Warhammer Quest
Skaven Seer

By Kodarr



Any player may start the game as a Skaven Seer rather than one of the Warriors in the Warhammer Quest box. All of the rules for creating a new Warrior apply, unless stated elsewhere in this character pack. The profile for a Skaven Seer is as follows:

Wounds 1D6+6
Move 4
Weapon Skill 2
Ballistic Skill       6+
Strength 3
Toughness 3
Initiative 3
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 4+


The Skaven Seer starts with a Seer Staff. This Staff allows the Skaven Seer to attempt to dispel an enemy spell before its outcome is decided. This ability costs 6 power points to use. However the result of the spell then is with held in the staff and the Seer can unleash it later at a cost of 1 power point. Only one spell can be held in the staff at a time and dispel cannot be used if a spell is currently in the staff. Using the spell from the staff empties the staff and it no longer has the spell held.


The Skaven Seer starts the game armed with a Sword. The sword causes 1D6 Wounds plus his Strength (3) every time he hits his foe.


The Skaven Seer does not have any armor and therefore has an overall Toughness of 3.


The Skaven Seer has the ability to see into the future once per adventure. When an event card comes up that the Skaven Seer dislikes he can opt for a second event card to be drawn. He then can choose which event he would rather encounter.


The Skaven Seer may only use items of treasure that the Wizard can use.



In addition to the rules for the Basic Game, in between adventures, the Seer Staff can be enchanted to help in the effectiveness of it. The Skaven Seer can have one enchantment per battle level on the staff.


The Skaven Seer cannot wear armour since would impede upon his magic casting.


The Skaven Seer may visit all the normal locations whilst in a settlement except he cannot visit the temple, and has an alehouse roll of 2D6. On top of the normal places the Skaven Seer can also visit the Sewers.


If the Skaven Seer visits the Sewers, he then has a few different options he can take. First off he can try his hand at selling something at the black market among the skaven that are living within the sewers, and second he can attempt to gather information by conversing with the skaven in the sewers. Usually they are pretty knowledgeable and could be talked into giving some information for pay.

Selling at the Black Market
You choose an item then roll a D6 and consult the chart below. You can only sell one item per visit and can only visit once after each adventure. Once you roll you cannot back out of a sale unless you rolled a 3 in that case you keep the item.

  Roll a D6
1 You item was stolen and the culprit got away you got no gold for it.
2 You receive half price for the treasure you were trying to sell round up to nearest 5.
3 No one is interested and you donít sell it.
4 5 You receive listed price for the treasure.
6 You receive double gold for the item.

Gathering Information from Skaven
You roll D66 then consult the result and lose the gold it costs. If you donít have the gold you end up getting ruffed up and start the next adventure with d6+3 wounds less than your starting wounds. To a minimum of 1 wound. Roll a D66 check

11-16 You gathered nothing of use.
21-24 You were given false information that doesnít help you and costs you 20 gold. Next adventure you cannot use your Seer ability.
25-26 You learn of an item in the next dungeon. During the revealing of a treasure card if the card is simply gold you can discard it and draw a new card until you find a non gold item and assume this is what the person was talking about. This costs you 30 gold.
31-36 You learn of a trap in the next dungeon that will aid you and your party in avoiding it. The first trap that you or a party member trigger has a +3 for any ally to avoid it being forewarned about it. this costs you 20 gold.
41-43 You are told of an assassin out to kill you. You have -1 to all attack rolls next dungeon due to late nights and very little sleep. This costs you 10 gold.
44-46 You learn of a passcode that will let you pass the first encounter you come across. Ignore the first encounter of monsters that the players run into you get the gold for each creature that would have been in this encounter. This costs you 30 gold.
51-56 You hear of a massive creature within the dungeon. Next encounter with monsters is increased to an encounter 1 Battle level higher than your party. This costs you 10 gold.
61-66 You learn of nothing important but had 10 gold stolen from you.


The Experimentation Lab is a special location, and can be found on a roll of 7 or more as for usual special locations. The Experimentation Lab serves as the place where the Skaven Seer trains to go up levels and also as a place the Skaven Seer can get his Seer Staff enchanted.

These are extra things that can be grafted onto the Seer Staff. Each costs gold to put on and only one of each enchantment can be placed on a staff. You can never double up on the same enchantment.

Gold cost Name Ability
300 Warp Power Expend 2 Power Points: Roll a d6 on a 6 heal 2d6 life to target player.
500 Pestilent Breath Expend 4 Power Points: Roll 1d6 + toughness for each creature adjacent to the Skaven Seer. If that number is 1-7 then each creature takes 1d3 wounds with no modifier for toughness or armour.
700 Warp Lightning Expend 4 power points. Deal 2d6 damage to one creature within sight of your hero. No modifiers for toughness or armour.
500 Wither Expend 2 Power Points+ 1 Power point per Battle level. Adjacent creature takes 1d6 + battle level wounds with no modifiers for toughness or armour.
400 Putrefy Expend 7 Power Points. All enemies on one tile must roll a d6. Each one that rolls 5+ are ok and able to act as normal. Any rolling below that cannot move or attack in the current monster phase.
700 Scorch Expend 8 Power Points. A single monster of the Seers choice takes 4d6 fire damage with no modifiers for toughness or armor.
800 Power Booster +1 Power Point when you roll anything other than a 1.
2000 Power Saver Anytime you roll a 6 store 1 Power token onto your character as your staff channeled it to you and reduce your power for the turn to a 5. You can never go above 6 power tokens on your character in this way.
400 Seer +1 to the number of times you can use your Seer ability.
500 Flames Expend 2 Power Points: Roll a D6 any time attacked this turn by an adjacent creature if it hits you. On a 5-6 it takes 1 wound not modified my toughness or armour.


At the Experimentation Lab, the Skaven Seer may be trained up to the next battle-level, if he has enough gold to pay for the training. The Seer gains spells as if it were a wizard, however roll only 2 dice instead of 3 for his spells.


The Seer resembles the Wizard in terms of skill and abilities but is also good with disarming traps and the underground like a Dwarf. The Seer will be good in situations such as picking a lock, bluffing an enemy, disarming a trap, and deciphering runes. On the other hand, tests involving brute strength he will not be so good at such as barging aside. Being a skaven, he will not be very good at negotiating with most humanoids.


Battle Level Gold Title Move WS BS Str Damage Dice T Wounds I A Luck WP Power Pin
1 0 Novice 4 2 6+ 3 1 3 1D6+6 3 1 - 3 1D6 4+
2 2000 Champion 4 2 6+ 3 1 3 2D6+6 4 1 - 4 1D6 4+
3 4000 Champion 4 3 6+ 3 1 3 2D6+6 4 2 1 4 2D6 4+
4 8000 Champion 4 3 5+ 3 1 3 3D6+6 4 2 1 4 3D6 4+
5 12000 Hero 4 3 5+ 3 2 4 3D6+6 4 2 2 4 4D6 3+
6 18000 Hero 4 4 5+ 4 2 4 4D6+6 4 2 2 5 5D6 3+
7 24000 Hero 4 4 5+ 4 2 4 4D6+6 4 3 2 5 6D6 3+
8 32000 Hero 4 4 5+ 4 2 4 5D6+6 5 3 3 5 7D6 3+
9 45000 Lord 4 4 4+ 4 3 4 5D6+6 5 3 3 5 8D6 3+
10 50000 Lord 4 4 4+ 4 3 4 6D6+6 6 3 3 5 9D6 3+