Vampire Lord 1 W per Battle-Level

16 Connoisseur (Skill)

The Lahmian is a lover of the finer things in life. Fine wines, food and women.  She must pay 20 gold per day in every Settlement (including Villages) or else he will leave immediately.

21 Regeneration (Ability)

The Vampire has been gifted with the ability to heal his own Wounds.  At the end of every turn, the Vampire gains 1 Wound.  This ability may be gained more than once in a Vampire's career. The Vampire does not gain a Wound if he is on zero Wounds.

22 Mist Form (Bloodline Power)

This spell may be cast on the Vampire herself only. The Lahmian shimmers and forms into a dark mist. All Monsters, unless they have a magical weapon, are at -1 To Hit. The Lahmian may move 2D6 squares per turn instead of his usual movement. The duration is as shown on the table below.

Level Duration in turns
Carouche 1
Vampire 1
Vampire Count 2
Vampire Lord 3

If any Monster hits the Lahmian while The Dark Mist is in effect, the spell will immediately terminate, but the Vampire will not take any Wounds for that hit.

23 Shadow Fast (Skill)

The Lahmian is so fast in combat that she is a blur to all the other Warriors.
At the start of every Warrior's Phase, roll 1D6. On a roll of 4+, the Vampire can make her attacks first, regardless of initiative.

24 Fangs (Ability)

Sharp, poisonous fangs protrude from the Vampire's mouth.
He gains an extra Attack at -1 to Hit, +1 Strength. Any Wounds caused are added to the Vampire's current total. These Wounds can not take him above his Permanent Wounds total.

25 Gaze of Nagash (Spell)

A Bolt of Dark Magic strikes a single Monster on the same board section as the Vampire. It damages the Monster depending on the table below.

Level Damage sustained
Carouche 2D6
Vampire 2D6
Vampire Count 1D3 per Battle-Level
Vampire Lord 1D6 per Battle-Level

26 Lightning Reflexes (Bloodline Power)

This skill allows the Lahmian to make one single attack on any Monster as it is placed on the board next to her. This blow may not cause Death Blows. The Vampire can not use this skill if the Monster she wishes to attack has ambushed her.

31 Malediction of Nagash (Spell)

This spell affects Monsters depending on the following table.

Level Number of Monsters affected
Carouche 1
Vampire 2
Vampire Count 3
Vampire Lord 4

Monsters chosen to be targets of this spell can not move this turn, and are at -1 on all their To Hit rolls.

32 Mantle of Darkness (Ability)

The Lahmian has the ability to cloak herself in a shield of blackness once per Battle-Level per adventure. All Monsters are at -1 to Hit the Vampire. In addition, all Monsters are at -1 Attacks when attacking the Vampire. A Monster can never have less than 1 Attack because of the Mantle. The Mantle lasts until the start of the following Warrior's Phase.

33   Quickblood (Bloodline Power)

Lahmians are reputed to be as fast as quicksilver and as deadly as a lightning strike. When a Lahmian finally gains the bloodline power that her lineage is renowned for, she can catch cannonballs in  mid-flight, snatch arrows out of the air and dodge even the most powerful blows that would kill a normal man in seconds. A Lahmian who has this ability dodges any and all blows on a D6 roll of 5+.

34 Summon Ghouls (Spell)

The Vampire calls upon the powers of Nagash to summon Undead to aid the Warriors in the battle to come. The table shows the number of Ghouls summoned.

Level Number of Ghouls summoned
Carouche 1
Vampire 1
Vampire Count 1D3
Vampire Lord 1D6

Summoned Ghouls are placed as evenly as possible around the Monsters. They attack and move after the Vampire has had his turn. Monsters will only attack the Ghouls if there is no other Warrior to attack. The Vampire does not get gold for any Monsters killed by the Ghouls. Once the battle is over, the Ghouls flee.

35 Ethereal (Ability)

The Lahmian has the ability to fade into a state of Etherealness. She may do this once per adventure for a set period of time. While Ethereal, she has a single Chill attack rated on the following table. Shee gains the usual abilities while she is Ethereal. This ability may be gained again, which means that the Vampire can become Ethereal twice per adventure, and so on.

Level Turns Chill Attack
Carouche 1D3 1
Vampire 1D6 2
Vampire Count 1D6 3
Vampire Lord 2D6 4

36 Parry (Skill)

The Vampire has the speed to block incoming blows. Each attack that hits him he may block if he is using a sword. The dice roll needed to block is on the table below.

Level Roll to Block
Carouche 6+
Vampiress 5+
Vampire Countess 4+
Vampire Lady 3+

41 Drain Life (Spell)

This spell drains the life force out of nearby Monsters.  Roll 1D3 for the radius of the spell. All Monsters within the radius of the spell's effect from the Vampire suffer unmodified Wounds stated on the following table if they roll less than 4 on 1D6.

Level Wounds caused
Carouche 1
Vampire 1
Vampire Count 1D3
Vampire Lord 1D6

Any Wounds suffered are added onto the Vampire's current total. The Vampire can not gain more Wounds than he has Permanent Wounds in this fashion.

42 Night Creature (Bloodline Power)

The Lahmian has the ability to blend into the shadows and the night as if she was never there. It is this ability alone that makes a Lahmian such a dreaded assassin. A Lahmian may engage this bloodline power once per adventure per battle level that she has. The Lahmian becomes completely invisibile and undetectable to her enemies. She is also immune to ambush. This power lasts longer depending on how powerful the Lahmian is. Note that the Lahmian MAY attack her enemies while Invisible, but they cannot back.

Level Number of turns for Power
Carouche 1
Vampiress 1
Vampire Countess 1D3
Vampire Lady 1D6

43 Shape Changing (Ability)

The Vampire has the power to become one of four different shapes. Upon gaining this ability, roll 1D4 on the following table.

1 Rat
2 Bat
3 Wolf
4 Smoke

The Vampire can change herself into a common rat at any time. When she does this, she may immediately roll on the Escape table, adding +5 to the roll. Any treasure and gold he has found this dungeon must be discarded. If she should lose any Wounds while escaping, she is automatically killed.
The Vampire can change into a large blood sucking Vampire Bat once per adventure. Each time she does so, she loses 1D6 Wounds. If this kills her, the Vampire is automatically dead, and can not be raised. While in bat form she may move 2D6 squares per turn, can see in the dark, can ignore Pinning and can ignore pits, chasms, etc. The bat has 1 Attack of 1D6 + Vampire's Strength at -1 To Hit. Any Wounds caused are added to the Vampire's total. She can not go above her maximum Wounds in this way. The Vampire can stay in this from for as long as she wishes, but does not get any gold for Monsters killed while in the form of a bat, and gets no treasure at all. Use the Vampire's usual statistics while in bat form. A Vampire can not cast spells in this form.
The Vampire can change into a huge, powerful Dire Wolf once per adventure. This costs her 2D6 Wounds.  While in Wolf Form, she may move at 6 squares per turn, and has 1 Attack, doing 2D6 + Vampire's Strength damage. The Vampire can stay in this form for as long as she wishes, but gains no gold or treasure for any kills. If the Vampire takes 10 or more Wounds in one attack, the shock will force her to transform back into human form. A Vampire can not cast spells in this form.
While in smoke form, the Vampire can not be hit by any weapons other than magical ones, but she can not attack at all. She can turn into Smoke once per adventure, and can change her shape back into a Vampire at any time she wishes. If she takes 10 or more Wounds from any single attack, she will immediately revert to her humanoid form. A Vampire can not cast spells in this form.
A Vampire can not use any other spells, skills or abilities while she is shape changed, except those which he has no choice but to roll for. (Blood Lust,).
This ability may be gained four times. If the Vampire rolls a shape she already has, he may roll again.

44 Endure (Skill)

This skill allows the Vampire to ignore the effects of a single blow that would have otherwise killed him. It may be used once per adventure.

45 Raise Skeletons (Spell)

The Vampire calls upon the powers of Nagash to summon Undead to aid the Warriors in the battle to come. The table shows the number of Skeletons summoned.

Level Number of Skeletons summoned
Carouche 1
Vampire 2
Vampire Count 3
Vampire Lord 1D3 + 3

Summoned Skeletons are placed as evenly as possible around the Monsters. They attack and move after the Vampire has had her turn. Monsters will only attack the Skeletons if there is no other Warrior to attack. The Vampire does not get gold for any Monsters killed by the Skeletons. Once the battle is over, the Skeletons dissolve into the ground.

46 The Dead Walk Fast (Bloodline Power)

The Lahmian gains exceptional speed in a mere split second, and before one can blink, is gone from the sight. The lahmian on a successful D6 Roll of 4+, may elect to run instead of walk. For that turn she doubles her movement.

51 Agility (Skill)

The Vampire has amazing reactions and co-ordination.  Once per adventure, he may dodge a single attack that he does not wish to take damage from. In addition, the Vampire gains +1 Movement. This skill may be gained more than once during a Vampire's career.

52 Hand of Dust (Spell)

The Vampire may cast this spell on any single adjacent Monster.  Both roll 1D6 and add their Strength to the result. The Vampire also adds the following bonuses to his score.

Level Additional Bonuses
Carouche 0
Vampire 1
Vampire Count 2
Vampire Lord 3

If the Vampire gets the highest score, the Monster is immediately turned into a Wight, which may attack and move after the Vampire has his turn. If the Monster gets higher, the Vampire takes 1D6 unmodified Wounds for each of his own Battle-Levels.
Because of the power of this spell, after every casting, the Vampire loses 1D3 Wounds with no modifiers, even if the spell did not go his way.
Any Wizards who are affected by the spell are turned into Wraiths instead of Wights. After the battle, all Wights and Wraiths dissolve into the ground. The Vampire gains no gold for monsters converted into Wights or Wraiths.
The spell does not work against Large Monsters, Demonic Monsters, or Monsters which cause Terror.

53 Transfix (Bloodline Power)

The Vampire has the power to confuse and addle his opponents mind. Once per turn, the Vampire may attempt to hypnotise an adjacent Monster. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 4, the Monster loses 1D6 Attacks. This ability may be gained more than once during a Vampire's career.

54 Witch Flight (Spell)

This spell allows the Vampire to teleport to any square in the dungeon that has already been explored. Remember the rules for being Lost in the Dark, though. A Carouche can not cast this spell until he has gone up a Battle-Level.

55 Blood Lust (Ability)

The vampire suffers an uncontrollable urge to kill and to blood let. This is the same ability that a beginning Vampire starts with, and then loses. The rules for this ability can be found above. Sometimes, a Vampire may think she has got full control over her Blood Lust, but it could resurface at any time.

56 Mindless (Ability)

Due to the warping powers of Chaos, the Vampire has become a mindless drone. At the beginning of every Warrior's phase, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the Vampire enters a state of mindlessness and confusion. He may do nothing for his entire turn. Any Monsters attempting to hit him will gain a bonus of +2 to their To Hit Rolls. He has only 1 Attack, and can not any other abilities, spells, or skills.

61 Vanhel's Danse Macabre (Spell)

The Vampire gains a certain number of extra Attacks this turn, as stated on the table below.

Level Extra Attacks
Carouche 1
Vampire 2
Vampire Count 3
Vampire Lord 4

62 Innocence Lost (Bloodline Power)

One defense of these deceptive creatures is to look so inoffensive and vulnerable that the enemy lowers his own defense. That is when they strike with all their supernatural strength, ripping apart armor bodies with their seemingly innocent hands.
Any enemy wishing to attack the Lahmian must make an opposed willpower  test. If they fail, they cannot attack nor cast spells at the Lahmian whatsoever. The Lahmian must be in Base contact with her enemy for her to enact this power.

63 Summon Mummies (Spell)

The Vampire calls upon the powers of Nagash to summon Undead to aid the Warriors in the battle to come. The table shows the number of Mummies summoned.

Level Number of Mummies summoned
Carouche 0
Vampire 1
Vampire Count 1
Vampire Lord 2

Summoned Mummies are placed as evenly as possible around the Monsters. They attack and move after the Vampire has had his turn. Monsters will only attack the Mummies if there is no other Warrior to attack. The Vampire does not get gold for any Monsters killed by the Mummies. Once the battle is over, the Mummies dissolve into the ground.

64 Blood Fever (Skill)

This skill allows the Vampire to trade in all his Attacks each turn for a single blood-fever attack. Make a normal attack. If the Vampire hits its target and kills it with that one blow, he may step forward and, if this takes him into contact with another Monster, he may attack it as well. This process continues until the Vampire fails to kill his opponent.

65 Seduction (Bloodline Power)

How can a Mortal resist the lure of a creature who has preyed on warm-blooded males and females since the dawn of time? Who can refuse to become her slave?
One model in base contact with the Lahmian must make an opposed willpower test against the Lahmian. If he or she fails, the Lahmian gains control of the creature or person for  the duration of the adventure. Only one model may be seduced at a time, and any heroes attacking the seduced model breaks the Lahmian’s control over the creature instantly.
Note that a creature who is seduced counts as dead for purposes of gold and experience.

66 Curse of Years (Spell)

The power of this spell prevents a Carouche from casting it. She must go up a Battle-Level before she can use this spell. Roll 1D6 for each Monster on the same board section as the Vampire. If the dice scores a 6, the Monster has aged to the point of death. Remove the Monster from the board. No gold or treasure is gained for any Monsters killed in this way.
After every casting of this spell, the Vampire must lose 1D6 Wounds with no modifiers.


Citadel Lahmian Vampires are few and rare. There is the New Lahmian vampires blisters, one which looks Khemrian and the other which looks Victorian. There is also the old 5th Edition Model for Neferata and the old 5th Edition Lahmian model as well.   With so few miniatures available, it is going to be hard to use a miniature for your Vampire and still have enough to use as Vampire Monsters when you reach higher Battle-Levels. There are a few Vampire miniatures that look good that I have noticed from an old Citadel Catalogue, so perhaps you could order 1 of them from the Mail Order Service. As for other companies, I know Ral Partha Ravenloft miniatures have a lot of Vampires, and if you are willing to ignore the size difference, these may be good to use. Other than this, I know of no other suitable Vampire miniatures. Shame, that.....


It's hard to describe how you should roleplay a Vampire. Since being a Vampire basically means that you were once human, it really depends on how the human acted before he was 'Brought Across' Once thing should remain certain, though. A Vampire is always evil, no matter how kind he was in life. The warping power of Dark Magic changes a person's soul.
Most Vampires are cold, cunning and malicious. The Vampire Counts of Sylvania ruled with an iron grip, torturing those who did not bow to their Undead will. A Vampire Count may seem elegant to his friends, but be warned that behind these soft, even pleasant exteriors, there is a creature of vile and evil intent.
For those wishing to make their Vampire an elegant, pleasant sort of chap, consider Vampires such as Count Dracula and Strahd von Zarovich of the Ravenloft World.
Or you could make your Vampire into a snarling, savage, cruel beast (A permanent Carouche, you might say). Consider the Vampires from the movie Dusk Till Dawn. Hoards of zombie like Vampires attacking in packs like wild animals.
These are just the most common forms of Vampires. If you can think of another way you wish to portray your Warrior, then do so. A Vampire can be portrayed however you want it to be portrayed.


Barge Aside +1
Bluff Enemies +2
Climb on Shoulders 0
Climb Wall 0
Construction 0
Crawl 0
Difficult Shot 0
Disarm Enemy +1
Disarm Trap 0
Distract Enemy 0
Duck +1
Fight Defensively -
Hide +1
Hold Door +2
Identify +2
Improvise Weapon -
Interrogate +3
Jump +2
Kick Over +1
Leap +2
Lift Trapdoor +1
Listen at Door 0
Loosen/Tie Bonds +1
Make Bandages 0
Make Rope -2
Move Heavy Objects          +3
Pick Lock 0
Play Dead -3
Read +3
Search Object 0
Search Rooms 0
Start Fires -5
Stun Enemies 0
Swing on Rope 0
Take Cover -
Understand Speech -1
Wait/Interrupt -
Wedge Door 0


Battle Level Gold Title Move WS BS Str Dam. Dice T Wounds I A Luck WP Pin A/Sk/Sp Rolls
1 0 Carouche 4 3 4+ 4 1 3 4D6 6 1 0 5 Auto 1
2 2,000 Vampiress 5 3 4+ 5 1 4 4D6 6 1 1 5 Auto 1D3
3 4,000 Vampiress 5 4 4+ 5 1 4 4D6 6 2 1 5 Auto 1D3
4 8,000 Vampiress 5 4 3+ 5 2 5 5D6 7 2 2 6 Auto 1D3
5 12,000 Vampire Countess 6 5 3+ 6 2 5 5D6 7 2 2 6 Auto 1D3
6 18,000 Vampire Countess 6 5 3+ 6 2 6 5D6 8 3 3 6 Auto 1D3
7 24,000 Vampire Countess 6 6 2+ 6 3 6 6D6 8 3 3 7 Auto 1D3
8 32,000 Vampire Countess 7 6 2+ 7 3 7 6D6 9 3 3 7 Auto 1D3
9 45,000 Vampire Lady 7 7 2+ 7 3 7 7D6 9 4 4 7 Auto 1D3
10 50,000 Vampire Lady 8 7 1+ 8 3 8 8D6 10 4 4 8 Auto 1D3